What Happened To Solomon’s Song?

Song of Solomon 1:1 – The song of songs, which is Solomon’s.

Song of Solomon 1:2 –  Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.

Ecclesiastes 1:1 – The words of the Preacher, the son of David, king in Jerusalem.

Ecclesiastes 1:2 – Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher, vanity of vanities; all is vanity.

Hello readers, today I was thinking, what happened to Solomon’s song? I was thinking about the comparison between the man of Song of Solomon and the man of Ecclesiastes, same man but look at the difference! You can read Ecclesiastes, and this doesn’t sound like a man with a song, much less THE SONG of songs. Contrast the song of songs to the tune of Ecclesiastes! Vanity! Vexation of spirit! I hated life! I had mistakenly thought Ecclesiastes was after Song of Solomon, but I had got it back the front. You go from Ecclesiastes to Song of Solomon and they’re two books written by the same man world’s apart. Rarely do we take the step from Ecclesiastes to Song of Solomon in our own life. Solomon had no song of songs in Ecclesiastes, his tune was one of a wasted life. Life can be a very different experience based on whether you have that song or not. He was high on life in his Song, but he hated life in Ecclesiastes. What on earth happened to Solomon’s song of songs?

It’s amazing what can take our song in our life. Sin and going our way and doing our thing, straying from God’s love for other love, infinitely inferior love, it comes at a very steep price. Solomon loved many strange women, and they took his love, and they ruined him. I remember reading about king Ahaz in 2 Chronicles 28, he was a king of Judah who went in the way of the kings of Israel. He had king David for a father, but no, he didn’t walk in David’s ways, but instead he went in the way of the kings of Israel, who were a wicked bunch. Talk about trading down.

Ahaz was given a heritage and legacy of God’s word, of serving God and God’s blessing on the nation… and he decided he knew better quite clearly. So he led the nation in wickedness and sin and God brought Judah low because of him. The Bible says that in his time of distress, he did even worse! He sacrificed unto the Gods of Assyria, the nation which had conquered him, and the Bible says “but they were the ruin of him”. Imagine having such a loving God, who has such a great love for us, and choosing a different love. Imagine Solomon, having this bride and such a wonderful, loving, pure relationship, and then going after lots of different women. They never provided him with a song, all they did was take the song. It’s funny who and what we bestow our love upon, such an inferior relationship to God’s best for us.

These books are critical books to Christian living, and it’s ironic, Song of Solomon is perhaps one of the least read and understood books in the Bible. I myself, I can really struggle with the book, often I won’t read it. The book is a song about the love between a man and his bride, and we usually can’t touch the hem of the garment so to speak, because we are not on that holy ground in our life because we are so devoid of the love of God in our own lives. Song of Solomon is about love, but often all we’ve got is dead religion and what I do and what I’m supposed to do, not a true love for God. Truth be told, we spend much more time in Ecclesiastes mentality as opposed to Song of Solomon heart. Ecclesiastes comes before Song of Solomon for a reason, because Eccelesiastes is earthly and fleshly living and thinking, whereas Song of Solomon is spiritual ground.

What happened to Solomon’s song? And what happened to your song? To lose your song, you must have had one to begin with. See, this really only applies to someone who has been genuinely saved, if you haven’t been saved, you’ve never had the song of songs. You don’t know that song. There is nothing you can do to learn it. It is learned only through salvation. Those other women couldn’t give Solomon that song, you know why, because they were strange women.

I’ve often thought, for someone with Solomon’s wisdom and knowledge and understanding, why didn’t it actually translate to his real life. Proverbs warns so much about the strange woman, because your love is being competed for… be sure of that and mark it down. And yet we read in 1 Kings 11 that “But king Solomon loved many strange women”. You know, Solomon’s love for outlandish women is referenced in Nehemiah, you know the defeat, destruction, captivity and broken walls could all be traced back to Solomon loving many strange women. Solomon’s rule was so great and blessed by God, the nation was the head of the nations, and it never got back to there, and still hasn’t and won’t until Jesus Christ returns.

Those strange women turned Solomon’s heart away from God. And when his heart was gone, everything else followed. Look what he started doing. Christendom is like it is today because the heart was stolen, the heart was turned, and everything else has gone with it. Satan, your flesh, and this world, will gut you inside. There’ll be nothing left, just a hollow inside. When your heart is not toward God, when you’ve ignored the Bible which says “my son, give me thine heart”, and you’ve given your heart elsewhere, your life will end in ruin. Your decisions will be against God. None of us are exceptions.

Often our head knowledge doesn’t translate to what we do and don’t do and our decisions in life does it. Solomon knew about the danger of the strange woman, he knew there was a competitor to his relationship and love for God and his bride… yet he went into sin, and cost his whole nation because he sought other love, love which would only take, take, take. As the Bible says in Proverbs 5:25 – “And why wilt thou, my son, be ravished with a strange woman, and embrace the bosom of a stranger?” Why, when we have God’s love, would we desire any other lovers? The strange woman took his song, but God’s love however, gives, it gave us the Son.

It’s why in our own relationships it is vital to choose a spouse that loves the Lord. You’ll not have a Song of Solomon relationship if you marry a nonbeliever. Without God’s love tying your relationship together, who makes you a threefold cord, you won’t have the song of songs. And there are plenty of songs out there, just as Solomon sought the love of many other lovers. But Solomon’s song was the song of songs, and none trump the song that is learnt only through repentance and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, a song put in your heart when he forgives you, washes you, cleanses you, saves you.

How can the song turn into all is vanity? How can your song turn into vexation of spirit? How can your song turn into “I hated life”? What happened to Solomon is what can happen so easily to all of us. If we are honest, our lives look more like Ecclesiastes than Song of Solomon. I resonate a lot more with Ecclesiastes at times than Song of Solomon. The love story got broken up in Solomon’s life, he should have “Take us the foxes, the little foxes, that spoil the vines: for our vines have tender grapes.” Christianity is nothing without God’s love, what’s the point of it all without love? You can have all the faith in the world, but the end of the commandment is charity. Sometimes people use charity and love interchangeably, but I try not, because they are different, if they weren’t different, you wouldn’t use two different words. Charity is a mature believer, someone who has grown in the most holy faith. Charity is the bond of perfectness.

The greatest commandment the Bible speaks of, which Jesus affirmed, is to love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. If you love God, as in truly love him, which also involves loving his word, as his word is how you get to know him through the Holy Spirit, you will want to obey him and put him first in your life. You’ll seek his kiss, just as the bride said in the second verse “Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine.” This bride didn’t want another kiss from another mouth, she wanted his kiss from his mouth. She wanted his love. She didn’t want anyone else.

You know, I struggle to read Song of Solomon without thinking of Absalom of all people. The way he stole the hearts of the men of Israel. They went from following the rightful true king in David, to a false impostor who flattered and fooled them in Absalom. But Absalom was not the true king. But most ended up following him. That’s how great the conspiracy is against your life. If your heart belongs to God, there is an enemy who wants your heart, and wants your kiss. The very first mention of kiss in the Bible is when Jacob deceived Isaac to get his brother’s blessing. Isaac was deceived, are you deceived about who you are kissing? Are you really kissing Baal while thinking you’re kissing the Son, as we are commanded to in Psalms?

We don’t have the capacity to love. People talk about how they love, but we don’t have the love in us. The world does not have the love that God has. Without God’s love, you cannot truly love someone else. It was God that made this relationship special between Solomon and his bride. Solomon would end up with heaps of relationships, but only one relationship had that song. We don’t love with our head, we love with our heart. David prayed to God, create in me a new heart. Why did he pray that? Why did he need a new heart? Because that old stony heart was the one that lusted after another man’s wife and got him into a sin that led to murder. That heart can’t even be overhauled, you need a new one.

It reminds me that there was a king of Judah, a king that did right in the sight of God, but there was just one small, yet massive problem. Read it, 2 Chronicles 25:2 – “And he did that which was right in the sight of the Lord, but not with a perfect heart.” This king’s name was Amaziah, but despite the fact he did a lot right at the start, his heart wasn’t right. Maybe you’ve been doing a lot right, maybe you’re even serving God, maybe you’re in the ministry, but your heart is not right. Nobody else can see it. But God can. And Christianity is not sustainable without your heart being right. And if you read about his life, and you’ll see this king turned away from following the Lord and ruined his life. So many Christians burn out because they’re doing right, or doing right in the sight of others, and perhaps they’re even sincere and devoted and disciplined, but there is a heart problem. That heart problem will eventually be your ruin. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but Christianity without a perfect heart is not sustainable.

Something happened to Solomon which happens to all of us. The Bible says “Solomon clave unto these in love”. Clave is a strong word. He gave his heart and his love to strange women. And they turned his heart away from God. What a toxic influence these women were. Oh, he had to have them all, but it came with a very, very high cost. This happened when he was old! All he knew, all he’d seen, all God had done… and he turned away from God, turned away from truth, because his heart was turned unto his wives and their gods. You may think this wouldn’t happen to you, but maybe it already has. You’re following Absalom instead of David, you think you’re following Christ, but you’re following antichrist. You’re fooled, you’ve been deceived by the kisses of the enemy. There is a very real enemy competing for your love and your heart, and we like the dumb stupid idiots that we so often are, do what Solomon did, we stray from God’s love, God’s best, and our song goes with it. What is worth your song? Strange women were Solomon’s price for that song. There was nothing better out there, but he sure did go looking out there, hence the term outlandish women.

In the book of Proverbs, it is surely impossible to miss a critical theme of the whole book, this book on wisdom. It is the theme of the virtuous woman and wisdom versus the strange woman and foolishness. That strange woman has slain many strong men. She’s got a great track record. She’s not just a real life woman that will get you in adultery or fornication, she’s symbolic of the many lovers we have as we commit all manner of spiritual adultery on God. If we are espoused to God as a chaste virgin, what are we doing with other lovers?

God’s love is the best love, and this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments the Bible says. Of course people aren’t interested in God’s word and what God says and instructs… because they don’t love him! John said, let us love him in deed and in truth. People say they love him, but it’s a deceitful kiss, it’s a Judas kiss. That strange woman is on every corner. You will run into her, and you’ll go after her, not knowing that her guests are in the depths of hell. Watch where your love is going. What who your lover is. That lover will take you to hell. And if the best of us can be destroyed by her, we ought to take notice. Satan wants your heart, as the king of Sodom said, give me the persons.

Different lovers with a different love took Solomon’s song of songs. God’s not going to share you, he wants your heart, and he deserves your heart. He’s given all his heart to you, he gave the Son, he gave his best for you. Jesus Christ is God’s best, ought we not give our best to God? Solomon spread his love among many women, and it was a disaster. Satan doesn’t play fair. He will deceive you, he will fool you. Solomon had such a great bride and such a great and precious relationship and love, and he traded it in. Because of his lust, and he lost his song.  That’s how you go from Song of Solomon to vanity and vexation of spirit.

What are you going to choose? What path will you take? Many people are playing the tune of vanity and vexation of spirit and hating life today. They took that path. Song of Solomon is such a precious book because it encapsulates the heart of the Christian faith, the relationship between the bride and the bridegroom. The church, born again believers, are the bride of Christ. Your love doesn’t belong to anything or anyone else, and there is nothing better out there in this world. Solomon sure did try what the world had to offer, and look what he says… all is vanity!

May God give you the song of songs. And if you’ve lost your song, may God restore it in a mighty way today. The best song in the world is the song of salvation and being right with the true Lord God of the Bible. His love is the best love, and it’s the only real and true love. Look at what God’s love looks like in the pages of scripture, in the person of Jesus Christ. Why would we ever trade that in? Why would we ever spend our love on anyone and anything else? Why would you ever settle for less? The love of God has to be in our heart and the center of our lives.

Why do you think that David’s first order of business when he became king of all Israel was to take Jerusalem? What was ruling Israel without having the nation’s heart? Jerusalem was the heart of Israel. Problem was the enemy had it. Problem was there was the enemies greatest and longest stronghold. So often there is a stronghold, the biggest, baddest, oldest stronghold is our heart. May God break through that stony, cold, unbelieving heart through the ministration of his love, truth and  Holy Spirit to us. Create in me a clean heart O God, and renew a right spirit within me. Solomon started so well, but Solomon got to a point where he had lost his song completely, he had to rediscover his. If you’re saved, what’s happened to your song? Do you want it back? Get back to the foot of the cross, get back in the pages of scripture, turn back to the most High, to the true Lord and the true King.


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