The Intercession Of The Spirit

Romans 8:26 – Likewise the Spirit also helpeth our infirmities: for we know not what we should pray for as we ought: but the Spirit itself maketh intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered.

Romans 8:27 – And he that searcheth the hearts knoweth what is the mind of the Spirit, because he maketh intercession for the saints according to the will of God.

In the Bible it says that the disciples were sorry that Jesus was going away. We can feel like this today. How can it be advantageous him going away? What could be better than him physically being here with us? One day, soon, we will be physically with him. But our life is one of faith until that time. It was expedient that Jesus went away. Jesus could only send his Spirit once he had ascended to heaven and sat at the right hand of the Father. The Bible says that when we are saved, we are born again of the Spirit of God. The Bible says that Jesus has given us of his Spirit. It is a free gift. The Spirit, just like salvation, just like anything we receive from God, is received as a gift. It is a gift, received by faith, because of the grace and mercy of God. Abraham received the promises by faith. He did nothing, he waited patiently, confidently and expectantly in hope, he trusted the Word of God. This is the same for us, all we can do is have faith that God will perform his word. And he will perform it. We are of the earth, we are earthly, we are from beneath, we are born in sin, nothing we can manufacture or work merit or earn our salvation or anything from God. This is why Cain’s sacrifice was refused, because it was fruit of the ground, and the ground had been cursed. He brought a cursed sacrifice. Anything we try bringing to God of ourselves is cursed.

The reason why Jesus had to go away to heaven was so that he could send the Comforter. When Jesus sent his Spirit, we received our Immanuel, God with us. God is now with us forever. He is in us. We are in him. We have the very Spirit of Christ in us, his holy Spirit which kept the law, which is incorruptible, which is truth, which submitted to and obeyed the Father’s will, which is holy, harmless, undefiled, sinless. This is why the relationship between Jesus and the church (which is the body of born again believers) is illustrated through marriage. The true church consists of people who are truly saved, although many people go to local, physical churches, many are not in the true church of God. Many profess that they are Christian, but as the Bible says most are not truly saved. When we are saved, we are married to Christ. We are married because his Spirit is united with our spirit. His Spirit quickens our spirit, it makes us spiritually alive, it births a new creature in us, which is perfect, sinless and incorruptible like his. We are united with him. We become one flesh. We are flesh of his flesh, bone of his bones. This is the mystery that Paul revealed in Colossians, which is Christ in us, the hope of glory. Christ dwells in our hearts by faith. Contrary to the imagination of our corrupt, earthly, finite minds, this is not a sensual, carnal relationship.

The wonderful work of Jesus Christ, his gift of the Spirit means that we take part in his blessings. He is the blessed man of Psalm 1. The new man, the new creature, born inside us is born of his seed. Because we are of his seed, we enter into the blessings associated with that seed, the seed of the woman. We are children of faith, we are children of Abraham. The promises are for us as well. God’s ways are unsearchable. We enter into the blessings of Psalm 1, because the blessed man, Jesus Christ, who did not walk in the counsel of the ungodly, who did not stand in the way of sinners, who did not sit in the seat of the scornful, who fulfilled the law and the scriptures, is in us, and us in him. Hence, as the Bible says, when he shall appear we shall appear with him. We shall reign with him. We cannot grasp his love and mercy for us, we cannot fathom the blessed future that awaits us. The Bible says that in the ages to come he will show us the exceeding riches of his kindness, grace and mercy. We will ever be with the Lord when we die. This is why death is victorious. Death, once a mortal enemy by which we would have been condemned to eternal punishment in hell, has instead become our passage to our eternal life with the Lord Jesus Christ.

Romans 8 talks about the Spirit helping us and making intercession for us. We need someone to intercede for us because we disobey, we fall into sin, we backslide, we stray from the will of God. We have established that the Spirit that we receive is the Spirit of Christ. Jesus is our intercessor. He is our mediator. Romans 8:27,28 is talking about Jesus making intercession for us. He is the our mediator, our only mediator between the Father and us. He is the only one who can mediate, he is the only one who can interecede. He is the only one who is worthy. We are worthy, because he is worthy. The Bible says Jesus ever liveth to make intercession for us. He prays for us. He prayed for us in John 17, we know his will because he has given us his word. His will is not something unattainable, we find his will in the Bible, and when we submit to the authority of the Word we will start seeing Jesus working in our lives. Even when we cannot see the will of God for us, Jesus is praying for us according to the will of God. What Jesus prays for us God hears. God hears us, because he hears his Son. Jesus knows the will of God, because he is God. This is mindblowing. Jesus said to Peter, But I have prayed for thee, that thy faith fail not. When we are saved we receive eternal life, we cannot lose it. Our faith will not fail. We can doubt and mess up like Peter did, or like Abraham with Hagar, but the end is that we will receive the promises. This is because Christ is in us. He sees us to the end. This is Biblical endurance. We have eternal life, because he has eternal life. None shall pluck out of his hand.

Jesus said when we ask anything according to his will, he will do it. The Bible says that faithful is he that called you who also will do it. Hosea says, O Israel thou has destroyed thyself but in me is thy help. Jesus helps us even when we destroy ourselves. All we can do is destroy ourselves. But Jesus intercedes for us. He is our merciful, great High Priest. He has done it all. His blood has paid the price for our sins, he washes us with the water of his word. Blood and water flowed out of his side at Calvary. Our salvation is complete in him. He saves our spirit, sanctifies our soul and we will receive our glorified body. We are the weaker vessel. All we can do is enter into his rest through faith, because of his grace. We are helpless without our Saviour. As Aaron stood between the dead and the living, so Jesus stands between us and death. Jesus is the difference between death and life. As Moses prayed and interceded for the people of Israel, so Jesus does for us. He asked God to blot out his name instead of theirs, picturing Jesus taking our curse upon himself, he prayed for the very children of Israel that rebelled, murmured and complained endlessly against him. As the children of Israel stood afar of when the law was given, so we need our Moses, Jesus Christ, who can approach to God. We need someone who can talk to him. We need someone who kept the law. That someone is the Lord Jesus Christ.

The Spirit prays for us according to the will of God. We need to make sure we are not preventing the will of God in our lives. When we do not live by faith in God’s word, things go wrong for us. Thank God though, because he will see us through to the end, and his will is accomplished in our life one way or another. Samson spent most of his life in rebellion to God, yet he fulfilled the will of God in his death despite a wasted life. He began to deliver Israel exactly as the angel of God prophesied he would. Even when we stray outside his will, we have a Saviour who stands in the gap, who delivers us, just like Samson was delivered many times despite being in sin. Jesus intercedes for us. He is kind, merciful, and understands us. He remembers that we are but dust. He knows our frames. He is full of pity, grace and mercy. We need an intercessor, we have an intercessor.


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