The Mystery Of His Will No More

Ephesians 1:7 “In whom we have redemption through his blood, the forgiveness of sins, according to the riches of his grace;”

Ephesians 1:8 “Wherein he hath abounded toward us in all wisdom and prudence;”

Ephesians 1:9 “Having made known unto us the mystery of his will, according to his good pleasure which he hath purposed in himself:”

Hello readers, hope you’ve had a great week, and thank you for reading. Today I will be continuing with some thoughts from the book of Ephesians. Last time we talked about the need for redemption. Recently I thought about how the Bible can really be summarized, if that is at all possible, but I believe I could summarize the Bible as “the story of the redemption of man by and through Jesus Christ”. All through the Bible from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22, it is about exactly that.

The Bible clearly teaches that man needs to be redeemed, and must be redeemed, but can be redeemed, but only through Christ. Redemption is such a wonderful word and a powerful word. I feel like thought I get it, I barely begin to understand the scope of redemption. God has showed his wisdom in redemption to such a degree it is beyond my brain to really grasp. In God’s redemption of man God shows his wisdom and prudence… and it’s so far ahead of how I think and would do things.

But think of how we use the word “redeem”. Like when someone “redeems” themselves for wrong they have done by making it right by doing it right. Maybe in baseball for instance, a batter “redeems” himself for a bad season by coming up with a clutch home run in a post season game.  But there’s human redemption, but then there’s Biblical redemption. Which deals with the restoration of man from his lost state in sin. Let’s be clear that the Bible clearly teaches the inability of man to redeem himself, we must be redeemed by someone not just with the will, but the power to do so. And if you want to see a picture of redemption, look at Boaz in the book of Ruth… as Boaz redeemed Ruth, so our Boaz redeems us.

I hope you do look up the meaning of the word in Webster’s dictionary, because then you begin to understand the scope of this word and what the Bible is teaching us. God’s redemption of man is an incredible story, he bought back with his own blood that which was lost by man’s sin… and I really hope you have your part and place in that redemption story. Remember, redemption is in God and flows from God, Jesus Christ is the source of life and truth and light. He is the bread of heaven. Outside of him, there is no redemption. You cannot change yourself into God’s image on your own, only the Holy Spirit can do that. You cannot redeem yourself, no matter how hard you try. Stop trying and trust in Christ our Redeemer. It’s all IN HIM.

If I was to say what the theme of this book is, I’d say that the wonderful book of Ephesians is all about being “in Christ”. It’s to the faithful in Christ. It shows the need to believe in Christ. It teaches the necessity of being in Christ. But it shows the blessing and benefits and inheritance in Christ.  It shows the riches in Christ. And I come out of Ephesians if getting nothing else from the book that we must all be in Christ, because God placed everything on Christ and gave everything to Christ. The riches of being in Christ. And as the Bible says “For it pleased the Father that in him should all fulness dwell;” you will have no fullness in your life if you are not in him, who in him all fulness dwells.

But let’s begin with the word “forgiveness” from the verses quoted above. Forgiveness is so powerful when we forgive others. Or when someone forgives us. And the greater the transgression the more powerful that forgiveness is. God’s forgiveness is central to our redemption, because it’s something that is beyond us. Forgiveness does not come naturally to us. We tend to want to “get that person back” or see that person “get what they deserve”. It shows how far we have fallen from God’s image. Our image is deeply corrupted by sin. And redemption of man I believe centres on changing who we fundamentally are. The sons of God are very different to the sons of men. Or so they should be. Notice how all these incredible virtues are all gloriously displayed in God in Christ? Remember how virtue went out of Christ, because all virtue is in him, any good virtue you have comes from him, his power to do so.

I think we tend to have this attitude of entitlement to God’s forgiveness, and we are through what Christ has done. We are forgiven for “his name’s sake” remember? But we take it for granted. Because God would have been within his rights not to forgive us our sins. He didn’t have to forgive us. We just kind of presume on all the good and gracious qualities of God. But we forget that we justly deserve punishment for what we have done. He doesn’t owe us forgiveness. He chose to forgive us. Big difference. Imagine if God was not ready and willing to forgive us. Imagine if he was not who he is. It’s unthinkable.

“Wherein he hath abounded toward us in all wisdom and prudence”. In the redemption of man through Christ, God shows how wise he is. The redemption of man is perfection, what a plan of salvation it is. I love how that salvation does not respect who you are are, but it also does not care who you are. You can be rich and famous, or you can be poor and nobody… it does not matter. It cuts the great down and lifts the lowly up. Salvation is not based on our intelligence or reasoning or prestige or rank or status or influence… it’s based on his Son Jesus Christ. And that’s incredible wisdom of God. He’s truly made it so that anybody can be saved. We are saved despite who we are, not because of who we are.

But what I really wanted to touch on today was “the mystery of his will”. Remember when Paul saw the altar “TO THE UNKNOWN GOD” in Acts 17? In my life, I’ve seen that many people are not overtly opposed to the idea of God, but they just think you can’t know God’s will. If there is a God, and they think there is, he’s this mystic entity, unknowable and mysterious to man. But he’s not. Jesus Christ was born fully man, and he suffered and endured what we did. He had real friends. He felt real pain. He felt the sting of real betrayal. He died a real death. And he “kept it real” with all those that knew him and heard him.

That God is too hard to find and unknowable is just a rank lie. I think in many cases people would prefer God to be mysterious than the known God of the Bible. Because a mystic God is a lot more palatable than a God who has made known his will which we don’t like. Many people prefer an unknown God to the known God. I believe some people I have met have chosen ignorance, because ignorance is comfortable to them. So it’s not so much you cannot know as it is I don’t want to know.

There are people who genuinely think God is too hard to find in it all, and that nobody can be sure… and yet here the Bible is saying you can be sure. If God’s will was a mystery… the Bible here says his will has been made known. And God’s will is that you repent and believe the gospel. God says believe in my Son, because he is your redemption. He is the person that can and will take you higher. Everyone is trying to get higher, but who could take you higher than Jesus Christ who we read a little later is “far above all?

So you being an agnostic is not good enough and won’t be good enough in your day of judgment. Because God has not just made himself known, but he’s made his will known. You don’t have to guess. You don’t have to be in darkness… if you are in the dark… it’s not a failure on God’s behalf, you are there by choice. Because the Bible completely unveils God to us. And in fact, what veils us is our rejection and unbelief toward him, not his inability or inadequacy in communicating to us. What an insult to blame God’s lack of social skills for your disobedient and ignorant life? Stop blaming God, blame yourself.

God is not a mystery, I mean even here in Ephesians 1, he’s revealing what he was purposing before the world even began. Because before the world started, redemption was already planned in Christ Jesus. We get an insight into his counsel room, the counsel of himself. And the entire Bible is God clearly speaking to man, clearly outlining what he requires of us. We are in no doubts as to who he is and what he would have us do. Just it’s a matter of will we believe and obey it or not.

So I thank you for your attention again in this blog, and I hope you get something out of it, but if nothing else, just believe on Jesus Christ, because he will make himself known to you as he promised, and that through his word, which he has clearly given here in one of his many books of the Bible. Don’t let God be a mystery to you, because he’s not, you can know him, you can be saved by him, and you can be sure of your inheritance that you have in Christ, and in him, you can bear the image of the heavenly, your life doesn’t have to be known and marked by the corruption of sin, you can walk in Christ’s righteousness, and enjoy the redemption of your soul and life that began for you personally when you believed.


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Hi, my name is Joseph Zadow. I am a 30 y/o Bible Blogger. I was new to blogging once! God’s word is the best thing that we can be given, and once we have it and know it for ourselves it is both a privilege and responsibility to bring it to others! We are blessed to be a blessing! I am a sinner (for sure!) saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ and I am a Lord Jesus Christ follower. He is faithful even though I rarely am to him. I believe the Bible is the word of God, and stake my life on it. My destination is heaven. As they say, I’m just a passin’ through this world… although most of the time it’s more like hangin’ by a thread in Jericho! I love playing sports – particularly cricket… I currently work on an orchard and a side hobby business of mine is growing vegetables etc – they are good for you! I love writing. Always happy to talk, so feel free to leave a comment. You can read more about me and my blog here – :)

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  1. It’s just great on how christians each declare that they know this god’s will and then another christian makes the same claim and contradicts the first. Now, why does this happen? Is the silly “holy spirit” going around telling you each different things?

    It’s also notable that not one of you can do what your supposed messiah promises in this bible, so it seems that you have a problem. Is it that the bible is wrong, or is it that you are all frauds? or is it both, your bible is wrong and you are frauds?

    Happily, it seems tobe both and your sadistic little fantasies will never happen. 2000+ years of failure keeps on going.


    • You are right that there are many professing Christians who make claims about knowing God’s will. And you are right also in that so doing many contradict each other.

      Yes, many professing Christians do many things “in Christ’s name” while claiming it as God’s will… when the Bible clearly says it’s not God’s will. I myself know many professing Christians who live sinful, worldly lives while claiming that God is ok with it and lead them to do it, when the Bible clearly teaches he is not.

      As a Christian, God’s will is what God’s word says it is. Because the Bible clearly teaches what the will of God is. If it’s not Biblically based, it’s not God’s will, and the Holy Spirit never leads any believer in contradiction to scripture.

      It’s easy to make a claim that you are a Christian, and many do, but the real Christians are those who know and do God’s will as outlined in scripture, not just whatever they make it to be that suits them… the contradiction and hypocrisy of which someone like you but me also can easily see. Please bear in mind also that many Christians are not really saved, hence why I said “professing” because they profess Christ but they are just as unsaved as you are.

      Because as Jesus Christ said in Matthew 7:21 “Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.”

      So the Bible outlines the will of God. For instance, the Bible says that God is “not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance” and “Who will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.” So it is God’s will that you get saved… because he would rather save you than send you to hell. But just because he wills it, doesn’t mean he takes away your ability to choose him or reject him, and you clearly are in the case of the latter at the moment?

      As for the rest of your comment, I’m not really sure where you’re coming from here. I can do what my messiah promises in the Bible. I believed on him and am saved, and have received forgiveness of sin and eternal life right now, and that’s just the beginning of all that Jesus Christ has promised. He’s delivered thus far, no problems at all here.

      For 2,000 years, Christ has been building his church, no failure at all. It’s all going exactly as he said it would. Literally to the most minuscule details. What fails is this world, because he is seated in heaven right now and one day he will return and rule and reign as King of kings and Lord of lords. That day is sooner than ever before. And if you read the end of the book, there’s winners and losers. He’s the winner, and all those that opposed him and called him a liar are losers, and that forever. Don’t let that be you as well all because of some hypocritical Christians whose example you won’t be able to excuse your own culpability before God in your day of judgment.

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      • Unsurprisingly, Joseph, you repeat a lot of false claims as Christians are often want to do. Amusingly, you also try to lie and clami you know this god’s will and you have no evidence for your claims being true, or anyone else’s being false. You are just another “professing Christian” who fails.

        Alas, you, and your fellow Christians, all point fingers and insist that something is “clearly said” in the bible, but funny how you all can’t agree on what the bible *does* say and again, have no evidence your version is true. I do love your pointing fingers at other Christians, Joseph, in your ever so pious claims of how only your version is the “right” one. Alas, you poor dears can’t even agree on what this god considers sin, nor can you agree on what morals your god wants.

        Now, Joseph, your bible does indeed give me a way to know who the true believers are. Per your supposed messiah, any true believer can do miracles like him, have any prayer answered with what is asked for, no exceptions, and have that prayer answered quickly. They can also heal people of sickness and injury. Why can’t you do these things, Joseph? What’s the problem? Here’s a list of all of those very inconvenient verses that never happen for you or any other self-professed Christian:

        Matthew 7:7-11
        Matthew 18:19-20
        Matthew 21:22

        funny how no exceptions are mentioned here or in the following.

        Mark 11:22-24
        Mark 16:17-18
        John 12:12-14
        John 15:7
        James 5:13-18

        It is not until 1 John where the excuse that one has to pray for what is already this god’s will, which makes prayer useless and it is a lovely excuse for when the aforementioned promises. The lord’s prayer does mention will, but that only appears in a couple of the gospels.
        Hmm, you claim that god’s will is what god’s word says it is. Now, per the bible, this god says that everyone should murder people who work on the sabbath. Now, how many have you killed, Joseph? Or will you offer excuses on why you don’t have to? Alas, all of you claim that the “holy spirit” tells you the right way to do things, and you all get different answers, unable to show that you and only you have the HS agreeing with you.

        Yep, it is easy to claim you are a Christian, and no one else is. You do it repeatedly, Joseph. And per the bible itself, you are just a fraud. You insist that only you and those who agree with you are saved, and yep, you have no evidence at all.

        Yep, the bible does say that this god “not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance”” and then it contradicts itself when both Jesus and paul say that this god has intentionally kept people from being able to accept it and damns them for no reason of their own, Matthew 13 and Romans 9. Your bible is quite a hilarious mess of contradictory nonsense. So your lie that it is god’s will that I get saved, is simply baseless claim made up by just one more Christian.

        Well, Joseph, you are either a liar or terribly ignorant of your bible when you claim you can do what your god promises in the bible. Again, you fail at all of those verses I listed above. Unsurprisingly, you have no idea if you are saved or not. You certainly claim you are. Only when you are dead will you know.
        For 2000 years, the Christian church has split again and again, each new version contradicting the last. Nothing is going as predicted since it was 2000 years ago that your god/messiah was supposed to return. It’s been 2000+ years of excuses from Christains on why this character has failed every single year they predict him coming back.

        You, like all of those dead Christians try to claim this imaginary character is coming “real soon now”, and just like them, you’ll die with your sadistic fantasies never coming true. It seems that it is a new trope for Christians claiming “oooh, our magic book says we win”. Happily, that won’t happen.

        I have read the end of the book, and I do love how your god, after killing all non-christians, intentionally releases satan on the Christians left so it can have one more blood bath. How pathetic. It must really suck to get that far and then have your god throw you under the bus.

        The failed threats of Christianity are rather quaint.


      • When I replied, I wasn’t looking for or expecting you to agree with me, because how can you in your unsaved, unbelieving and Christ rejecting state possibly understand spiritual things?

        The answer is you cannot. The Bible says you can’t and you’ve just proven with your response that you do not have the faintest idea what you’re talking about. It’s not the Bible is contradicted, just you are hopelessly contradicted… “For consider him that endured such contradiction of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds.” God’s not going to make himself contradicted just to fit in with your contradiction… no the Bible is to correct our contradiction.

        And as the Bible says, you are blinded by your unbelief and rejection of Christ, and you are in darkness, and in that darkness you cannot and do not see clearly. You can’t see your own way, so how can you correct my way, much less God’s way? How can a blind man correct someone that can see? That is the irony here.

        There is zero requirement for me to discuss things pertaining to what the Bible says and teaches. A nonChristian is not qualified to teach a Christian about Jesus Christ, and you are most definitely not qualified. With everything you said, you didn’t prove any contradiction, all I saw was that you do not understand and are confused, which isn’t the Bible or Christian’s fault, but your own “… and he that believeth on him shall not be confounded.”

        I am a winner in Christ. Don’t be a hater, you could be a winner too, but you don’t want to be. If you read the book of Ephesians, you’ll see that Christ has inherited all things, and he shares that inheritance with all who believe and trust in him. It’s not I think I am a winner, I’m already a winner in Christ. All you have is this life here and now, but the “ages to come” belongs to me, not you.

        The Bible clearly teaches that people like you will abound more and more in the last days, and they’ll say hey, God never does anything about anything “you’ve always been saying he’s coming back and he never does!!”. Exactly as 2 Peter 3 talks about. That chapter is exactly to someone like you.

        For 120 years, the people of Noah’s day did what they wanted, life went on, and nothing happened. It seemed there was nothing to “God” and “God’s word”. But one day it all changed, because the day of the Lord comes right on time, but it comes as a thief in the night to the unbeliever, while it is a blessed hope for the believer. In the day of the Lord, God saved Noah and his family, but destroyed the corrupt, evil old world.

        When your day comes in your life, you will know in that day that you were wrong, and God will convince you of your error, and you will receive the reward of your error. And you will bow the knee to Jesus Christ. It’s not you might bow the knee, it’s you will bow the knee, the only thing between now and then is time. And the reason why God gives you the time and space to live in unbelief isn’t because he’s ok with you, but because he’s being good to you. He might be good to you for a long while yet while you despise him… but you cannot refuse his Son and get away with it ultimately.

        And if you disagree with me and what the Bible says and teaches, ok? I’m not forcing you to agree with me. Believe what you want. But people like you can’t come up with anything original. It just sounds like you’ve been “hurt” by some Christians or something has happened in your life, and now your entire position in life is a reaction to Christianity rather than building a bridge. Lame, in other words.

        By the way, it’s not a threat, it’s just facts. I talk to people like you all the time, with far more fancy argument than you, people that rail on Christians and try picking apart the Bible. Be better than that. And remember, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. You do not have that, and thus you do not have wisdom. And without wisdom, you prove that though you have equal access to the Bible as I do, it might as well be written in hieroglyphics that is how hidden it is from you.


      • You have quite a problem in your claim that I somehow need to already believe before I can read the bible. Happily, it doesn’t work that way. And considering that Christians disagree, do tell how you know your answer is the right one, joseph? From where I sit, no Christian can do what Jesus promises in the bible, so there is no reason to think any of you are what you claim.

        The bible make false claims in many places, so there is no reason to believe it either. You have nothing but a circular argument that any theist ends up in, “my magic book is true because my magic book says its true because my magic is true because my magic book says its true…”.

        And nice incoherent bit here: “God’s not going to make himself contradicted just to fit in with your contradiction… no the Bible is to correct our contradiction” this makes no sense at all. The bible contradicts itself quite a lot. One of the best examples is the contradictory stories in the gospels, where the authors can’t quite get the story straight. The thieves are doing various things that they can’t do at the same time, and poor Jesus, can’t he or can he be touched by Mary? It can’t be both ways. You also have poor Paul unable to keep his original story straight.

        The bible says that your god has prevented me from accepting it before I was born, Matthew 13 and Romans 9 are quite clear on that bit of nonsense. And gee, you Christians call each other blinded, and yet can’t show that any of you are the TrueChristians™ at all. Happily, a book that lies about those who don’t agree with it being “blinded” is just making baseless claims. It’s nothing different from the lies of other religions about the exact same thing.

        Yep, there is indeed zero requirement for you to be able to defend your religion and show that it is true. That works out well with the fact that you can’t. Unfortunately, for you, you have certainly claimed I’m wrong, but you have yet to show how. It’s easy making baseless claims, not so easy to support them.

        You are not a winner in anything. I have no need to join your cult to a genocidal lunatic of a god. I do have standards and your imaginary god fails them. Christ is imaginary and no, hasn’t “inherited” all things. That’s just another baseless claim. Happily, your heaven and hell don’t exist and your sadistic fantasies will never come true.

        Oh dear, the “last days”. The anonymous authors of your bible observed that all silly cults are ridiculed, and gee, no surprise that it happened to them too. 2000+ years of fail. I always like 2 Peter 3. “8 But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like one day. “ Hmmm, so, since your supposed messiah said he’d be back within the lives of those supposedly looking at him, he is rather late. But how about we take that poor ol’ JC really meant he’d be back in a generation, which would be about 7300 days . and if a day is a thousand years, it’ll be about 7.3 million years until your messiah returns.


        Since there is no god, there was no noah and no magic flood. It’s even better when Christians themselves can’t agree on that nonsense. Hmmm, was it really 28,000+ feet deep? Or hmmm, was it “regional”? Or was it just a metaphor?

        Then you try the typical impotent threats, which again, never come true. No one will bow to you or your imaginary god. No one will be harmed for not agreeing with you.

        I was never “hurt” by Christians. My friends have been with your lies about people different than you. I stand up against liars who try to pretend that some imaginary being agrees with their ignorance and hate. And my “entire position in life”? Oh dear, you do think you are important. Nope, I spend a few minutes each day looking at Christian nonsense and exposing it for what it is. It helps that I’m a fast typer, and have quite a good memory. I have no need to build bridges to people who want to pretend I deserve eternal torture.

        Happily, you have no facts at all for your need to pretend that anyone who doesn’t agree with you should be hurt. I do enjoy the pleading from you to not show your religion to be wrong. Your god has nothing to do with wisdom, considering just how ignorant it is in the bible.

        You see, I’ve read the bible in its entirety, as a Christian and as not. I know that the book of a cult saying that no one but those who are in the cult have wisdom is just laughable.


      • I didn’t say you can’t read the Bible, I said you can’t understand it because the criteria for understanding is belief. Which you’ve proven. You prove that not only do you not understand what the Bible is saying, but also what I am saying.

        So right off the bat, with your first sentence, you respond with a lie totally misrepresenting what I said. So why should I reply any further? And then later on you say you stand up against liars? Who are you kidding? Imagine that, a liar who’s mission in life is to correct other “liars”?

        If you don’t believe the Bible, that’s fine? That’s nothing new. But you need to go and convince others of what you don’t believe, because your position gives no fulfillment and is just a reaction to established truth which you can’t accept.

        I was giving you the benefit of the doubt that you hate on Christians because some Christian “hurt” you? But that’s not the case you say. So that makes your position even more lame, because you really have no case against Christians or Christianity at all. Just the spirit of disobedience to the gospel in you has to go out and project onto others, but only comes off as illogical and small minded rambling.

        Just because you say the Bible has contradictions doesn’t mean it has. Yes, you’ve made that assertion. And then backed it up with “proof” that didn’t prove contradiction, but your own lack of comprehension. You cited the thieves on the cross. There’s no contradiction at all… at the start they were both railing on Christ, but as they hung there, and time passed, one of the thieves repented and believed. Remember, they were both bad guys, as the guy that got saved before he died admitted to the other one. The whole Bible is about people changing… he had a change in heart as he was dying… which many people have and do since.

        So that’s not even close to a contradiction. All the gospels are separate accounts that no only harmonize, but that they were written by different authors and yet corroborate so perfectly only strengthens their witness. It’s hard enough to get 4 people to agree on anything, yet nobody, and definitely not you has ever picked a hole in the gospels or the rest of the Bible. Not even a remotely competent Bible critic leads with this “contradiction” showing how far behind the 8 ball you really are.

        But moving on, there is a big difference between professing Christians and real Christians. I could claim I’m a brain surgeon, it doesn’t mean I am one. What qualifies me is years of study, practice and accreditation. In the same way, Christians are qualified by what they do. That’s what the Bible teaches and should be very simple to grasp.

        And to sum up, I am 100% a winner and that’s why you’re a hater. I don’t need to hate on you because there’s nothing about your position I am jealous or envious of and nothing about your argument which has me thinking, hey he’s got a point there. I don’t need to go onto your blog or website or whatever or tell you how wrong you are because that doesn’t add anything to me. Someone with the truth doesn’t need to bother with someone fumbling in darkness, as you, by choice are doing.

        Please don’t come back on here, it is a waste of time, both yours and mine, be happy with your own belief system that swirls with all the contradictions that you say the Bible and Christianity has. Thanks for your contributions, and all the best to you.


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