The Wicked Are Like The Troubled Sea

Isaiah 57:20 – But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt.

Luke 21:25 – And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

Hello readers, the weekend has arrived here in Adelaide on a wet and dark day. We’ve had our federal election here in Australia recently and that went expectedly, which is not well. In our country we’ve got a choice between two major parties, bad and bad. Ungodly and ungodly. The one that was meant to be good is really just as bad as the bad, and there are a few minority parties which stand for some semblance of sense and righteousness, but of course, they’re never going to get majority voted in.

So we are now getting set for more years of LGBTQI agenda advancement, more climate change action that ruins jobs and businesses, and more government control and manipulation. Our “progressive” government will keep doing just that, progressing us towards ungodliness and wickedness. Human progression is really just human regression, going step by step into more darkness. Brick by brick they dismantle the walls of truth and righteousness in our country, and they’re getting down the foundation right now. But the foundation of the Lord standeth sure.

Each government we’ve had in my lifetime seems to be worse than the previous, maybe with some respite here and there, but the bottom line is that sin keeps advancing in our country. And our country has moved its religion from God to government. I was wondering about how stupid those decrees of Nebuchadnezzar and Darius seemed in the book of Daniel, with their rules of “pray to me”, but really we are not any different, we have been equally brainwashed with the religion of government, and not many are found standing at all.

But our government truly is a reflection of our society. Our society truly does hate God. And it’s being reflected in the leaders we elect. The more depraved the party, the more likely they are to increase their vote… because our society is depraved. A society which calls evil good and good evil. A society that praises the wicked and condemns the righteous. And guess what, many professing Christians are intrinsically part of all this, though they claim a Jesus with their mouth, their vote, their speech, their actions, their deeds reflect a heart and mind that is reprobate to truth.

We’ve got a government and a society made up of individuals but which is collectively raging against God. Exactly like the Bible says. I see Psalm 2 so much more clearly now with each passing year. “Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing?” Our nation has become a heathen nation, our nation that saw great light has made itself heathen, and they are raging against God as they set themselves the life and light and truth that is found in Jesus Christ.

I remembered that Psalm 2 was quoted in the book of Acts in chapter 4. Because Psalm 2 was just as relevant two thousand years ago to them as it is to us today. If we have it bad under our government, and we think our government is reprobate, which it is, how much moreso the experience of those who lived under a government and religious system that crucified the only innocent man to have ever lived, the Saviour of the world? That’s what government and religious system that early church lived under.

What’s going on in this world is that I believe God is nudging us away from trusting in salvation through political means which we somehow keep turning to, so we can once against refocus our eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ, and what our mandate from God really is. Our mandate isn’t to save our nation through elections, it is to preach the gospel. If Jesus didn’t overhaul the political system of his day, neither should we. The reality is that no elected official nor any political party is going to save our nation. We somehow think that by electing the right leaders they will legislate Jesus back into our society, but just look how that failed in the Old Testament, God couldn’t legislate righteousness into man’s heart, so no government we think would be great will fix our society either.

Christians are called to be salt and light in this nation, and yes we should stand for truth and righteousness and let our lights shine as we are commanded. But if people get saved, that’s what will translate to real change this nation. When hearts are turned towards God, governance will follow that, not the other way around.

The thing I love about Psalms 2 is that you read about the heathen raging, you read about the kings of the earth getting together and setting themselves against God… but then you see this word “yet”. “Yet have I set my king upon my holy hill of Zion.” Behold God’s “yet”. Because this world and our nation can try their best, do their worst, they can elect the basest of men and the vilest of political parties… yet God. Yet God has appointed the man by whom he will judge the world, yet God has appointed the man who he has given all power in heaven and in earth, yet God has appointed the man who will one day return to rule and reign as King of kings and Lord of lords.

So rage away troubled sea! And they are raging, make no mistake against that. Not just our nation, but people in our nation, many of them are raging so hard against God they get blue in the face at even the mention of Jesus Christ or the opening of God’s word. But rage away troubled sea. Rage against God, rage your hardest, rage your best, try to destroy all the Bibles and kill all the Christians… yet. Yet the Bible still says “No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper”.

No matter how united the Herods and Pilates of this world are against Christ, their counsels and their agendas and their plans and their devices will not stand. Because the counsel of God is greater than the counsel of man. You can have all the elites of the world meet together as they are doing right now, and they can discuss how they’re going to keep transforming this world, and they can formulate their agendas and plans… yet God will continue to work things after the counsel of his own will… as he always has and will.

God can handle this literal foaming, raging and gnashing troubled sea of the wicked who toss and turn ceaselessly against him. Their raging is not greater than God’s word, which makes them even angrier. When I read “But the wicked are like the troubled sea”, and I think of the waves roaring and crashing as Jesus Christ said, I also think of this verse in Psalm 89:9 “Thou rulest the raging of the sea: when the waves thereof arise, thou stillest them.” The Bible is telling us that Jesus Christ rules the raging sea. He fulfilled this verse in the gospels, he proved he did and does rule the troubled sea.

I’m worried by the trouble sea. And many Christians are. We can’t seem to do anything about it. Because that’s right… we can’t. And I think I am going to get consumed in this trouble sea and I ask God “Master, carest thou not that we perish?” Of course he cares. If you’re his child, he does care for you, and you will not perish, because none of his children will perish, no matter how great the waves they’re on, no matter the ups and downs, no matter how little control we seem to have over the outcome.

If you’re saved, and I am, you and I are riding this great sea with Jesus Christ, and we will be in the storm on the raging waves of a nation and people that are tossing and turning against God. They’re trying to beat into the ship, they’re trying to drown us. But my salvation cannot be drowned. I have a Saviour who rules the raging waves. Whatever arises against Jesus Christ, his word carries greater and ultimate authority “Peace be still”.

What a wonderful verse in Psalms this is, a verse fulfilled not just then, but written for us today. Because I’m seeing the troubled sea crash and beat against God and those in this ship of his salvation. But I know that those waves, fierce though they may, swelling up and beating on the vessel, they have power on us through Christ. Whenever I think surely nothing and nobody can survive this twisted, corrupt and crooked world of lies we are in… all those who trust in Jesus Christ can and are riding it out without even the need to worry or doubt in the capacity of our Saviour.

And then I actually thought about the troubled sea itself. Because that is what the wicked are like, and I’ve seen how they have no rest. If you are unsaved, you are part of the troubled sea of humanity, you may be tossing and turning on your bed at night, you may be in turmoil in your mind and troubled in heart, and you are definitely without peace and rest and hope in this world, and you’re beating yourself to death fighting the losing battle against God. I thought about how that sea, though it tosses and foams and rages, it really doesn’t get anywhere. You are going to go absolutely nowhere in life rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s a futile and failed fight you are in. And you may be part of the great swell of humanity against the Bible, but God’s word will be your master in the end.

I thought about how that troubled sea only dirties itself. It’s full of mire and dirt underneath, and that’s the state of the unsaved sinner. Full of mire and dirt. You’re not going to ultimately do a singular thing to stop God or thwart God, your life is only going to prove how dirty you are inside. And we are all filthy inside, that’s why we all equally need salvation. You know that Jesus Christ can still the troubled sea of your life, he can bring a great calm that you have not yet known even exists. He can give you peace and rest and hope in a troubled and raging world.

So when I look at the troubled sea and I get scared, and I get to doubting, and Jesus seems to be asleep on the job and he doesn’t seem to care, I need to look at where my faith is at. Because Jesus asked them “Where is your faith?”, why do I not trust him? Where is my faith, that is a good question, because his faith doesn’t fail, but mine surely does seem to falter the moment the waters start to spell trouble. Make no mistake, the wicked are like the troubled sea, and we are seeing that today. They are raging against God, they have set themselves against Jesus Christ. They do look fierce, they do look strong, they are threatening, but they’re to no avail. They’re powerless against the faithful word of God which we can trust confidently because God has guaranteed his word. You are either the troubled sea or you’re in the boat. In the ship of salvation through Jesus Christ you will make it even on troubled seas over to the other side.


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