The Plague of Frogs

Exodus 8:1 – And the Lord spake unto Moses, Go unto Pharaoh, and say unto him, Thus saith the Lord, Let my people go, that they may serve me.

Exodus 8:2 – And if thou refuse to let them go, behold, I will smite all thy borders with frogs:

Exodus 8:3 – And the river shall bring forth frogs abundantly, which shall go up and come into thine house, and into thy bedchamber, and upon thy bed, and into the house of thy servants, and upon thy people, and into thine ovens, and into thy kneadingtroughs:

Exodus 8:4 – And the frogs shall come up both on thee, and upon thy people, and upon all thy servants.

Psalm 78:45 –  He sent divers sorts of flies among them, which devoured them; and frogs, which destroyed them.

Revelation 16:13 – And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

Hello readers, thanks for reading my blog, and hopefully this blog will be helpful to you today… and today another plague of Egypt! The plague of the frogs… what on earth does this plague mean for us today? It is in these plagues we learn much about the world system, we learn about God, we learn about sin, we learn about deliverance, we see the gospel, we learn truth which we can easily miss just reading past. This was the last of the plagues that affected Egyptians and Israelites alike. There are things that both saved and unsaved people endure during their lives. After all, we all live on the same earth, in the same sin cursed frame, beset by the same troubles and difficulties and woes of life. God lets many things happen in our lives the way they do because he wants to save us, to deliver us from Egypt. Egypt is not home for us, this world’s kingdom is worth leaving for the kingdom of God. God has something better for us, as Hebrews 11 says… there is life and abundant life in Jesus Christ… he was the water of life that never runs dry. That Samaritan woman at the well had 5 husbands… why did this come up when Jesus spoke to her? Because husband after husband did not satisfy her… Jesus had the thing she truly needed, forgiveness and eternal life… which we all need… and which he can only give. The plagues were designed to free Israel. It might take your life being plagued for you to finally want out of what this world has to offer you. To want the water of life, rather than the water of the Nile, which reeks of death… and which brought forth these frogs. And in the Old Testament, we see God smiting Egypt with plague after plague, to deliver Israel from Egypt, to show his judgement on sin, to show how much we need deliverance, to show his power, to show the veracity and authority of his word.

The story of the frogs are found in Exodus 8, and the plague of frogs teaches us an abundance of things. Frogs are an unclean creature in the Bible, they also are used to represent unclean spirits in the Bible. But frogs appear relatively harmless, it wasn’t so much each individual frog, but it was the abundance of frogs which really hammered the Egyptians. It also shows that some things that appear harmless may not be so harmless… especially as they pile up. So the first thing today we will learn is that if you live in this world, and are of it, the plague of frogs is upon you. Israel wasn’t delivered yet, they were still in Egypt, and you want to live in Egypt… your life will be plagued. Look how Lot’s life was plagued by disobedience, waste, selfishness… because he chose Egypt (Sodom and Gomorrah). These frogs were in plague proportions… we see that the frogs were EVERYWHERE. There was no escape from them. Such innocent seeming animals, yet when you have frogs in your bed, in your food… you’re in a bad way. The frogs show us that we can be literally choked out by unclean things in our life. Sins can seem little, few, innocent, but really, they just keep piling up, and plaguing our life. You see people go from innocent, carefree, bright children to adults loaded with sin, loading with experiences, loaded with bitterness… all amounting to a great burden and a great curse upon their life, people plagued by uncleanness.

The frogs are a picture of uncleanness, of unclean things. Sin is unclean. Sin includes lust, pride, rebellion, disobedience to God’s word just to name a few. As these frogs entered every realm of life in Egypt, so sin contaminates and ruins our life. It pervades everything we are and do. You cannot simply just sin and leave it there, it follows you. Look at the man possessed with Legion in the Bible… the devils said to Jesus… for we are many. Today, many people have many unclean spirits… not the Holy Spirit of God. What spirit do you have? Is it a gentle, clean, pure spirit made alive by the Spirit of God or is it an unclean spirit full of lust, pride, jealousy, rage? What defines your life? Is it just a plague of frogs everywhere, in everything? Jesus came to set us free from the frogs that ruin our lives, he can eliminate those frogs, just like Moses did. It was at Moses’ command that the frogs came and went… and Jesus can make the plague of the frogs go away from you.

Sin stinks. When the frogs departed the Bible says they stank. Anyone who has seen their sin for what it is, their sinful life, their sinful heart, their thought life, their body of actions and deeds and words over a life lived… it stinks. Doesn’t it? Sin stinks. A life in the world, spent in this world, spent upon this world, following Satan… it all stinks in the end. We see in this plague, that the frogs came forth from the river. The same river that had turned to blood. You see, the frogs come from the streams, rivers and ponds of Egypt. The watering holes of the world. They worshiped the Nile, but God showed what their worship and life really was, and really was worth. It’s pretty good of God to reveal things for what they truly are, but boy can it be revealing and confronting. God’s Holy Spirit is likened to water, but the Egyptians worshiped the Nile river. Many people today are drinking from a river, but not from God’s river, instead they drink from, bow down, and worship from the world’s rivers… living off what the world has to offer them. The world’s entertainment, the world’s beliefs, the world’s ways and means… all the world has to offer, including it’s false religions… that river stinks, and that’s where the frogs come from. So many people are plagued by the frogs because they are drinking from the wrong river to begin with. That river produces sin like leaven which contaminates, perverts and ruins everything… but God’s river of his pure word, his sweet forgiveness and the blessed free gift of salvation and the assurance of eternal life… are a river that will never run dry or produce things that will ruin every aspect of your existence.

It is interesting to note that as they did, the magicians emulated Moses’ feats. How typical of the world. All the magicians could do was further worsen the condition of the Egyptians by inflicting more frogs upon the people. If you have problems in your life, and you go to Egypt, rather than to the Lord God for the solution to sin and your life… you will just get even more troubles, your life will be plagued even more. The magicians couldn’t make a positive difference, after all, they were just magicians. Magicians trick, deceive, fool… they can’t actually do miracles, it is all built on subtlety, misdirection and illusion. There are many Christian “magicians” today, who don’t give the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, who don’t preach God’s word, and thus they don’t have any true, real power to help you at all… and never can… and never will. There is no truth in Christian magicians, they are phonies, there is no true power, just a lifeless Satanic imitation meant to keep you in bondage, as these magicians did.

There was no escape from these frogs, and there is no escape from your sin, you can’t escape from you. Even when the frogs departed, and you may stop sinning, that sin remains. In the Bible, you were still unclean of your leprosy or affliction until it was atoned for by sacrifice. Many people think today that they can morally reform and it makes your past go away. No… unless your sin is paid for by blood… the blood of Jesus … it yet remaineth. You may squash a few frogs, they may even depart from your life as your grow up, but the stink is still there. There is no escape from your sin but through Jesus… and you are the problem, not someone else, we each have to individually own our own sin. That’s what is really ruining our lives… ourselves. But just like Pharaoh, we don’t want it fixed now. Pharaoh wanted the frogs gone, he had a false repentance, he went to Moses to make the frogs leave (note how he didn’t go to his magicians… because they had nothing… and only Jesus can make the frogs leave your life)… but when Moses asked when he wanted them gone… Pharaoh said tomorrow. How often people put off what is actually important. Tomorrow I’ll get saved. Tomorrow I’ll read my Bible. A life spent meaning to deal with things, meaning to set your house in order… but never getting it done.

It is necessary to affirm that this plague affected Egyptians and Israelites alike… and even if you are saved, you will get plagued by frogs if you live in Egypt land. If you love the world, and assimilate in it’s borders, whatever border you choose… you will reap the result of living in disobedience to God, sowing to the flesh, partaking in the world’s ways and means. Sin affect us all, saved or unsaved. It is a reality of life even after we are saved, this life is a life of repentance and faith. If a Christian falls into sin, we’ve got to get it right with God, it starts with recognition and acknowledgement of truth before God and taking our sin, our uncleanness, our rebellion to the cross of Jesus Christ. That is alone which can take that stinking sin away. God knew what he was doing with this plague. It was from the same river they worshiped which became blood, that then produced the frogs. If you are a Christian, are you at a church, are you living a life… whatever it may be… that is producing frogs… not holiness and obedience to God’s word? Is your life producing unclean frogs from an unclean spirit… or is it bearing the precious, sincere fruit of the true vine?

It was when Moses lifted the rod above the river that the frogs came out. It is God’s word, which when lifted up in our lives, that will bring forth the sin that is in our hearts, which will show us what we really are. The situation may look good, but when you measure against God’s word, when God really shows you what’s going on, maybe all you see is frogs everywhere… in every facet of your life… to show you how utterly fallen and corrupted you are. There is no leaving Egypt until you see how bad it is there. You don’t need a Saviour til you see a need for one. The world might appeal to our flesh, but it really isn’t great living, it’s waste, it’s vanity… it’s hell. It’s enmity with God, it’s darkness. It’s so much better being saved, being set free from sin. Abiding in truth, living in truth. It was only when Moses cried unto God that God took away the frogs. It will take you crying to God in repentance and faith to remove the frogs. Those frogs were a blessing in many ways, they made the decision easy to get out of Egypt. But instead Pharaoh, when the frogs left, he saw respite, and hardened his heart more. God has been so good to you, how many times has he delivered you, how many times has he had mercy on you when you got yourself into a mess? He’s been better to you than you deserve. But instead that hardens your heart toward the Lord God more… just like Pharaoh did. God lets the plagues come to loosen Pharaoh’s hold on you… and he also offers the blood that will set you free. But will you take it? Many of the Egyptians questioned Pharaoh’s behavior, they including Pharaoh acknowledged God… but did not return, did not repent. What will it take for you to repent?

God smote ALL the borders of Egypt with the frogs… there is nothing redeeming about a life that is spent having never repented of sin and believed on Jesus Christ. We are full of sin, it’s in all our borders, we have nothing to offer God, we can’t save ourselves… we are hopeless without Jesus Christ, his forgiveness, his mercy, his power, his life. That plague of frogs teaches us many things today. Hopefully you don’t spent another night with the frogs like Pharaoh did. The Bible says in Psalms that God sent frogs, which destroyed them. Sin will DESTROY you. An unclean life from an unclean spirit spent in uncleanness will be your ruin. God’s ways are so much better, his salvation is so great. The Bible says the land brought forth frogs IN ABUNDANCE… and that is our sin… ABUNDANT before God, it is everywhere, in everything we do, everywhere we are. It is when we start getting honest that we see the frogs in our life… plaguing every facet of our being. Our lives are nothing without Jesus Christ. Sin must be dealt with. The plagued stopped but Pharaoh did not repent, and the Egyptians did not leave from under Pharaoh’s dominion. It hardened their hearts, rather than bringing the Egyptians to their sense, even when the frogs left, their sin remained, and yet another day of God showing himself was wasted upon the Egyptians… he is not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance. But if you choose darkness when you have light, how great is that darkness as Jesus says. If you don’t soften to God, you will harden to God. The frogs left, but the uncleanness… the sin stayed. They did not see, they did not learn, they did not repent. It’s God’s mercy to show us what we truly are, who we truly are, so that we can get right with him… it’s God’s mercy for him to show us that we are sinners, so we can get saved… and today is your day of grace.


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