The Ostrich Who Defeated Evolution – She’s Telling You No You Stop Sticking Your Head In The Sand!

Job 39:13 – Gavest thou the goodly wings unto the peacocks? or wings and feathers unto the ostrich?

Job 39:14 – Which leaveth her eggs in the earth, and warmeth them in dust,

Job 39:15 – And forgetteth that the foot may crush them, or that the wild beast may break them.

Job 39:16 – She is hardened against her young ones, as though they were not her’s: her labour is in vain without fear;

Job 39:17 – Because God hath deprived her of wisdom, neither hath he imparted to her understanding.

Hello readers, Friday evening here, and we’ve had a hot day today! Recently I was thinking of what God said to Job about the ostrich. God said that he has deprived the ostrich of wisdom and nor has he given to her understanding. And in what God said lays the most wondrous truth in the Bible which is not just the answer for evolution, but makes you realize that bit more about the God we must answer to. Man the Bible is something else entirely. It is not the word of man, it is the Word of God. I do hope this blog will be a great blessing to you as this gold from the Bible was to me!

You see, the ostrich does something funny, she lays her eggs in the dirt, big massive eggs all sitting in a bowl shaped type nest in the ground, and you’d think far out, that is so stupid. Just do an internet search for ostriches, and find out for yourself and check out photos of ostrich nests. When I was looking through photos of ostrich nests, I came across a photo of a lion eating one of the eggs, exactly as the Bible says here!

But why am I thinking about the ostrich other than some cool animal facts? Well, what God told Job about the ostrich served as the entry point for a train of thought I’ve never had before. Which now I see these truths so clearly, I’m staggered the veil was not pulled back earlier. In my life, I’ve talked with lots of people who believe evolution, even professing Christians, and my thought is related to how the example of the ostrich in the Bible utterly destroys the theory of evolution, it exposes evolution for the lie and fraud that it is as it attempts to smuggle it’s garbage through as “science”, and the ostrich at the very least proves that Christianity and evolution are completely incompatible!

So much of God’s speech to Job concerned the creation, because in creation, God was teaching Job things about God. We can learn about God through what he has created. And what I learnt with the example of the ostrich is that God has put laws into creatures and his creation which they cannot go beyond.

Just think about it… it completely destroys evolution. Thousands and thousands of years ago, ostriches were laying eggs in the dirt, and today they still are. It seems stupid, and it is. It’s not wise or understanding to lay your eggs on the ground where anyone can find them and break them or eat them. You could just walk over their open nest and break all their eggs. So why doesn’t the ostrich develop a more effective and efficient and aware way of laying eggs and raising young? She’s had thousands of years to evolve to a higher level of wisdom and understanding hasn’t she?

The reason the ostrich hasn’t changed what she does is because God has deprived the ostrich of that wisdom and understanding. You and I can see it’s a bit silly, but she can’t. And you can’t make her see otherwise, and she won’t “evolve” to see otherwise either. An ostrich will never evolve past the limitations that God has placed upon it. The fact is, there are laws and boundaries and order in place which God has installed, which God has commanded by his word… which no animal can go beyond. Dogs still go back to their vomit as they always have. If they were going back to their vomit thousands of years ago, you’d think if evolution was true, they might have evolved past that… but they haven’t.

You’d think the ostrich over thousands of years would come up with a more wise strategy for laying and protecting their eggs… but they have not. They still just lay them in the dirt. They still lose eggs to predators, and their eggs still get crushed under foot. Yet they keep doing it! Where’s the evolution? Hey, this is pretty basic evolution isn’t it? It’s surely easier to figure out a safer way to nest rather than to evolve an eye or a lung or something right?

See, animals cannot “evolve” past the nature and ability and order and design and understanding and wisdom God gave them. They cannot go past the limitations God placed on them. Think about evolution, and the belief that life took life from non life, that something became something from nothing, and that order took order from disorder. None of that is scientific in the slightest, yet that is evolution in a nutshell. Think about nothing evolving into an amoeba evolving into a fish into an ape into a human. That’s crazy stuff. Yet that’s what everyone is being taught as “science” and you’re the idiot to even think to question it. Yet none of nature bears this rubbish out in the slightest. And realize this, this ungodly theory is an affront to God. It is Satan directly attacking God’s authorship of creation and his authority over what he created and how he created it. Will how God designed it to behave, behave how he designed it? All see is an affirmative to that question. Creation answers to its Creator, even if you lost in Satan’s web, choose to believe a lie.

Evolution at its core is wholly anti God, anti Bible and anti truth. It is a dumb and stupid and unscientific theory. Dogs have been dogs since the start. Pigs are still pigs. Wheat still produces wheat. And humans are still as human as they were from Adam. Nothing can go past the design and limits of what God has placed on them and the laws and order that God has ordered his creation with. God chose to deprive the ostrich of the ability to understand the stupidity of what it’s doing, and to this day, it has no become more “aware” or evolved into a higher state of consciousness where it starts doing things differently.

The fact is, a fact borne out by looking at his creation that we are a partaker of, God has put laws into creation that his creatures cannot go beyond and will never go beyond. God is not against science, he is pointing Job to the natural world to understand more about who he is. Far out! God is not against reason and logic… no, understanding and wisdom is found in God. Observe nature, and you will learn about who made nature. And you will observe that the laws that God put in his creation, and the authority that he stamped on what he authored has not dulled a bit. Not one creature has managed to evolve past God… not even Lucifer.

Observer nature, and all those observations about nature still hold just as true today. Observations back in Job’s day… a book written THOUSANDS of year ago, still hold just as much scientific weight. It’s staggering. And the ostrich will never go beyond what God made an ostrich to be. It will never become a higher life form. Much the same, neither will apes. And neither will humans. Question, if apes became humans… why do we still have apes? Oh that’s right, that’s more silliness. All we know, which is true science by the way, is that humans produce humans. That’s the way it’s always been, and that’s how you got here and your parents got here and your grandparents got here.

God’s creation cannot go past what God ordered for them and designed them to be. Just this simple example of the limitations of an ostrich, she will never evolve to higher wisdom and understanding because God has not allowed it, it completely destroys the very foundations of evolution. Evolution is anti God, but God is God. Bad luck hey. See, evolution has life forms evolving into different life forms, into more advanced and enlightened life forms. Evolution says that how God created it can be changed. Pretty slick huh. God’s word can be changed? Truth can evolve? Organisms can evolve? And you call yourself a Christian and you buy that rot? Evolution is ANTI Bible and ANTI God and ANTI Christ.

God has set the bounds of the sea he says in Job. And guess what, the sea, the water that covers this planet, does not rise up and overflow the planet, because God is not allowing it. It did once, because God wanted it to, but he promised never again. Water covers over two thirds of the planet, yet it does not go past its bounds. Climate change theory has us in a panic because of rising sea levels, and once again, you see this is a lie totally against what the Bible teaches, for God has made the decree, and he said ” Hitherto shalt thou come, but no further: and here shall thy proud waves be stayed”!

Think of how long ago the book was written. Just think of how long what God has said has remained in place. God’s laws have not been evolved past. God’s truth has not evolved into something different. Morality has evolved in our society, but God has remained the same. Look at all the natural observations and scientific statements in Job… and they hold true today! Witness after  witness, making you more and more without excuse. God is far more of a scientist than you are. All our observation shows that animals and God’s creation goes thus far and no further. It cannot exceed what God has ordered. God has set rules and bounds and order, and HIS word keeps it that way. The Bible says that “the heavens and the earth, which are now, by the same word are kept in store”. God’s word is keeping this whole thing together. And God is not the author of confusion. We do not see a confused natural world, we see an exceptionally ordered and designed and SPECIFIC and small details creation. Guess who the confusion has come from? Man sinning, man rebelling against God… not God. God authored this planet, and we see his authorship and authority over it, but something that is consistently attacked by Satan and by this wicked world.

This ostrich, so stupid, just laying her eggs and losing them to someone walking over them or someone thieving a few, or whatever the case may be, YET she has never come to that higher state of enlightenment or consciousness that evolution promises and relies upon. You see, while you believe your garbage, animals know their role, they know what they ought to do. God has put it in them each to do what they do. I marvel at the many animals I see and know of in my life and their little behaviors and how they know what to do when and in the manner they do it. Can you change their nature? No you cannot. Just read Job 39, God asks Job, can you change the nature of the  wild ass who “neither regardeth he the crying of the driver”. Can you make a wild ass regard you? No you can’t. You’re trying to drive the ass, well it’s going to drive itself thank you very much and you cannot change it’s nature. You can’t change it’s will and desire and nature. Because God made it that way, and it only answers to God.

Just read Job 39 and let it sit with you for a while and realize some of what God is saying in that chapter to Job which caused Job to repent in dust and ashes and shut up. Job’s been questioning God and his justice and righteousness and his ways, and God’s teaching Job a thing or two about his limitations which God is not limited by as creator. God stamped his authority on Job, and Job humbled himself before God’s authority and authorship not just of creation, but his own life and soul. That’s where your salvation will also lie, in humility and repentance. You won’t teach God, let God teach you.

Evolution is an affront to the law making God, it attacks the truth of God’s laws, it says that God’s law can be moved… yet they do not move. It is man exalting himself against his own Creator. It is man saying he can go beyond the bounds that God has set in place. It is man saying he can evolve past God’s truth and God’s way and find his own. That’s what Cain did… no thanks God, I’ve got a better way. Cain was an evolutionist. Evolution is man saying he can change himself, he can better himself… when he cannot. It is man saying he can achieve wisdom and understanding and enlightenment without God and in opposition to God. Evolution is a rank evil lie.

The little old ostrich with her lack of wisdom leaves your fake wisdom in more dust than her eggs. She’s never gone past what God made her nature to be. And guess what, she’s happy with who God made her to be. Why aren’t you? Why does an animal know it’s place more than a human, who has supposedly has far more wisdom and understanding that an ostrich?

Evolution attacks the very premise of God as the Creator and authority… and his “Godness”. It is an assault on fundamental truths of who God is, it is man vaunting himself and exalting himself, just as Lucifer tried to do in Isaiah 14. But as stated already, and which cannot be reiterated enough… every animal mentioned in Job has not changed its own nature one bit. It has not achieved higher enlightenment, it couldn’t go past what God made it to be and do what God has ordered it to do. Flowers open when God orders them to, stars twinkle in the night sky because God has decreed it. The sun rises and goes to its place, it’s up in the morning and down in the evening, because God made it to be that way. The sun hasn’t decided to follow its own course, it’s following God’s course. You are relying on it following God’s command by the way, because if it got a little closer, we’d all be like a shrivelled up prune. It answers to God… NOT to you. It answers to the CREATOR not the creature.

Oh may we learn from the little old ostrich. God’s laws do not change. God’s boundaries cannot be moved. God’s word is unchanging and eternal and forever. What he has commanded is law. What he has decreed is the decree. He is God and we are not. Evolution is defeated by the ostrich, because she proves that evolution is a load of garbage. She has not changed her ways, she has not attained a higher level of consciousness, she hasn’t found higher wisdom and understanding, much less changed her own biology. Come on… please. If the ostrich knows the limitations of her Creator, why don’t you?

Evolution attacks God’s authority as Creator and his authorship of his creation. It is a lie of the devil. It is totally against God’s word, but totally inferior to God’s word. It should be no surprise that evolution has accompanied the new Bibles, because behind new Bibles is the idea God’s commands and words and truth can “evolve”. These new Bibles are another attack like evolution on God’s word and God’s authority and God’s very person and identity. It all seeks to remove God from the throne, and put ourselves on the throne. We can make our own way God, we can know more than you, we know better than you, we can evolve out of what you made us to be. Make no mistake, this is a vital issue, but look at the wild ass, look at the little old ostrich, all creation truly does give praise and worship to it’s Creator and all point us to the Creator, the Lord God of the Bible, who is the one who sets the boundaries, who orders the order, who has put into his creation to do what they do because they answer to him and not you. The flower will flower at it’s set time and it will flower whether you are there to behold it or not. Because it is giving glory to GOD, it is answering to GOD.

What is true science? Well true science, six thousand years of observation shows that nothing has evolved past what God made it to be and ordered it to do. Six thousand years shows us that God’s design has not changed, because his command has not changed, because his word has not changed.  Nothing has evolved past God. Truth has not changed either, truth is still the truth, because God is still God. Despite all the assaults on God’s word, God’s credentials as Creator remain the same. You cannot change what he has done, you cannot fight it. If Job couldn’t, neither can you.

You may have believed that God’s word can be revised and edited and deleted, but you’re just cheating yourself, because God’s word, God’s law, God’s command and God’s expectation remains the same. Dogs go to their vomit, pigs wallow in the mire, and ostriches lay eggs in the dirt which get crushed, stolen and trampled. That’s the way it is, they’ve never taken higher enlightenment from what God commanded them to do. The ostrich is deprived of wisdom, so since the clock started ticking, she lays her eggs on the ground where they can easily be taken or destroyed… and she is just fine with it despite how stupid it looks to us. It is a myth that ostriches stick their head in the sand when threatened, but the irony of this saying is that you are the one doing exactly what that saying means when you choose a lie over the truth. Let the little old ostrich teach you a thing about God today, let her tell you that evolution is nothing but a dirty lie designed to take you away from God and to eternal hellfire. Let her lead you to your Creator and your Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible.


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