Watch Out For Science That Isn’t Science

1 Timothy 6:20 “O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:”

1 Timothy 6:21 “Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen.”

Hello readers, been having some computer troubles recently which has cooled my jets on this blog for a while. But today, I am back, and back in a big way, because these two verses are dynamite for the believer to place under and blow apart Satan’s lies. Today I am talking about science “falsely so called” just as Paul wrote about here. Because in our generation, never has the word “science” been used more to convince people to believe lies are the truth and to reject the truth as a lie. We’re being compelled to believe what we’re supposed to believe, say what we’re supposed to say and do what we’re supposed to do because of the “science”.

But here’s the truth… and we would do well to get it down… which is that not everything that claims to be science is actually science. There’s a lot of science that is science “falsely so called”. And it is high time for Christians in particular to stop ceding science to the domain of atheists, agnostics, God haters and God deniers… because they’re not scientific like they claim they are and tell you that you’re not. They say you believe in fairy tales, they use the tools of scorn and ridicule on you… even though they’re ones who are off with the fairies. God or Big Bang… yeah what is more of a fairy tale?

God’s word hasn’t ceded to this world and the devil… so why should you? God’s word hasn’t become less true over time. We haven’t evolved past God even though we think we have. Anything that challenges the word of God is a lie. And there’s been a lot of science that has risen up against God’s word, and it’s testing the mettle of the professing Christians. Because these lies have some convincing power, they have “science” to back them”. Remember Ishbibenob in 2 Samuel 21:16… the giant who nearly killed David with a new sword. Yeah you may have held the faith back then against Satan’s old methods, but what about when he comes at you with “science”?

If you are claiming to be a Christian, or if you are sincerely seeking truth, lies will test you. Because Satan can make them very convincing. He’s sold some big lies with “science” and the whole world went after it. But not all. And you can still know the truth, and stand for the truth. It’s time to stop being intimidated by science that is not science. How many Christians have laid their Bibles down because of fake science lies that they went “Oh, I’ve gotta go with the science because I don’t want to be branded anti-science.” Even though stuff like evolution is as unscientific as it gets… but they traded in the truth of God’s word for a lie. And it happened because they didn’t know their Bible, they feared man, and that new sword flashed and they were toppled by the giant. You needed an Abishai just as David did, a true friend, a true Christian, someone who can help deliver you from a giant that has darn near terminated you. Where are the Abishais?

The thing is… and these Bible scoffers would have you believe otherwise… but Christianity and science are not even nearly mutually exclusive. Many of the most notable scientists in our history were Christians. And the Christian narrative for where we come from to how and why things are like they are as held up to science since the start. God’s word is true from the beginning. It’s true. God’s word has stood the test of time. Innumerable lies challenging God’s word have risen and gone, but God’s word abides forever.

And when they say keep religion and science separate… let’s be clear that unscientific theories such as evolution are as religious as they come. Yes, that’s true. If you believe in evolution… you are religious, and you’re in a dangerous cult at that. It is age old mother earth religion (with a facelift) where nature and natural forces are your god rather than the God who created all things. It is very religious, and it’s believers are obedient disciples to their religion. Like any cult, they obey what they’re told to believe, they can’t challenge it, they can’t even dare to subject their science to actual science. And when they say keep religion and science separate, what they really mean is keep your religion out so our religion can prevail. They want exclusive access to young minds in schools and universities, where children are bombarded with what to think… not how to think. And do not challenge it otherwise you’re anathema to our little cult.

Evolution is very religious, but it can’t coexist with Christianity because like the ark of God in the temple of Dagon, their crappy little religion keeps bowing to the truth of God’s word. Like the Philistines found the two couldn’t get along, so this world knows that they can’t get along either. Lie and truth do not get along. Jesus doesn’t share his glory and praise with a lie. So why on earth are Christians trying to have the two at once when any remotely honest person knows that the Biblical account and evolution cannot both be right? Stop trying to reconcile a lie with truth… God isn’t it. And it’s pathetic how people try combining the two into “theistic evolution”.

Today, if you believe the Bible, you are tagged as stupid and “unscientific” for believing God created the heaven and the earth and that he made laws in nature (that we have only ever seen to hold true). But if you would get scientific for a while, as in actual scientific, you’d know that all we’ve ever seen is that cats produce cats, dogs produce dogs, spinach produces spinach and humans produce humans. I mean, you yourself, your existence is proof of the order and design of God. When you have kids, they’re going to take after you, they’re not going to be a more evolved organism and slightly less primitive human than you are.

But here’s the funny part. True Christians get ridiculed for believing Genesis. But please bear in mind that these same people who ridicule you believe that we came from an ape that came from a fish that came from an amoeba that came from a rock that came from nothing. They believe something came from nothing, life came from nonlife and order came from disorder. That’s not science. That’s unscientific trash. But yeah, totally about the science… duh.

Furthermore these same people are rabidly pro abortion when science clearly shows life begins at conception. Then they’re supposedly anti racist despite their theory being the seedbed for racism in our society. Then these same people cry “transphobic” at defining men and women based on simple biology. And with the same breath they’ll say you’re “born that way” to justify homosexuality but then deny “you’re born that way” to justify transgenderism.

See how it’s really about ideology, not actual science? Or more examples needed? You see, much of today’s science is religious. It is driven by agenda and ideology and even politics. They see what they want to see. Their science isn’t actually about truth, it’s about “their” truth. They’ve hijacked the word “science” even. They have no evidence, yet they claim the evidence as their own. You see, I see fossils as proof for a global flood. All the stratification of different rock layers are proof for a flood. But they would have you believe all the “evidence” is for evolution. But there is none. The evidence lies in their Christ hating minds and wicked ungodly imagination, not in reality. The reality is that their evidence doesn’t come with a tag saying “I am proof for evolution”. Their evidence is about as contradictory as all those false witnesses they brought against Christ. Yet they crucified Christ anyway. These guys don’t care that all their evidence doesn’t corroborate, such as a tree going through hundreds of millions of rock layer, all they care is they gotta protect their little god, they gotta keep adjusting their Dagon despite his hands and feet being busted up by God’s word.

See, what’s happened is that the narrative has been hijacked. They pull a neat trick. They possess the evidence as if it is their own, when the evidence doesn’t support their pontifications and prognostications at all. They use what is proof for the truth of God’s word as proof for their lie. JUST like the Amalekite did with Saul’s crown and bracelet. If you read 1 Samuel 31, you’d know how Saul really died. But a chapter later, this Amalekite tried selling a lie to David with some “evidence” to try and legitimize and corroborate his story. But David didn’t fall for an Amalekite lie… but will you?

The Bible is clear that all creation gives glory to God. And it does every day, and has since the start. Animals obey God every day in what they do. No animal has ever changed its own nature, much less added an eye and lung. Farmers every day rely on cows producing cows, sheep producing sheep, corn producing corn… otherwise all our food industries would collapse. See, the truth is, none of this evolutionary lie has a basis in fact and evidence… what’s really happening is that people believe it because it’s a lie. They are of their father the devil, who is a liar, therefore they don’t hear truth, they hear lies.  And many people will not hear the truth, not because the truth is not the truth, but because they don’t have an ear to hear truth, an eye to see truth, or a heart to receive truth.

It is significant that the word “oppositions” is in verse 20 quoted above. Because things like atheism and evolution are positions held because they are “in opposition to”… not because they have scientific merit in and of themselves. In other words, people believe evolution not because it IS science but rather because it IS NOT what the Bible teaches. Evolution is an oppositional belief system first, and evidence based very last, if at all. And if you doubt that, go and find out about what people like Darwin and Lyell believed. These guys whole agenda was to “break” God and the Bible. But who’s broken now? God isn’t in torments, they are.

But all this is why Paul said to a young Christian who was going to deal with this stuff back then and which continues on today… to watch out for fake science trash. Timothy, they’re going to oppose the Bible with science that is not science at all. He urged Timothy to keep that which was committed to his trust. God lets Satan try our faith. Will we believe when challenged? And this is a major sin Christians have committed in recent times. In face of the lies of the devil, very convincing lies, lies as if backed up by “proof”… they surrendered what had been committed to their trust. We were trusted with the Bible, the gospel, the privilege and opportunity to shine as lights in this world… and we threw it away for a lie. Disgraceful.

Christians today have erred because someone says “that’s the science” and they get weak kneed… even though these people claiming science are not scientific. In fact, they are the most religious people around, just their religion conflicts with Jesus Christ and the Bible stands in the way of their sin, contradictions and lies.

If you do indeed read 1 Samuel 31 and 2 Samuel 1 as mentioned above, you’ll see two accounts for Saul’s death. Just like we have the Biblical account, which was 1 Samuel 31… we are presented with an alternate account, such as the evolution account, which is the Amalekite’s lie in 2 Samuel 1.  And David didn’t know all the facts, but he knew no fear of God when he saw it. The lack of fear of God is what betrayed the Amalekite. Hint: you may not have all the answers, because nobody knows everything… but you should be able to recognize truth from lie through the Holy Spirit dwelling in you. Even if you don’t know everything… take God’s narrative over the lie of the devil. If it’s opposing Jesus Christ, it’s a lie. And lies betray themselves as this Amalekite did. That’s why lies need to be protected from truth, because truth exposes them and lays the sword to them.

So today, let’s get these two verses in 1 Timothy in our hearts. If Christians before us had, we wouldn’t be in the mess we are in. The amount of Christians who did not keep that which was committed to their trust over the lie of evolution is staggering. Evolution is a profane and vain babbling. It is garbage. You are babbling when you’re trying to tell me that grandpa was a monkey.  And to reduce the image of God to the god of natural forces which makes its own way, forms its own life, can take life for itself in death, where death is the hero, and we all got here because we outhunted, outraped, outcompeted, outsmarted, outwitted everyone else… that is profane. Explain why our society is wrecked? Well look at evolution, which has reduced human beings to that of an animal who exists only to satisfy base desires and gratifying base cravings. Evolution is dehumanizing and it is degrading humanity because it has tried to degrade God and his word, for which it was originally intended. It didn’t break God though, it just broke its adherents. It will take you to hell and leave you there.

Watch out for science “falsely so called”. Because a lot of today’s science is not science AT ALL. Do not trade in the truth of God’s word for the lie of evolution or any of the rancid supposed science that we are being ordered to kneel to or else. Do not err concerning the faith. Evolution is a faith issue, and you can put your faith in the devil’s religion, or you can hang on to the tried, tested and true word of God. Your call. You’ll need grace! If Timothy needed it, so do we all. May God’s grace be with you all to keep the faith, to trust the Bible, and to honour Jesus Christ with your life.


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