But Now Mine Eye Seeth Thee

Job 42:5 – I have heard of thee by the hearing of the ear: but now mine eye seeth thee.

Hello readers, quite a jump forward in Job today! I have been trying to go chronologically through the book and making slow progress, although there’s so much in the book you could take years upon years going through it! But never fear, I will return to where we were at, but today I want to focus on something in the last chapter of Job. Please note, in some of my blogs I haven’t referenced a verse I may have quoted, I am happy to supply the reference if required, but for the sake of writing and timeliness sometimes I cannot whack the references in and do direct quotes as I would like to. But here we go… Job had a whole lot of the “why” question in this book. Often we wonder why in life. Things in life happen… we ask why. It’s human nature to ask why and to try and reason it out. And you better believe Job’s friends and him tried to. But the why question is partly answered in this verse above. God didn’t actually tell Job, Job here’s why this is happening. He instead showed Job his glory, and asked Job questions, and in all that Job saw that God is so much bigger than he is, and that’s why Job said he would shut up. God can be trusted, even if you don’t have it all figured out.

It’s a simple phrase today “but now mine eye seeth thee”. After all Job went through, after the discourse with his would be comforters and after God spoke, this is part of what Job had to say. God wants to get us all to this point. The fact is God does try our faith, in fact we are warned not to be surprised or taken aback when trials come, because they will come. But the Bible says the trial of our faith is more precious than gold… and if you are saved, like Job was, you will come through the other side, even if you cannot see it. Believe me, Job could not see light at the end of the tunnel. When we are in the storm, we cannot see an end of it, a way out of it. God lets us get to the end of ourselves. Job said… what is my strength that I should hope? It can take a lot to get us to the end of ourselves. Ourselves really love ourselves. Ourselves really get in the way of ourselves. Ourselves is quite a monster. Ourselves needs to be crucified with Christ, so you can be risen with him in newness of life through the Holy Spirit of God.

But here we see at least part of why Job went through what he went through. God wants to make us more Christlike. That’s what being a Christian is… people got that name who were Christlike. We have to remember why we were created. God created us for his pleasure. We were made in his image. Our purpose lies in God, for he is our Creator. We were so far alienated from God we don’t even begin to conceive of. But God through our life here and now wants to make us grow spiritually. To establish and deepen our connection with him. God didn’t just leave us in our mire, he came to get us. That’s why he sent Jesus, he thought we were worth rescuing. It’s so easy to have an intellectual belief in God, yet no relationship, yet no reality. Look how Job’s friends spoke, such wisdom, such great words, yet it was more an academic understanding than a real life understanding. As such, their words were dry, they had no life. How many people are like that today, spiritually dry, because they don’t have that inner reality which cannot be faked or substituted for.

God wants to take it from “hearing” to “seeing”. With seeing came understanding, came recognition, came illumination, came enlightenment. You may not see Jesus Chrsit now, but you can see him through the eyes of faith. As you go along in life and come through trials of life trusting him, he will reveal himself to you. There’s nothing like faith tried in the fire, and the fire is good because it burns out stuff we don’t need. But if you don’t truly have Jesus Christ, nothing will remain. Many people go through fiery trials and they are all burnt up and burned out. Because they weren’t truly saved or because they lived for themselves or whatever it is. The foundation has to be JESUS CHRIST, not religion, not intellectual understanding, not empty assent. God will use life to draw us closer to him, to make it all real to us, to make himself real to us. If things kept going along fine maybe Job would’ve never reached a true understanding that he got afterwards. This might not help you during the trial, but know that God can and does work all things together for good for them that love him. So if you love him, if you mean it, you will make it through, yes it might not be easy, yes it might be unimaginable, but God’s grace is greater, and your end will be better than your beginning, as Job’s was… if not in this life, assuredly so in the next.

Job had heard, but boy, after this, he saw God. Often we can believe because others do. Our faith is second hand, not personal. God wants to make it personal. His tabernacle is with men. You think Job was a better person for what he went through? You better believe it. He was. Hopefully you never go through what Job went through, but the reality is, as life goes on, it is unavoidable that things will happen that really make you question everything, that make you doubt, that really REALLY test whether that faith you claim you have is real at all. Whether it’s founded on the person of Jesus Christ. Not many people truly know God, they may profess him with their lips, but their heart is far from him. Remember, he that HATH the Son hath the life, and he that HATH NOT the Son of God hath not life. The devils believe and tremble and they aren’t saved. The Pharisees had zealous law keeping and religion and they weren’t saved. You’ve gotta have something far beyond that. You have to have the person of Christ. Is he actually really at the foundation of your life? Are you really saved? Is it real? Would a trial like Job have spin you out, make you curse God? It’s in the fire that we are all tested and tried. It can purify and refine your life, or maybe it will burn your whole life up.

Why? Because at the end of it… I’ve heard of you, but now I’ve seen you. That’s a pretty good outcome. Many people have heard the gospel, but not many people have seen Jesus Christ for themselves, for who he really is, they haven’t seen his glory, they haven’t seen his forgiveness for themselves. They know of, but they don’t know God. They could know, but they don’t. Having a good time is nice right. Nobody wants pain and suffering, we want it good, let us alone God and let us have fun. But it’s in the darkness that the light of God, the glorious of gospel can shine brightly into our heart. Job really didn’t think he got a raw deal in the end. All the complaints stopped. He didn’t “give God a piece of his mind”. Amazing how seeing God for himself changed his outlook completely. Knowing God can completely transform your life. It can take you from complaints and wanting to die to a completely different realm.

Remember Joseph? He certainly is an example of an outlook transformation that we have talked about… he was absolutely knifed by his brothers, yet he could say God meant it for good, yet he did not “get them back” in the slightest. All because of his God, the same God Job had. There are whys all of us will never know. How could that have been good or necessary God? Make me understand it. But Job surrendered that “right” for God to explain himself. In fact God’s demonstration of power and glory made Job abhor himself and repent. And in this statement from Job that we have discussed, we see that one of the “whys” is so you can go from a “hearing of” relationship to a “I see you” relationship. Jesus wants to reveal himself to you, he wants it to be real, he wants you to have a faith that is tried and tested and true. He doesn’t want you to have second hand faith, he wants to reveal himself to you, and for you to be saved yourself. Noone can be saved for you. There’s things that are only your responsibility and for which you will be accountable to God for. I have heard of Him, but now I see him with my own eyes.

1 Peter 1:6 – Wherein ye greatly rejoice, though now for a season, if need be, ye are in heaviness through manifold temptations:

1 Peter 1:7 – That the trial of your faith, being much more precious than of gold that perisheth, though it be tried with fire, might be found unto praise and honour and glory at the appearing of Jesus Christ:

1 Peter 1:8 – Whom having not seen, ye love; in whom, though now ye see him not, yet believing, ye rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory:

1 Peter 1:9 – Receiving the end of your faith, even the salvation of your souls.


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