Jabal And Jubal Junk – Who’s Fathering The Way You Think And Do Things?

Genesis 4:17 – And Cain knew his wife; and she conceived, and bare Enoch: and he builded a city, and called the name of the city, after the name of his son, Enoch.

Genesis 4:18 – And unto Enoch was born Irad: and Irad begat Mehujael: and Mehujael begat Methusael: and Methusael begat Lamech.

Genesis 4:19 – And Lamech took unto him two wives: the name of the one was Adah, and the name of the other Zillah.

Genesis 4:20 – And Adah bare Jabal: he was the father of such as dwell in tents, and of such as have cattle.

Genesis 4:21 – And his brother’s name was Jubal: he was the father of all such as handle the harp and organ.

Genesis 4:22 – And Zillah, she also bare Tubalcain, an instructer of every artificer in brass and iron: and the sister of Tubalcain was Naamah.

Hello readers, hope you’ve had a good week. Today I am going to be talking about “fathers” of modern science and modern thinking. Let’s call these fathers out for who they are. There are fathers in our society who have driven the way our society thinks and does things. Back in Genesis we see the Bible follow Cain’s line for a bit. And there was Jabal and there was Jubal. Jabal and Jubal how nice. And they were both the “father” of something. As for Tubalcain, he was an “instructer”. These were guys who fathered the way that early civilization of man thought about things and did things. Please stay with this blog today, I hope it is a blessing to you, I have tried to outline my thoughts from the word of God clearly and hopefully this really is a help to you because it’s very relevant to our society and it would be good to really check what we think and believe and base our life upon, is it really God’s word that determines what we believe and act? Or are we in Jabal and Jubal land.

We have the same guys in our society today. I have recently been thinking about things like evolution, socialism, psychology, abortion, climate change and so on. And particularly, looking at where they came from and what the agenda and premise and ideology was behind them. See, a theory like evolution came from someone. Evolution came from Charles Darwin. Socialism came from Karl Marx. See, these guys were fathers in their fields, just like Jubal and Jabal. Our society, our civilization, our world has been framed by “fathers” who have set and driven they way we think about things, the way we understand things, and the way we do things. But they’re fathers who come from Cain.

We base our world off Cain, not off the Lord Jesus Christ. You see, it all really is quite simple. It can be quite intimidating trying to grasp theories and thinking and identify the root of the problem, but the Bible makes it quite simple. And here early in the Bible is a key lesson from Cain’s life, the fatherhood of the way we think, the way we do science, the way we build our society and who has instilled their thinking so deeply into us that we might not even realize most of the way we think is wrong. Do you want to have Cain thinking? Or God’s thinking. Do you want degenerates like Marx, Darwin and Freud to frame your thinking? Or would you rather God’s word be your counsellor. What and who are you fathered by?

These guys all share a commonality that they have a Cain way of thinking. They reject God’s word. I was thinking about Charles Darwin who came up with his theory of evolution which is now intrinsically woven into “science”. It’s taught as fact even though it’s a baseless and evil lie though it goes in the name of science and brandishes “evidence” as though it had some. All of which is designed to intimidate you so you’ll submit to its authority. There’s a lot of pressure to bow in our society in case you haven’t noticed. I was thinking about Sigmund Freud, who’s psychoanalytical theories are intrinsically woven into “psychology”, and the way we understand and deal with human behaviour. And even though she’s a woman, I was thinking about Margaret Sanger, who is seen as a hero of the “feminist” movement and who was key person in the “abortion” industry as we know it today.

You see, there’s fathers who have set our thinking. These fathers put a study and a science to their theories. That’s why they’re so loved. Because they added legitimacy and justification and validation to where evil man was already at. We like those fathers because we are just as Cain as they were. I was thinking about Freudian thinking the other day and just how much his theories are in our culture and inculcated into our own lives. Sigmund Freud believed that man was essentially good, and that he just needed the right environment to bring that out. Whenever he did wrong, the fault wasn’t in the fact that we sin because we’re sinners, oh no, Freud believed it was a fault in upbringing or mistreatment or environment and it could be explained.

Freud believed you could unlock the key to man being good if you hear him out, understand him, and pander to his filth. Freudian thinking is in churches today. Many “Christians” believe mankind is essentially good, which is not Biblically true. Many Christians refuse to own sin and hate being rebuked for sin, that’s also Freudian. Modern churches pride themselves on “loving” the sinner, and they won’t talk about sin or say that’s wrong because that’s not how you bring out the best in people. Classic Freud. You’ve been frauded by Freud.

Freud believed people that did wrong needed to be listened to and understood. Freud put being a victim into science. He was part of the mass degeneration of society where we keep altering truth and morality to accommodate the fallen nature of man. If you look at modern counselling, and it’s totally against God in premise and practice. Isaiah 9:6 refers to Jesus Christ as “Counsellor” and he’s the true counsellor and the one that can really help you. And guess what, Jesus Christ didn’t pander to the wickedness of man. He called it for what it is, and he also provided the only means in existence of getting that sin dealt with if you’ve done it, or it’s been done to you.

See, we never rebuke sin or call sin for what it is. And we can’t help people. That’s why we’ve got a bunch of transgenders and nonbinaries and gender fluids running around today and you’re not meant to tell them this is madness. No you’re mad now if you take any sort of stand for truth. Freud didn’t believe in the sinful nature of man, or repentance or the blood of Jesus Christ.  No he believed when you did wrong, it’s because you were a victim. You just needed people to understand your point of view more, and that you were the one hard done by. He taught people that it’s never your fault if you do wrong, you can always blame someone else, never take ownership for your own wrong doing. In fact is that really even wrong? Let’s be like the Greek philosophers and put big words and long winded statements to our sexual depravity.

Freud believed if you improve man’s environment he will be good. So when you sit down with your psychologist and counsellor they’ll have a chat with you and find reasons for why you do what you do or why what’s happened has happened. They’ll look for reasons that justify and explain your behaviour rather than attributing our sin to where it is really coming from. A favorite is blaming upbringing, blame the parents, blame someone that’s been intolerant and hateful and narrow minded towards you. Familiar terms? Our society is absolutely infected with Freudian thinking. Rather than law, let’s just let man express himself. Let’s not be definite about anything. See the Bible says in Proverbs 5:6 – “Lest thou shouldest ponder the path of life, her ways are moveable, that thou canst not know them.” People like Freud, Darwin, Marx, they’ll keep you from ever being saved with their ever changing theories based on ever changing man and ever c hanging truth and ever changing morality.

The truth is, God is who says right is right and wrong is wrong. Cain had a big problem that in case you don’t remember. Cain didn’t mind religion, he just wanted to do it his way. He didn’t want to submit to the authority of God’s word and the way God had said to offer sacrifice. And one of the most fundamental truths in the Bible is that man is a sinner. It doesn’t matter his environment or his upbringing, man will sin. It doesn’t matter how much of a utopian society we strive for and never get. The very best of man is head of gold and feet of clay. Imagine making an image who’s head is gold and who’s feet is clay? Just how stable and secure and solid is that image? Somehow the image still stands up today, but there is no foundation for the ungodly and the wicked and one of these days the stone made without hands is going to topple that image. Cain built a city and society based on his thinking. And behind all of this garbage is Cain. Noone had murdered someone else before Cain did, but he murdered Abel. Noone had to show him how to do it, it was in his Christ rejecting heart.

The reason we do wrong is because we are sinners. That’s at the core of everything that’s wrong and horrible and twisted and messed up in this dark world. And that sin needs to be acknowledged and rebuked before we can truly be helped. That’s why this world’s counsellors cannot help you. Nebuchadnezzar had countless counsellors and inputs, and nobody could help him or provide him any wisdom apart from Daniel. He had surrounded himself with people who todl him what he wanted to hear, not what he needed to hear. Sound like today? All these theories just play on your lust and pride and selfishness. You cannot be helped until you come to a knowledge of the truth. You don’t need excuses. But modern day counselling is you being pandered to. They know if people pander to you and agree with you, you’ll love hearing that counsel. That’s how churches operate. That’s how politicians get elected. Dummy up. Absalom was way ahead of Freud, see, the way he stole the hearts of the men of Israel was with flattery and “hearing them out” and saying if he was king, he’d do those pepole with grievances and issues in life so much more justice! I’ll make Israel such a better place! Oh yeah let’s vote for him!

So today’s thinking is if we just make the world a better place, everybody will do better. All this social justice and climate change rubbish comes from a place of unBiblical and anti God thinking. All the humanism and man centric self therapy. Man trying to better himself with mans’ methods. Newsflash: you’ll never make the world a better place. If the Bible says it lies in wickedness, that’s what it is. But we somehow think that if we just love everyone and coexist and don’t offend everyone we somehow think we will have a human utopia. We will have solved sin! See, you can see how Freud ties into Darwin. Those two are like Pilate and Herod, hated each other in time past, but in the matter of crucifying Jesus Christ, they became best of friends.

See, Charles Darwin had a theory, and one of the main ideas of evolution is that man is getting better. That’s what your little diagram of ape to less ape to even less ape to human is about. Oh and by the way, Darwin was a racist and he believed black people were closer to the apes than white people. Yeah, you’re so about systemic racism and the most systemically racist and evil thing is in every school and university in the land. Darwin’s premise and philosophy was and still is absolutely ridiculous. Thing are getting more and more ordered out of disorder? That happens nowhere in existence. Everything tends towards disorder, everything degernates. From the way we speak to our laws to your car to your house to your garden… it all degenerates. It requires maintenance and upkeep. Why are we so stupid?

The reason why we think we are better and know more than every previous generation is because of Darwin. The reason why we abort our children is because of Darwin. See, the rights of that woman with her body, her choice is Darwinism being lived out. You couldn’t justify murdering the unborn without evolutionary thinking deeply instilled into your truth and your moral values. The mother’s voice prevails over the rights of that baby inside her to live. She forces her will and interests and self betterment on a helpless baby because her opinions and desires and wants are stronger than that babies. Her selfish will for her life prevails over that babies right to live. Darwin’s theory put utter selfishness, racism, slavery, genocide and murder into “science”. Think of how indoctrinated you’ve gotta be to think you came from an ape or something came from nothing. Think of how degraded your world view is when how you got here is just because your ancestors outcompeted, outhunted, out killed.

Darwin’s theory attacked the very premise of unchanging and absolute truth. Once you’ve removed absolute truth found in the Bible, the foundation for morality and right and wrong is gone. And it worked because even Christians today have a changing truth. A changing Bible is a changing truth and a changing God. The idea that truth changes was put into science by Darwin. With a changing truth comes a changing morality. Cain’s children had that, check out Lamech. He did something noone had done to that point, he married a second wife! See the right and wrong started shifting. Maybe you have also been fathered by that thinking also. Evolution is a changing truth. They’re always discovering new truths about us. And we are always changing too. From dust to rock to amoeba to fish to ape to man. Everything is changing, nothing is absolute. And when you have a changing truth, you get a changing morality. Everything’s always changing into something newer. But our progression upwards, that so many people believe about this world and our society, oh we’re getting so much better and smarter and more advanced, that is a lie. We are degenerating not ascending like you think you are and like Satan thinks he is and wants to. Hey maybe you have more in common with these fathers than you thought. Maybe their thinking is more deeply ingrained than you realize.

When you degrade the image of God down to something like a golden calf in the wilderness, that’s why you get degraded humanity as well. We’re killing human beings at both ends of the life cycle from conception to old age… and everything in between. The reason why people really love evolution is because it removes the bonds and guilt of sin. That’s all it is. It’s not because it really makes sense, it’s because it’s like the Philistines Dagon, they love to be bigger than their own god. When you control your god you’ve got it made. The ark of the covenant was superior to Dagon, but they chose Dagon, their little fish god. That sounds like evolution, worshipping and heroing nature and natural forces over God who created and ordered the whole thing. Evolution is an ever changing truth, perfect for degenerate man with an ever changing morality that is subjective to him. Then we wonder why when we’ve removed the very basis for who we are, how we got here, why our children behave like beasts? How can you teach a child truth is changing, you’re a product of chance and you come from an ape, there is no meaning to life and death is the hero and nature is all there is and then complain about how people live? Darwin was an immoral man and his theory is immoral and has produced and legislated immorality in our society through “science”.

1 Timothy 6:20 – O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called:

1 Timothy 6:21 – Which some professing have erred concerning the faith. Grace be with thee. Amen.

Darwinism and Freudian thinking feeds into socialism and vice versa. Because Karl Marx was the father of “socialism”. If we just make everyone equal we will solve the world. The solution is equality. Make society a better place by someone evenly distributing resources and money so we’re all happy. It’s a politicians dream. But Karl Marx also didn’t take into account the sinful nature of man and his theory promised so much, but delivers only rank communism and slavery and zero freedom and more unhappiness. See human nature is to lord over and oppress. So in the name of common good, an elite takes rule and oppresses everyone. That’s all socialism is, and it rides on the back of evolution and psychology. See, all these modern fathers are Cain. They take after Cain. Who was a liar, he didn’t care about his brother, he was selfish, he was immoral, he was a murderer. Socialism is really just about greed and plays into the selfishness of man. People love it because they get government handouts and that’s all they see, they don’t see the endgame at all. By the way, happiness and fulfillment doesn’t  come from money. Everything about socialism is wrong, but it preys on the greed and lust of man and then jerks the rug out from under him in the end.

The Bible says in Psalm 58:3 – ” The wicked are estranged from the womb: they go astray as soon as they be born, speaking lies.” One verse in the Bible is worth infinitely more than all of Freud, Marx, Darwin, and all the rest of those idiots. We are so steeped in Freudian thinking we are afraid to call sin sin, and now we are the judgmental hateful people who call sin sin. See, Herod would’ve loved Freud. He chucked John the Baptist in jail when John told him that what he had done in marrying his brother’s wife was wrong. See, most  churches are just like Freud. They won’t’ touch your sin. They won’t rebuke you. They’ll show “love” to you. The truth is, they don’t know how to love outside of God’s word. Why do you think we have so many victims in our society now? Because everyone’s a victim. The more depraved you are, the more you need to be protected, understood and pandered to. Classic Freud.

They make the people standing for truth the enemy now, Because they’re the ones keeping back people from unlocking their true potential and good and self fulfillment and happiness. Me telling a sodomite God’s word says sodomy is wrong is preventing him from having a good life. Classic stuff. And behold what Cain did to Abel? He murdered him because his brother’s deeds were righteous and his were evil. See, Cain was the bad guy, but he made Abel the bad guy to make himself good. We won’t get rid of the sodomites, we’ll get rid of the people saying that sodomy is sin. And Cain is rising up again to oppose anyone who stands for any trace of truth in our God hating society.

Cain could’ve got right with God, he could’ve confessed his sin, but immediately he started lying, justifying, blaming and excusing. And guess what, he lived out that little theory Darwin put into science all those years later. See, he was more “fitter” and “favoured” and “stronger” than Abel. Survival of the fittest lived out. Cain was never even sorry for what he did. Get this. He was only concerned about his punishment. Oh God you’re being unfair. You’ll find at the root of your life is a word called “self”. We are so selfish. We are selfishly motivated. And evolution puts that selfishness into science. People’s morality is based on selfishness. Look into it just a bit, just scratch the surface, and people’s morality is really all about self medication, looking good in the sight of others to advance oneself. Our morality only as thick as how I can benefit and progress myself out of it. Putrid stuff.

Freud and all the rest of these jokers offer no solution to man’s state. Socialism has never and will never provide man with the happiness and utopia that it’s promises draw you in with. Your psychologist and counsellor cannot help you. They’ll just take your money every fortnight, and make money out of your “controversy”. Just like Absalom did. You really think he cared about all those men he was playing for fools? No, they were just following him in their simplicity. He just needed numbers on his side to take control. Absalom was an early Karl Marx. Hey, I’ll be the solution to your life. Government will fix your problems. And they all followed him! They were dumb and stupid, and he got them all killed. If you can’t even properly identify and take into account the real problem in society and your own life, you can’t fix it either. Everything these fathers came up with is ultimately a justification and excuse and validation for sin, they put “science” to your wickedness and foolishness and rejection of God. It really is that simple.

The solution to our state as sinners is in the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the truth. The answer is Jesus Christ. The counsellor is the word of God. Just open your Bible and he’ll do the real cancel culture. Why not cancel the ideology and agenda and religion of these “fathers”? Only Jesus can change your very nature and deal with things that may have happened to you or things you’ve done. If you want to look at a victim, look at Joseph, or Daniel, or Job. Those guys could’ve played victim and blame game. Instead they believed God because of who God was. They honoured him and chose to do right because they believed in God. God is who lifts a society up, the Bible says righteousness exalts a nation. You want to exalt yourself and your society above this world of filth and lies and poverty and murder? Get God’s word back into your thinking and cancel all these utter trolls who have “instructed” you Tubalcain style on how to think and live and process life.

Only Jesus Christ can wash you, cleanse you, and make you a new creature. Endless psychoanalysis and self betterment cannot purge your conscience from the guilt of sin. All these theories do is cater to the vanity and lust and pride and selfishness of man and dig a deeper pit for you to fall in. These men and their theories have had a lot of lovers, it seems like everyone has these guys for their father. But the Bible says of the strange woman, she’s cast down many wounded. If you’ve been wounded in life, don’t go to the strange woman, go to the word of God. These people prey on your misfortune and desire for more and you being in a hole, but they’re only going to take you to hell.

If you are a victim, your solution is not being a victim, but in repenting of your sin and owning what you have done wrong and believe and trusting the Lord Jesus Christ. Job was COVERED in boils and still said “I repent in dust and ashes”. We can and should too. Stop blaming others and looking elsewhere, and get right with God on the basis of who he is. Job had no promise of his boils being taken, and he didn’t start blaming his friends, he saw God for himself and repented and stopped his counsel in favour of God’s counsel. For all the long winded philosophies and theories and prognostications, all these theories really boil down to quite a simple truth. They reject the word of God and love their sin and won’t get right with God about it. At the core of these theories is “Cain”. Are you really from Cain?

Jabal or Jubal or Tubalcain? It’s all the same load of rubbish. Don’t bother with Cain, he’s a God hater, a Christ rejecter and a Bible scorner. He’s selfish, he doesn’t love anyone, he just loves himself. Why follow his thinking? Why do what he does? Why go in his way? Root out all this thinking that’s been injected into the blood stream of your life which has poisoned the way you think and do life. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, he can fix your state, he can provide you with forgiveness that no man can, and he will cleanse you and wash you and make you a new creature, born of God. that’s a pretty good deal.

Cain will get you in hell, those fathers of science and arts, those instructions you’ve received at school and university, where you’ve been taught what to think, not how to think, it’s time to reject that garbage and turn to the true counsellor, the Lord Jesus Christ. You know, the final one in Cain’s line before we switch to Seth is a guy called Lamech. He was worse than his father. It never got better, because Cain for all his science and progression and theories and instructers and self betterment and city building, all these theories and science never did a thing for man. They just degenerated him further, exactly what we see today. These theories have destroyed our society, not built it. The problem is sin, and the solution to sin is the Lord Jesus Christ alone. Hopefully this child is born in your life today. Isaiah 9:6 – “For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.”


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