Houses Of The Sodomites By The House Of The Lord

2 Kings 23:7 – And he brake down the houses of the sodomites, that were by the house of the LORD, where the women wove hangings for the grove.

Hello readers, just a quick thought from the word of God. Have been thinking about this verse in the last few weeks. To put this verse in context, we are in a chapter about king Josiah. Josiah was one of the best kings Judah ever had. This is a king that did right, who had a heart for the God of his father David.

This king found the word of God, he got the nation back in the Bible.  That’s how this chapter starts. He gets the elders and he read the words of the book of the covenant to them. He committed to God that he and his nation would obey the Bible. Oh that we would learn from king Josiah.

But he didn’t just say oh God, we love you, we want to serve you. He didn’t just do lip service to God. But then he went and did. See, you may be a hearer of the word, but that’s not enough. God’s word is practical, and it will influence how you live your life.

People that say religion and politics don’t mix? That’s a blatant lie. What you believe will determine what you do. And so Josiah read the book, and that book caused him to understand what to do to fix his nation and bring his nation back into a position of honouring God and being right with God.

That book he found contained commandments and testimonies and statues. Oh, they’re all dirty words in Christendom today aren’t they. Oh, everyone wants to be a Christian, but noone wants to keep God’s commandments. Did you know salvation itself is a commandment and requires obedience to be saved? Why don’t you wake up.

So then you keep reading, and this king starts making changes based on what the book says is right and wrong, what the books says to do and not do. So he cleans out the temple of the Lord, because in that temple, it’s become a place of Baal worship. Kinda like our churches today. They need a cleansing Jesus style.

He got rid of the idolatrous priests, and he burnt all the rubbish and junk that was in their religious system up. God is a consuming fire, and God’s word is a fire. You get in the Bible, and that’ll burn out all the junk out of your life and your church. It’ll expose sin. It’ll cut to the heart of the matter.

And now we get to an interesting verse. Josiah did something you would never do. He broke down the houses of the sodomites. See, the sodomites had gotten so comfortable in God’s nation that they had set up shop by the house of the Lord. See, we’ve made homosexuals and all other sexual deviants feel so comfortable and accepted and we are so careful not to offend them, that they’re comfortable not just being in church, but they’re taking leadership roles in churches, they’re involved in rewriting the Bible.

God had said anything other than marriage between one man and one woman is wrong, and sin. See, maybe those priests thought, hey we’re going to be loving and tolerant. See, we know better than what God said to do. The only reason that sin was in the land was because of the corrupt religious system.

Sodomy is rampant in our nation because of the failure of the church. Where is the salt? Where is the light? Maybe you’ve got it in your head that you’re more righteous and loving than God is. Hey, you know how to reach the sodomites. Did you know you’re just assisting their slide to hell? Do you know you don’t love someone if you don’t tell them the truth, if you don’t warn them that what they’re doing is sin, and they’re in trouble with God?

See, this Bible, you’ve probably grown up thinking it’s out of date, archaic, irrelevant. Times are different now. Nuh uh. I don’t think so. The author of this book knows the ending from the beginning. The Bible is light years ahead of you. It always will be. The author of this book sees all of time at once, the author of this book has written how this world will finish and how your life will finish. Why don’t you wake up?

Does God hate sodomites? Well the Bible says God is angry with the wicked every day. And the sin of sodomy is a sin that God dealt with severely in Genesis. So God does take it seriously. He takes all sin seriously. But God is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. The message is repent. There wouldn’t have been a bunch of sodomites in Judah if the priests had been right with God. They were so comfortable because of the corruption that had gone on at every level in society. That’s why our nation is teeming with sodomites again, and that’s why they’re really comfy in churches, because noone is preaching on sin, noone’s reading the Bible.

See, that book Josiah got out. When they read it. It was like a new thing they were discovering. I talk to people and the Bible is like this crazy and controversial and new thing. That’s how far we’ve gotten from what’s right and the truth. The truth is strange and alien to people now. That was a dusty book, and because the dusty book was forgotten, the nation was in ruins. And our nation is heading that way.

Look at our society. It’s corrupted from the head to the sole of the foot. The Bible outlines clear principles for living, which, when adhered to, will provide for a nations blessing and prosperity. No, we aren’t Israel, and we aren’t a Christian nation. But thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not covet… they’re all pretty good rules for life aren’t they.

Sodomy is an abomination to God. There’s no way around that. Sodomy has accompanied the demise of every once great nation and empire. When your nation is full of people that non stop think about sex and view their identity and world and life in terms of sexual value to them, you’re at rock bottom.

You know, man was made to so much more. How could man, made originally in the image of God, be reduced to a beast like nature and beast like thinking? All people have now is their broken carnal instincts and desires, craving to be satisfied. Have  you reduced yourself to that? See, an animal only follows what it naturally knows, a human is different because he has a consciousness given from God that separates him from the beasts. Nebuchadnezzar lived like a beast before seven years before guess what, God broke his pride. What is the number one word you associated with the sodomites? Pride.

It’s a shame to the churches of today that sodomites have embedded themselves not just in our nation but in churches. They’re comfortable in church. Hey, God didn’t design church to be a comfortable place for the lost, unrepentant, dying sinner. And until we get truth back in our churches, the church will be USELESS to this lost world. Not just sodomites, but all sinners. Fornicators, idolaters, self righteous religious people, they’re all comfortable in church now, because the pastors want the money flowing, not what’s best for your soul even if it costs them offending everyone there. Guess what, Jesus offended people. We are in an offended generation. You can’t tell me anything, because you’re judgmental and intolerant and you hate me. Grow up.

Josiah knew what it took to rebuild the nation. And he rebuilt the nation on the foundation of the Bible. And that nation went from ruin to reign. From sin to righteousness. From darkness to light. How long are you going to hate the truth?

The fact is, all sin is a threat to public health and safety. Our government is so worried about a little virus, yet there’s far bigger threats to our society. Think of the alcohol, drugs, teaching sex education to little kids, drag queens in schools, rampant pornography and sodomy and a nation full of sexual predators. Hey, we’re all jumping up and down about racism, and yet our most revered person in our science classes is a guy by the name of Charles Darwin, who is the founder of a racist theory that has led to slavery and genocide and ethnic cleansing, who was a sexist and a raging racist himself, just read his own books. Far out. See, when you’re darkness, you don’t know what you’re stumbling at. You’re just groping around totally lost, you’ve got no idea what’s broke and where to fix it and how to fix it.

This world will not experience true righteousness and a good, godly government until Jesus takes the government upon his shoulder. And you know what, it’ll be safe for children to play in the streets again. There will be blessing and peace and joy and happiness and purity in the world when he’s cleared all the sin and darkness and filth out. And you have no right to that world to come if you’re not right with God now. How can you expect to live in sin, and reject truth, and yet somehow wind up in glory. You don’t belong there if you’re not living there now. For a true believer, they’re already seated in heaven, their conversation is heaven, their citizenship is already there. If you don’t belong now, you will never belong.

But I don’t mean to digress, and this was meant to be just a short blog, so I’ll wrap it up. Think about this verse. There were some other kings who the Bible says took all the sodomites out the land. They got rid of them. They knew that they were perverting the nation. And before you get offended, Josiah did a lot more cleaning house than just that sin, he cleaned out all the garbage and trash religion, he got rid of the fake priests, he did a lot of cleaning up in all the places. He took the high places back. We’ve got high places in our country, look at our schools, they’re high places of the devil. He owns the public education system. They’re pouring lies into the children’s minds and they come out hopelessly lost and utterly corrupted.

These sodomites had set up by the house of the Lord. What a damning indictment on the religious system of Judah. That’s how corrupt they’d gotten. Notice how all of that correlated with one major fact, the disappearance of the book. See, they’d put the book away. Christians today have too. They’ve put away the book, and as Paul said, they’ve put away faith, and they’ve made shipwreck. The Christians shipwrecked our nation, there’s nothing to salt and light the nation. Churches have been taken over by sin, and they’re utterly corrupt. It was the word of the king that fixed the mess, and until the Bible becomes king again, nothing is going to be fixed anywhere. Wake up.

The way out of this mess is through the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He tells you the truth, so you can do something about it. He won’t lie to you, ever. We are all sinners, we all need salvation. Believe on him, and he will save you. It’s time to quit loving lies and choose truth. For when you choose truth, you will be choosing life. God is for you, he is for our nation, the reason why we are in so much trouble and it’s only going to get worse, it’s because we’ve left him, and we, starting with our churches and the Christians, are in a sorry state. The first thing Jesus preached was repentance. Repent and believe the gospel. Stop praying to the government and hoping government will save you. It won’t and they won’t. You’ll always be disappointed in government until Jesus returns. Repentance and faith towards Christ is the only salvation for our churches and our nation.


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