The Cause Which I Knew Not I Searched Out

Job 29:15 – I was eyes to the blind, and feet was I to the lame.

Job 29:16 – I was a father to the poor: and the cause which I knew not I searched out.

Job 29:17 – And I brake the jaws of the wicked, and plucked the spoil out of his teeth.

Hello readers, just a short blog at the end of a long week! It’s the end of spring here, and it’s been a cold, wet, dark spring. Tomorrow, I am attending another freedom rally, and I have to because our government has run our state and country into the ground. Many people have lost their jobs for not getting the vaccination. And most of those who got vaccinated did it under duress, ie. no jab, no job.

But what’s annoyed me the most has been the response, or lack therof,  of professing Christians and the unbelievable ignorance concerning what is going on and what is right and where to stand and what to do not just on this issue, but on most of every issue of life. I was reading Job 29 in recent times, and in this chapter, Job is recounting his life, and it’s almost like his resume. And what a resume it is.

If I could be half the Christian Job was, I would be doing well. But I am not even a fraction of this. A small phrase in this chapter really caught my eye “and the cause which I knew not I searched out”. What a statement this is. Just think about it.

I am around and also work where there are lots of professing Christians of all types and persuasions, but very few are Bible believing Christians. And  while there is a lot of religion, there is not a lot of awareness of truth, much less willingness to stand for that truth. If you look at Job, you’ll see most Christians are nowhere near the man described in Job 29. And that is just not good enough.

If anyone in our society should be standing against what our government is doing, which is a litany of ungodly and evil things, it should be Christians. But instead I see mainly people fighting who don’t profess Christ, while Christians are ignorant of what’s going on, can’t see what’s wrong with what’s going on, are indifferent to what’s going on, and definitely aren’t standing against what is going on. Even if they knew wrong was happening, they wouldn’t do anything about it.

There are people over my country out of work tonight, they’ve been cut off from their job for no lawful or just reason at all. There are people being refused business, there are people who can’t see loved ones or even dying loved ones. My nation has become a police state run by fear, propaganda and coercion. And guess what, while a good amount of people are standing up for what’s right, there are many who have not even searched out the cause. They’re not aware of anything, they’re as ignorant as you could possibly be.

David famously said “is there not a cause?” to his oldest brother who rebuked him for saying he would go and fight Goliath. There was a cause to fight Goliath. Goliath was defying God. Goliath was defying truth and righteousness. And the truth is, there is a cause. There is a cause to search out, and there is a cause to get involved in.

Abortion is a cause. Rampant sin and wickedness is a cause. As a Christian, my greatest cause is standing for the truth of God’s word, believing and obey it, and the salvation of souls. But there is also another cause, and that is the cause in what’s going on with all the vaccination mandates. Righteousness is at stake, justice is at stake, truth is at stake, and we ought to know to fight, and to fight. We ought to contend for truth and righteousness all the way to heaven.

But when we should be fighting how we can, where we can, when we can… many people don’t even know there is a cause to fight. Because they’re so ignorant of a just cause. And it is just not good enough. Ignorance is not good enough anymore.

And guess what? My state that ignorance is not good enough anymore is Biblical. Acts 17:30 “And the times of this ignorance God winked at; but now commandeth all men every where to repent:” Ignorance will not cut it reader, not anymore. Obviously, this verse is primarily applicable to the salvation of your soul, and being ignorant of the need to repent and believe on Christ will not hold up at judgment. But it is also vital that as Christians we are not ignorant of the causes in our society and our community which we should fight.

We are meant to be salt and light in this world. We are meant to be eyes to the blind. We are meant to be feet to the lame. We are meant to be a father to the poor. We are meant to break the jaws of the wicked. There are people in the jaws of the wicked, both in terms of souls in Satan’s grasp, but also people who have done nothing wrong who are suffering due to the heavy hand of our government.

Yes, I am aware that as a Christian, I live in dark and sin cursed world. I realize that the only truly good government I will ever have is when Jesus Christ takes the government upon his shoulder. I get that. But Jesus did say to occupy until he comes. I am a real person in a real country, and I value freedom that my grandparents fought for and gave me. And if I ever have children, I want my children to have a fair go at life.

So yes, the cause of souls is what matters in eternity. But there are also other causes in our times which are also needful to fight. The fight for the right to work to put food on your plate and provide for your family is something worth fighting for. What kind of government takes away your basic right to provide for your family? That is disgusting.

None of this is about health. How is it good for someone’s health to take away their job? How good is it for health to cause stress, anxiety, fear and lock people down for years out of sunlight and away from happiness and hope. I’m pretty sure from the man I see in Job 29 that Job would’ve made it his business to know what was going on, and to stand in accordance with God’s word for truth, righteousness and justice be done.

If Job didn’t know a cause… guess what. He searched it out. He found out what was going on. He investigated issues of right and wrong and injustice. He got the facts. He understood what was going on and what the issues were and where to stand. Guess how he was able to search the cause out?  God was with him. He had a real relationship with God.

That’s where it must start “when the Almighty was yet with me”. “When by his light I walked through darkness”. What statements! What a chapter! And yes, I know I am applying this to the covid situation in my country, but the Bible is a practical book, it does relate to our real lives. “I put on righteousness and it clothed me”. How about we clothe ourselves with the righteousness of Christ? How about we get in the Bible so we can know and act and make a difference in the lives of those around us. And guess what, Job was a witness and testimony to them around him, he was salt and light and so should we be.

If you don’t know something… search it out. Search out the cause that you should be contending for and fighting in. Ignorance is not good enough. Not knowing or being aware of anything while things are going down is not where you as a Christian ought to be. We have the Bible so we can KNOW. So we can make a difference when we need to make a difference. The opportunity to stand up won’t always be there for you, there is a time where you are required, just like for Esther… for such a time as this. When it is in your power to make a difference, you must do it. Stop waiting for later which never comes, and stand up now.

If we say God is with us, ought we not to know something? Ought we not to act? God acted to save us, ought we not to help our neighbor, ought we not to stand for righteousness? The answer is yes we should. At the day of judgment, ignorance will not cut it, and what you did in these times… or didn’t do… it will matter. We see from Jesus talking about the judgment of the nations that how you treat your brethren is how you treat him. Passing by brethren who need you is passing by Christ.

Make it your business to know when evil and injustice is going on and do something about it. Job plucked the spoil out of the teeth of the wicked… that means he was in the salvation business. When we witness to people, we are literally plucking people out of the mouth of the lion. Get in the business of fighting for truth and righteousness and make it your business to know what’s what, and then do something about it.

I know I’ve been referencing some of this to covid, but I’ll finish on salvation of your soul. Did you know someone else’s salvation is your business? You can make a difference in someone else’s life. Job did. You can. It is your business to see the need of Christ for people, it is your business to see their need for truth, it is your business to do something about their plight. There is a cause. The salvation of souls, eternity, wrath, hell, judgment… that is a cause! Search it out. Stop being comfortable in your ignorance. Ignorance is not a valid excuse even if you make it your excuse.

If you’re just planning to get through to heaven without ever having risked yourself to make a difference, you will be disappointed. Our life does matter, what we do and don’t do does matter, and we, like Job, must search out the cause that we know not, so that we can know and act upon it to the glory of Jesus Christ and God the Father.


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