We Need Christians With God’s Power On Them

Luke 5:17 – And it came to pass on a certain day, as he was teaching, that there were Pharisees and doctors of the law sitting by, which were come out of every town of Galilee, and Judaea, and Jerusalem: and the power of the Lord was present to heal them.

Hello readers, another blog “we need some Christians with God’s power on them”. It really struck me the other day that we need God’s power present in our lives not just for ourselves, but to influence those around us. And I thought of that phrase in Luke 5:17 “.. and the power of the Lord was present to heal them”. There were lots of religious people there, but there wasn’t any power there until Jesus showed up. I’ve been at places where there is lots of religion, but no power. We need God’s power present to see people saved. We need people with that power who can lead someone to Christ, we need Christians that can pull someone out the fire, we need Christians who can make a difference.

A Christian with God’s power on them is able to do that. A Christian with God’s power on them will be a soul winner. There are so many people who can be reached, who need to be reached, and who are waiting to be reached. As Jesus said, the fields are white to harvest… but the laborers are few. And the problem is, we can even be saved and be working out in the field… but without God’s power present. Salvation takes power, God’s power. I can’t do it. I can’t operate on the heart. I can’t open the eyes of the blind. I can’t save anyone… but I sure can be a vessel that God uses to help people be saved, through his power.

I was thinking about Samson, and I’ve done a blog about him before, and how so many Christians have had a close shave like him. All their power has been shaved off them like Samson’s was. Such a powerful man became so powerless. He traded in God’s power on his life for the seduction of Delilah. Watch out for the seducing lies of the seducing spirits who seduce you away from God’s word… where the power always has been. And now many Christian’s are like shorn Samson… shaved of the power of God on their life… because they traded out God’s word, they departed from the faith, they chose worldly ways and means rather than the power of God, and  they’ve lost their salt and their light… and they became good for nothing.

Samson had power on him. Read about him. He had some serious power of God on his life. Nobody knew where the power came from, because this world does not know God. They don’t know God and they don’t know the power of God. So they couldn’t figure Samson’s power out. Samson himself grew to mistake God’s power for his power, and he didn’t realize in his blindness when he had lost the power of God on his life. Hint: when God’s Spirit is departed off your life, you’ve lost the power. The Spirit of God will not be on a disobedient Christian. They wanted to know Samson’s great secret to the power he had… because all they saw was an ordinary guy capable of extraordinary things. And that was his secret, because he was just ordinary, the secret to his strength was that it was not his… it was the Spirit of God.

We need to pray for the Spirit of God to come on us and transform our lives and impact everyone around us in our sphere of influence. If you read Acts, you’ll see that the apostles and believers in the early church had God’s power on them… they turned the world upside down. People got saved everywhere. Lives were changed, sins were forgiven. And they had boldness from God, they had Holy Ghost power on them which could not be doused or denied. Acts 4:31 “And when they had prayed, the place was shaken where they were assembled together; and they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and they spake the word of God with boldness.” Can God use you to shake things up, to speak the word of God with boldness where you are at in life?

We need to get the power back. We have become so cold and dark and dead, with no power on us. And this world knows it. They know when the power is gone, and when it’s gone, you’re about as helpless and hapless as Samson ended up being. You see, people know when there is power there… and they also know when it is not there. Do you want it there? Do you want the power of God in your life to honour Jesus Christ, to see people saved from hell fire? It’s going to take the power of God to see people saved. And the Bible tells us where the power of God is today… Romans 1:16 “For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.” We lost the power because we abandoned the gospel of Christ.

We’ve become disconnected from our power source by getting caught up in this world. We’ve become so busy, so occupied, so distracted, so rich, so well off, so contented, so satisfied, so indifferent, so apathetic, so stupid. Don’t you want the power back? Wasn’t it better when the power was on? When your household appliances are disconnected from the power source… guess what? They do not work. A Christianity without the power of God does not work. It can’t give any light, because it has no power. Oh we look Christian, sound Christian, appear to be Christian… but we are just a sad imitation of a Christian. Exactly like this… 2 Timothy 3:5 “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.”

In your workplace, is the power of God present there in you? In your friends group, is the power of God present in you? In your family, is the power of God present there in you? Do you want the power of God present? Why isn’t it present when you are there? As a saved person with Christ dwelling in you, should the power of God be not there? Yes, we should have God’s power on us, and we can have it, power to live saved and see other people saved. What’s been missing for so long is the power. But we try living Christian without the power, and in our power… which is powerless… and that’s why we are so overcome by this world, the flesh and the devil in our lives.

Is the power of God present where you are? It just has to be present, and it can be present and it should be present in you. We are God’s dwelling place, the Spirit of God has been poured out on all who believe, and it is through us as yielded vessels to God that the gospel is spread in this world. Look at your own life. Has your life been powerless? Has it been a powerless witness? Has it been a powerless testimony? Has it been a powerless conversation? Have you had a powerless word? Luke 4:32 “And they were astonished at his doctrine: for his word was with power.”

So we need the power back. We need God’s power on us through his Holy Spirit. How can we get this thing moving again? When we are so stagnant and lifeless, instead there needs to be the rushing wind, there needs to be a going in the tops of the mulberry trees, we need to pray for God to move in our lives. Read this verse in Acts 1:8 “But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.” Have you received power? I’m not talking about this fake Christian power garbage, I’m talking about the real thing… power from God to share the gospel, spread the gospel and see people repent of their sins and be saved.

How do we get the power? Wait on God. It’s not you moving, it’s him moving. We move when he moves. Remember, Jesus Christ told them they had to wait for him at Jerusalem, and instead of trying to work it up and create it ourselves, we need to make sure we are in obedience to him, doing what he’s got for us to do according to his word… that’s when the power will come.

This world is choking on powerless Christianity. Souls are going to hell because of powerless Christians. There is no power present to see people saved, there is no healing power. Like Samson grew his hair back again, we need to get some things back in our life which Satan shaved off us. We need to get back to the Bible, the Authorized King James Bible, we need to get back to the common salvation and the faith that was once delivered unto the saints. We need to preach repentance toward God and faith in Jesus Christ. Stop looking for new ways and means and instead rebuild the old gate as Nehemiah did.

We need some power present, and we need some present power. We must have it. We’ve had more than enough of this fake imitation Christianity. We’ve had more than enough of this religion that resembles the real thing, but is not. Instead of denying the power, how about we let God be our strength and our might? He has the power. Matthew 28:18 “And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth.” The secret is God’s power, because it’s God’s gospel, God’s salvation and God’s word. Less you means more power. Jacob’s name was changed to Israel and he had prevailing power… only when his own power was crippled. It’s not your power… it’s Christ’s power.

If Christ is living in you today, how do you have so little power on you? Hmm indeed. If you are truly saved, you needed power to be saved in the first place, you did not save yourself. And likewise you need power to live saved and you need power to see others saved. We all must have the power of God in our lives, so there can be so power present in our workplace, in our family setting, in our friends group, in our marriage, in all the places we go and the people we interact with… we need God’s power present to make the difference.


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Hi, my name is Joseph Zadow. I am a 32 y/o Bible Blogger. I was new to blogging once! God’s word is the best thing that we can be given, and once we have it and know it for ourselves it is both a privilege and responsibility to bring it to others! We are blessed to be a blessing! I am a sinner (for sure!) saved by God’s grace through faith in Jesus Christ and I am a Lord Jesus Christ follower. He is faithful even though I rarely am to him. I believe the Bible is the word of God, and stake my life on it. My destination is heaven. As they say, I’m just a passin’ through this world… although most of the time it’s more like hangin’ by a thread in Jericho! I love playing sports – particularly cricket… I currently work on an orchard and a side hobby business of mine is growing vegetables etc – they are good for you! I love writing. Always happy to talk, so feel free to leave a comment. You can read more about me and my blog here – kjvbibletruth.com/about :)

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