My Name Is Legion

Luke 8:26 – And they arrived at the country of the Gadarenes, which is over against Galilee.

Luke 8:27 – And when he went forth to land, there met him out of the city a certain man, which had devils long time, and ware no clothes, neither abode in any house, but in the tombs.

Luke 8:28 – When he saw Jesus, he cried out, and fell down before him, and with a loud voice said, What have I to do with thee, Jesus, thou Son of God most high? I beseech thee, torment me not.

Luke 8:29 – (For he had commanded the unclean spirit to come out of the man. For oftentimes it had caught him: and he was kept bound with chains and in fetters; and he brake the bands, and was driven of the devil into the wilderness.)

Luke 8:30 – And Jesus asked him, saying, What is thy name? And he said, Legion: because many devils were entered into him.

Luke 8:31 – And they besought him that he would not command them to go out into the deep.

Hello readers, today we are talking about the “my name is Legion” generation. Jesus Christ dealt with a lot of devils during his earthly ministry, he spoke to the unclean spirits that had possessed the men and women and even children that he was dealing with. When that spirit that was afflicting them was dealt with through the power of the word of God, that person would be liberated and healed and restored. I was thinking about Psalm 23, where the Bible says “he restoreth my soul”. Many people have lost their souls to the devil. This man with Legion had. I mean, look, he’s known by Legion, not by his birth name. Legion had taken his name, his character, his manner, his sanity. Messing around in sin is a dangerous game.

Think about how many people today are in this same boat. We need to recognize the spiritual aspect to what’s going on in society around us. There’s a very real battle for your soul, for who you are, for what you identify as. Just think of transgenders today who now demand to be called a different name with different personal pronouns. There is an identity, just like Legion, that has taken them captive, just like this man we are talking about today. They need to be set free, healed, restored. If you want your soul back, if you want your soul restored… it’s through Christ. His word does have power. It was by his word that he cast out the devils. Jesus Christ is the way, is the truth, and is the life. That’s not just empty feel good words, they mean something. Only through Jesus Christ can you have a restoration of your very identity, mind, thinking, character, person… you.

It’s so amazing reading this story, because with the way society has gone on, this story has taken on a whole new significance. Think about how “identity” obsessed people have become. People are identifying as just about anything now. Jesus was dealing with a man who’s identity was Legion, we never even know the name he was given at birth. His very identity had been possessed and taken over by devils. People today demand to be called this and that. They want to be called and named by the identity that’s possessed them. An identity that is very unclean. Remember, these were devils in this man. These identities that people are wanting to be identified by are unclean, bondage and darkness. This man with Legion didn’t have truth, happiness, light, joy, peace, fulfillment. You won’t get those things in whatever you’re trying to identify as to complete and fulfill yourself.

And it’s time to start realizing what the Bible has said all along, which is that the real battle going on is spiritual. When you wonder why people speak and behave like they do, you can many times often only understand it by realizing that there is a spirit or spirits which are behind an individual’s behavior and conduct. The spiritual world is what we are really dealing with. The unclean spirits, the devils, they knew Christ, they spoke to him, and he spoke to them. They knew him.

How do you get possessed by an unclean spirit? Well when you sin, you can get yourself an unclean spirit. That’s why rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. You become under Satanic power, oppression and control. You can look at pornography, and through looking at it, you can be injected with an unclean spirit which possesses you for a very long time. When we get involved in all this world has to offer, and reject God’s word, turn away from truth, we are laying ourselves wide open for Satanic possession and affliction. When you do drugs, when you drink alcohol, when you get in bad company, you are putting yourself in a situation to come under Satan’s control. This guy was of the tribe of Gad, they had the law, they had the prophets, they knew about God, for all intents and purposes they were like Christians today. Yet he’d turned out like this. Many church kids turn out to be the worst of the lot. They’re owned by Satan, and they’ve lost their souls.

Recently I saw something about a woman who is now identifying as “nonbinary” and she is demanding her personal pronouns as “they/them”. So when you refer to her, you’re not meant to say she or her, you’re meant to say they and them. This is really what triggered this blog today. I thought of this story of Legion, because Jesus was speaking to a “they” when speaking to the man possessed with “them”. This story unfolded thousands of years ago, and we think we’re are so advanced and enlightened, but what’s happening in society is still nothing new. It never will be.

This man had thousands of identities, he had many devils possessing him. No wonder he’s like he is. Being possessed by devils is going to give you an identity crisis isn’t it. And think of all the identities in this world today. We are an identity obsessed and an identity possessed generation. You look through Jesus’ life and he encountered all sorts of devil possession, it manifested different ways and had different effects, but it was always a negative effect. Why don’t people live holy, love truth, love God and the Bible, and desire to follow Jesus Christ? It’s because they don’t have the Holy Spirit. When you look at your own life, what spirit do you have? Is it a holy, excellent, pure, upright, truthful spirit? Or it instead a life marked by uncleanness and lust and pride and bitterness. Our problems are spiritual. Recognizing the spiritual nature of issues, and seeing the spiritual darkness is very important for us so we know what we are dealing with, how to deal with it, and what the solution is.

Jesus met a man one day who had thousands of devils in him. We know that, for Jesus asks the man what his name is, and his identity answers Jesus Christ. Jesus was speaking to the man, but the identity inside the man, who owned the man, is who talked back to Jesus. And it was a “we” and “they”. This man wasn’t called Legion from birth. But now he’s known by his identity which is controlling and defining his life. This guy had no happiness, fulfillment, peace, purpose or freedom. You’ll never have these things under spiritual bondage. I’m sure he knew what he was doing growing up and couldn’t be told, but whatever he’d done, it’d only made him worse. People couldn’t help him either, they didn’t know how. Pandering to all this garbage doesn’t help, people think pandering to delusion, deception and sin is going to help people. But it won’t. Noone helped this guy.

And he’s got many different identities… he’s got many different devils. And they’re ruining his life. They’re causing self harm. Look at what this rise in transgenderism is… it’s beyond belief what they’re doing to their own bodies, to children’s bodies, mutilating them. Well this bloke was in the tombs cutting himself. All this self harm and abusing yourself is the product of spiritual oppression and possession. And they are many. He had thousands of devils, and there are thousands of gender and sexual identities popping up today. Think about them… homosexual, pansexual, bisexual, transgender, genderfluid, it, them, they, we, on and on and on. There’s a lot of them. All these identities, they’re Legion. Make no mistake about it. They harm themselves. They’re not happy. They’re not being helped. See, this man was getting help, but they had no capacity to help him, because the solution is the Lord Jesus Christ, no program can help this guy.

This woman wants to be referred to as “they/them”, and she thinks she’s enlightened and fine and whatever. But this man was also referred to as a “they” in Luke 8:31. He asks the man his name, and “they” answer him back. Think about that. Think about how relevant the Bible is no matter what turn society takes. Think about how right it is. And think about how the solution is still the same, the Lord Jesus Christ. Only he can set you free from this madness. The Bible says this guy didn’t abide in any house. You know what that means? He was unsettled. These guys are constantly changing, updating and revising their identity. They are not settled, because they have no anchor, they have no rock because they’ve rejected Jesus Christ. Did this man just start with one devil? Then added another, then another? And his state is so bad. He doesn’t know what to do in life, he’s insane. You’ll only find your sanity in the truth of God’s word and the life of the Holy Spirit.

So today, we see from an age old story in the Bible, the most modern of truths. People are demanding you call them this, and call them that. Call me according to my identity that has possessed me. That owns me. That’s done no good for me, that’s destroying my life. They’ve lost their soul to that identity. These identities in him, they were all devils. We need to recognize that all this craziness that is going on, that seems to be just snowballing in these days… it’s nothing new, and it’s Satanic at its core.

But what do you expect in a society deep in sin and departure from God? If you take God’s word out… what will replace it? Something is going to fill the void. And that is Satan. That’s the principle Jesus spoke of, when an unclean spirit was cast out, but the house swept and garnished yet not filled with something else, back comes the unclean spirit with other devils and repossesses that house he was cast out from. How can we have departed from the truth, from what’s right, from what’s holy, from what’s pure, from what’s good, from the light… and not got what we’re getting? Religion isn’t going to cut it, you can do some sweeping and garnishing, but without the filling of the Holy Spirit, your life lies wide open to Satan. We need to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and his word. It was his word that had the power that the devils responded to. Nothing short of the light and truth and power and authority of God’s word has the solution to the Legion generation. They know that power, they recognize it, they obey it.

Look what effect Jesus Christ had on this man. He went from naked to clothed. From cutting himself to sitting at the feet of Jesus. From insanity and craziness and desperation to calm and sane and in his right mind. Jesus restored his soul to him. Those identities that had taken hold on him, that were ruining his life, Jesus cast them out with his word. It’s still the gospel that is the solution people. It’s the same old gospel, the same old faith, the same old light that guides the sinner home.

We are living in the my name is Legion generation. There’s a lot of wickedness, there’s a lot of evil, there’s a lot of sin, there are a lot of devils. That’s what happens when you’ve forsaken God, you come under the power of Satan. All this identity and personal pronoun stuff… it’s craziness, it’s madness, it’s insanity.It’s like Legion isn’t it. On every front, the enemy coming in like a flood. They are tortured souls, because their soul has been possessed by a murderer, a thief, and a liar. And while there’s many of them… the Lord Jesus Christ is your answer to Legion, he is God and that’s the only number you need. Trust in Jesus Christ today. He will save you… they obey him, they flee from before him. He’s has all power in heaven and in earth. He can be your shepherd, he can liberate your soul, he can and will set you free. Call on the name of the Lord and be saved today.


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