You’ve Changed My Wages Ten Times! – Laban’s Changing Word Or God’s Unchanging Word?

Genesis 31:36 – And Jacob was wroth, and chode with Laban: and Jacob answered and said to Laban, What is my trespass? what is my sin, that thou hast so hotly pursued after me?

Genesis 31:37 – Whereas thou hast searched all my stuff, what hast thou found of all thy household stuff? set it here before my brethren and thy brethren, that they may judge betwixt us both.

Genesis 31:38 – This twenty years have I been with thee; thy ewes and thy she goats have not cast their young, and the rams of thy flock have I not eaten.

Genesis 31:39 – That which was torn of beasts I brought not unto thee; I bare the loss of it; of my hand didst thou require it, whether stolen by day, or stolen by night.

Genesis 31:40 – Thus I was; in the day the drought consumed me, and the frost by night; and my sleep departed from mine eyes.

Genesis 31:41 – Thus have I been twenty years in thy house; I served thee fourteen years for thy two daughters, and six years for thy cattle: and thou hast changed my wages ten times.

Genesis 31:42 – Except the God of my father, the God of Abraham, and the fear of Isaac, had been with me, surely thou hadst sent me away now empty. God hath seen mine affliction and the labour of my hands, and rebuked thee yesternight.

Hello readers, back with another new blog today. I saw something today in the life of Jacob I hadn’t seen before, but it’s pretty incredible actually. Please read Genesis 28 to 31… as I can’t quote the three chapters to start this blog! Those chapters are worth it. There’s such a deeply fundamental truth that we are going to see today, and there is a blessing in God’s word for us today. Jacob was the happiest man in the world when he finally split from old uncle Laban. Today we find out why.

Why did he leave Laban? Well, Jacob settled for, put up with and endured for twenty years what you don’t have to for one day with if you’ll simply just believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, follow him and take him at his word. Laban’s word changed, Laban’s deals changed, Laban’s covenants changed… but God’s word and God’s promises never did change even in the slightest to Jacob. I had been thinking a lot about Jacob and Laban. How do these guys relate to me? Yeah, stories are cool, but that’s not enough, how does this all relate to my life? Where am I at it all this? Anyway, I drew a blank, and that’s fine. But as I was thinking about salvation today, their story suddenly took on a whole new relevance and significance.  Jesus Christ takes the seals off this book. I wasn’t looking for what I got, but I thank God for what I got out of it.

I was going to do a blog today on salvation. I was going to focus on the future aspect of our salvation. The Bible says in Genesis 49:18 – “I have waited for thy salvation, O LORD.” It’s fitting that it’s Jacob saying those words. This is the first mention of salvation in the Bible. And it has a future tense, and the truth is, I also am waiting for my salvation today. Far more lies ahead than in the rear view mirror for a believer. But what am I talking about, aren’t I already saved? Yes. I’m not waiting to be forgiven, for I am. I’m not waiting to be born again, for I am.

But salvation is so much more. We need to get a fuller picture of what salvation is. I believed on Jesus Christ, I repented of my sin, and my life changed… but the fact is… I’m still here. I’m still in this wicked world, I still sin, I still don’t see Jesus whom I believe in. I still struggle, I still get sick, I still get down, I still backslide, I still look through a glass darkly… but I’m looking forward to face to face. I’m far from the finished article. I am God’s workmanship, and so is everyone that is saved, but as a saved person I am waiting for my salvation. I’m waiting for redemption and deliverance and glorification that is promised me. I don’t have that yet, but I wait for it, for it is promised me. Today we are really talking about promises. Laban made promises which he changed and did not keep to Jacob. As we talk about salvation, think about whether your master is Laban or the Lord. Laban’s promises, Laban’s covenants, Laban’s word, Laban’s deals… they all changed constantly. But God’s promises, God’s word, down to the jot and the tittle… never alter in the slightest.

So we see that salvation has a future aspect to it, it’s so much more than forgiveness of sins and being born again. Yes, that’s the starting point, and a necessary and compulsory starting point at that. It’s the foundation of our salvation. Repenting of your sin and believing on Jesus Christ is your entry point to the kingdom of God. It’s the start of a journey, a new and abundant life that looks forward.  And when you repent and believe, you get the first fruits of the Holy Spirit. But that’s just the first fruits, it’s like the first fruits you get off your fruit trees before the main harvest. There’s a lot more to come. Much of a believer’s salvation lies in the future, much of our salvation is still yet to be realized. Patience, hope, waiting, looking, preparing, redeeming  time… they’re all things that have a future view. Many Christians are not looking forward because they’re not looking for salvation. They don’t need it. They’re happy here, for while Abraham was looking forward to the promise, he had a nephew called Lot who was fulfilled here and now living in Sodom.

The Bible says in Titus 2:13 – ” “Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ;”. We are looking for something. We are living in hope of something. We are waiting for the return of our Lord. With his return, with his appearing, with his revelation comes the consummation of our salvation. He’ll save us from this wicked world, and he’ll deal with the wicked. If Abraham pitched a tent in this world, so should we. Tents are for travelers. For people on the move. This world isn’t our home, it’s not where our citizenship is. We’re looking to the future, we’re looking for our Lord whom we believe in and with whom we’ve entrusted our souls.

Look at these verses that speak of salvation in a future tense…

Romans 13:11 – “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.”

Hebrews 9:28 – “So Christ was once offered to bear the sins of many; and unto them that look for him shall he appear the second time without sin unto salvation.”

1 Peter 1:5 – “Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.”

If you’re saved today, you are going to receive all of the salvation that God has promised to you. He started the work, he will finish it. He is the author and finisher of our faith.  It comes as a complete package. Our journey started with the word of God, and the word of God births us, sustains us and promises us. God’s word guarantees our salvation. As saved people, as believers, we really do walk in the steps of father Abraham. All he had was a promise from God, that’s all we have too. What do you really have today? All you have is God’s promises. That he will do what he said he would do. You’re only forgiven because he says he will forgive you. You are only accepted because he says he will accept you through his Son. You only have the Holy Spirit because he said he’d send him to you. He only abides with you because God said he would abide with you. You’ll only go to heaven because he said you’re going there and he’s made a place for you.

That’s the only way you’re going right? God had promised Abraham a son, and all Abraham had was that promise and confirmation of that promise for years, but Abraham had to wait many years to see it. One day we will see the salvation, the revelation and completion of what Jesus Christ has provided for us. Just like Abraham, it all hangs on the word of God.  We are relying on God’s word being true, on God keeping his word, on God performing his word. So ours is a life of faith isn’t it?

Look at the life of Rahab. The spies come to her place, she’s heard of the all conquering nation of Israel, and she wants in. The spies come to the city, she sees them, invites them in, houses them, and helps them get away. In exchange, they make a covenant with her which will save and guarantee her life. And from that day forward she waits expectantly and hopefully for her salvation. She’s sick of Jericho. She’s sick of living there, she’s sick of being a harlot, she’s done with her life and identity with Jericho. She wants to be identified with the people of God, she wants to be a child of God. But for many days, she waits, looking out that window where the scarlet thread hangs. Are you looking out a scarlet threaded window at life? All she’s got is the promise of the spies. Their word, and them keeping their word is all she’s got. That’s faith!

And now we are going to go to Jacob and Laban. Because I was thinking about what Jacob said here in Genesis 31:7 – “And your father hath deceived me, and changed my wages ten times; but God suffered him not to hurt me.” Jacob’s speaking to his two wives here. He’s made up his mind he’s going. I’m leaving Laban. One day, will you leave Laban? One day will you decide to follow God instead of following your master who lies to you, swindles you, cheats you? When Jacob meets Laban the first time, they make a deal. I’ll work for you, and I’ll get your daughter Rachel in return. Deal Laban, seven years for Rachel. But if you’ve read the story, you know Laban changed the deal didn’t he. He changed the covenant, he changed the terms and conditions. Jacob wakes up with Leah the morning after his wedding.

That was just a small change wasn’t it? Substitute Leah in for Rachel and he won’t notice. It won’t be a big deal. How would’ve you felt? Imagine working for someone who keeps changing the deal? Imagine if God changed his deal with you. You see, Jacob had met God in the previous chapter… he met the Lord… but then he’d spend twenty years serving a master who cheated him, swindled him, tricked him, deceived him, lied to him, changed his word to him. How can that happen? And Laban did religion, he had skin in the religious game. Keep that in mind, because Laban might be more familiar to you than you think. Laban is a Genesis picture of an age old evil, new Bibles. Changing words, changing deals, changing covenants. Laban will impoverish your walk with the Lord and your spiritual life. There’s nothing that kills faith like changing the word of God. Because God’s word doesn’t change, yet somehow Jacob got caught up serving a man with a changing word, than following the God of the unchanging word. He messed around with a religious man who was out for profit at his expense.

It’s amazing to me how Christian’s don’t think many, many different versions of the Bible is an issue. They can’t all be true. Things that are different are not the same.  Our faith, our salvation, our walk with God, our image of God… it all relies on the word of God. If you don’t have the Bible, what do you tangibly have? Nothing. You can say oh I’ve got the Spirit. Please. How do you even know what spirit you have? How do you try the spirits, whether they be of God… as you are commanded to do? You can’t see the spirit world. How can you navigate the unseen spiritual world with no spiritual sight or weaponry? If Satan can transform himself as an angel of light, if his ministers can appear as ministers of righteousness, if familiar spirits can imitate and counterfeit, how on earth can you tell the fake from the real in your own wisdom and feelings? Please. Satan’s way smarter than us. Michael the archangel didn’t dispute with him or rail on him, he just said the Lord rebuke thee. People are stupid, and how stupid was Jacob for consistently making deals with Laban and expecting a different result. He was a proven liar. Please note, this is not meant to be insulting, it’s meant to stir up the thinking process. I’m stupid as well, does that help? We’re all dummies without the word of God and the Holy Spirit, who always honours the word of God as Jesus promise, and who works in perfect harmony and agreeance with the word of God.

Think about salvation, think about how your salvation relies entirely on the word of God. He’s gotta keep his word on forgiving you. He’s gotta keep his word on giving you the Holy Spirit. He’s gotta keep his word on you living after you die. You have nothing if his promises aren’t incorruptible. If they could be corrupted by him changing his mind or the promises expiring then they’re worthless, and our salvation is done for. Our entire salvation relies entirely on God keeping his word and being right and true and faithful in every single dealing with us, on every single matter, even the smallest detail. All Laban did was change one detail … Leah for Rachel. That was quite a bit change to Jacob don’t you think? One small change can make one big difference.

You can alter one word, and change everything. The smallest change adds up to one hell of a difference. Hell, because that’s where Satan will get you with his subtlety which you are no match for at the negotiation table. And so Jacob’s serving a man who doesn’t keep his word when he could be serving God who keeps his word. What sounds better to you? Honestly. And would you serve a God who changed his word, who altered his word, who revised his word? Well turns out many Christians do. That’s what’s so shocking. Not just a changing word with endless revisions and updates… but they think nothing of it. At least Jacob was getting sick of it. When will you be fed up with it? Jacob got sick of this guy. He got sick of being lied to. Sick of giving him his time, effort, energy and life to a liar.

Sometimes we overestimate people. I’m probably more cynical than I should be, but I don’t read anywhere that Laban was repentant over his lies. It seems like he had zero conscience over not keeping his word or how he was taking advantage of Jacob trying to do right. He used Jacob. Don’t let people just use you up. He was benefiting and profiting off Jacob, because God blessed Jacob, and that benefited Laban. His flocks were doing real well. It’s amazing how all this Christian fakery ties in with money. More cattle meant more money. Laban was about prosperity. Jacob’s only real use to him was his own prosperity.

Anyway, I was thinking about Jacob. The background to him and Laban is that he’s on the run from his brother, his life is full of uncertainty. He has no job, he has no wife, he doesn’t know what’s ahead of him… all he’s doing is going where his parents told him to go. He goes to sleep at a place that he will later call Bethel. And God there reveals himself to Jacob in a dream. It’s a life changing revelation. Until you have a life changing revelation of God to you, your life won’t be changed. The light must come on. There is no salvation without light. Have you seen the light?

He finally meets God. And he decides this God is the God worth serving. If God is all this that he says he is and does, then I’ll believe him and I’ll serve him. That’s the kind of God I’ll place my faith and trust in. A God that keeps his word is one that I can bank on. Maybe you should read the Bible and find out for the first time who God is. Find out who he really is. See if he’s the kind of Lord worth your belief and service. God keeps his word. God does what he says. Jacob didn’t know God before this, but he finds out about God from God. Pretty good huh, that’s what you get when you open your Bible. You hear from God about God. You hear from God about stuff, and you get the truth, because he doesn’t lie. He has all his details straight from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22. God promised Jacob he’d give him, bless him, be with him, keep him, not leave him, and perform his word to him. Does that sound like the kind of God worth your time, worth your life? Jacob did. Sometimes life takes a big old detour, and a twenty year detour is coming up for Jacob where he’ll place a whole lot of value on God’s word as he deals with a crook of an uncle.

So in God, he’s met someone who’s made him promises. He believes those promises. But then he meets Laban who also makes him promises. And then he spends twenty years serving uncle Laban. Was the family tie greater than God? For how many people, their family tie trumps following God. But he’s also taken in completely by Rachel. God’s promises… or the promise of Rachel! She’s irresistible. His weakness for her makes him a sucker for Laban. She’s a good looker, she steals his heart, and he makes deals in his own wisdom and understanding. His father Isaac didn’t have to do a deal, he didn’t have to do seven years labour to earn his wife. But he’s trying to tackle this whole thing and makes a naive offer. He doesn’t know who Laban is, he doesn’t know anything.

Laban’s going to exploit his stupidity. You may think you know what you’re doing in life. You may think “I’ve got this”. You’ve mapped out your plans to get ahead and get what you want. You know who you will marry. You know how you’ll make yourself successful. You’ve figured everyone out. But newsflash. You don’t have people figured out. Jacob was counting on Laban being a man of his word, he was counting on his good graces and his open arm welcome. Jacob’s friendly welcome became twenty years of lies. How many Christians are that superficial, they’ll take niceties over the word of God. You don’t realize that other people hook and crook and cheat and lie and change their word and change the deal. And don’t lose a wink of sleep. You’re cutting deals and making agreements, and your Christianity is being made mince meat of by the devil.

Laban is a lot closer to home than we think. When we could be serving the Lord, often we are serving Laban. That’s a bit of a trade down, but Jacob thought he was trading up for Rachel. And we’ve struck a deal with a different master. And at the negotiation table we thought we knew what we were bargaining on and bargaining for… but we’re just being taken for idiots. People thought they knew what they were doing when they changed their Bibles, then changed their dress, then changed their song, then changed their non negotiable, then changed their Jesus, then changed their gospel. Satan got you to the bargaining table and he doesn’t fight fair. You kind of wonder why we ever strike deals with Laban when we can just follow God.

So you have a choice today. Laban’s changing word or God’s unchanging word. Laban’s changing promises or God’s unchanging promises. Laban’s changing covenant or God’s unchanging covenant. What a waste of life this was for Jacob. God turned it for good, God increased Jacob and Jacob got to leave with his family and a big flock. But that was because of God. Laban had done everything he could to keep Jacob. You know, when God tells you to get out of something, and you know you’ve gotta go, you gotta split… well Satan and this world and your flesh will keep tempting you to stay. Let’s make a new deal to keep you on. I’ve had that with my sin, and even things that aren’t necessarily wrong but are my master. You gotta make a clean break, no more deals with this guy. Jacob couldn’t wait to leave by the end of it. He left without even saying goodbye. He wanted out and now. Are you done with Laban yet? Are you done with broken words and broken promises?

Laban changed his covenants with Jacob, but God doesn’t change his mind about his covenant to man. If he did, none of us would have anything. How would you have a rock? How would you have a foundation? How would you have hope? How would you have an anchor? How would you have anything if God’s word was subject to change… ANY change… even the SLIGHTEST change. Yet we’ve got to believing in a God who’s word does change. We think he’s a Laban rather than God. Because we’ve got Laban rather than God. God hasn’t changed, just you’ve taken Laban over the Lord. You prefer a master who dangles Rachel in front of you while lying and cheating you. All those new Bibles that are out there are communicating a changing God, with a changing word, and a changing deal. They redirecting you to a new master. And people spend a lot of time serving Laban rather than the Lord.

Did Laban have Jacob’s best interests at heart? No. Laban was out for himself. Yet Jacob is serving him. Have you ever thought about the master you’re serving? You may be serving lust. You may be serving your pride. You may be serving sin. You may be serving religion. How’s that working out for you? Laban was keeping Jacob poor. Think of all the value Jacob was generating for Laban, and Jacob was getting none of it. Laban loved Jacob because he loved what Jacob did for his cattle. He was good with the flock. And furthermore, I can use him to get God to bless me. Watch who’s leaching off your Christianity. Often people are beneficiaries from Christians. Look at our country, it’s the Christians who are bringing the salt and light that everyone else benefits from. It’s the freedoms and liberties that we enjoy that come from God, while we attribute it to everyone and everything else. But we enjoy the freedoms that people gave to us who lost everything to give it to us.

Look here, in Genesis, you see such a fundamental truth established. You have God promising Jacob with an unchanging, eternal, true promise… yet you see Jacob spending twenty years serving a guy who changes his word, changes the deal, changes the covenant, changes the terms and conditions. Would you be confident placing your soul in someone who’s word changed? Think about it. What if God decides to rescind his offer of salvation? Or just alter the agreement a bit. By grace are ye saved through faith, it is a gift of God… hang on, what if God doesn’t want it to be quite so free anymore. What if he says, well I’m going to change it so that you gotta work seven years for me as well to be saved. Laban made Jacob work for what he got, but God freely gave Jacob all things. What a contrast.

What if God makes it Jesus’ blood plus works? Imagine if he altered any aspect of the deal. We’d be done. Our entire faith is built off the unchanging word of the unchanging God. God changing his word is a nightmare. It shatters every foundation. That’s why I cannot believe why Christians fall for all this new Bible rubbish, God doesn’t change his word… EVER. The details matter. Small changes matter. It mattered to Jacob, after twenty years it mattered so much he was going no matter what the consequence. God’s word doesn’t need revising and fixing, because he’s God. God never revised his deal with Jacob. He never altered it. Laban was the one altering deals with Jacob, the Lord God was not. If God changed his covenant with us, we’d be done for. Our entire eternity depends on him keeping his promises and being the God that does not change, the God who’s word is incorruptible.

So in this story you’ve got a picture of new Bibles versus unchanging word of truth. You’ve got a picture of who God is and who God is not. God is unchanging. God is not a liar. God keeps his promises. God does not break his promises. I don’t want to serve a God that changes his word and changes his deals with me. I can’t trust that kind of God. How can I commit my soul, my life, my future, my direction, my one shot at this thing… with someone who might rethink it year after year? Why do you think Jacob left? Shouldn’t you leave? Shouldn’t you leave all the rubbish, all the garbage behind? That’s not of God. Laban’s stuff wasn’t of God. He wasn’t a godly man. He had his religion, but he had images. So many Christians have a boatload of images. They have all these different Bibles and all these different images of truth. That’s this world as well, where everyone’s truth is the truth, which is stupid, but that’s what they believe.

Why do you think once Jacob got out of there the angels of God met him? It was a time of “at last I’m away from this guy”. Freedom and liberty washed over his spirit and soul. Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. God doesn’t string us along with lies and false promises and false hope and changing words and terms and conditions. The angels of God ministered to him. God will protect you and keep you. To serve God, you have to leave Laban. You must leave lies, you must leave false doctrine, you must leave all that rubbish behind that belongs behind and not in front of you. Notice… he’s about to confront Esau. That requires God. He’s about to confront a brother who last time he heard was gonna kill him. You kinda need God then don’t you. You kinda need to have someone you can trust, God. Could he trust Laban? No. Laban’s lies don’t exactly promote faith do they. He left because he had LOST faith in Laban. He’s just a liar, I’m done.

All Laban did was mess him up. False Bibles, false doctrine, false promises, lies, anything Laban will mess you up. Jacob wouldn’t have had two wives if not for Laban. This is how it’s done in our country Laban said. Jacob had to work for and earn every blessing. But God just gave to Jacob what he promised. Man, it’s so much better with God isn’t it? Jacobs gone twenty years of working to earn. Trying to please Laban, trying to please others. Trying to win affection. Trying to be appreciated. Imagine a life trying to be good enough, to earn your salvation. Trying, trying, trying. That’s pretty tiring. Especially when the guy you’re working for is changing the rules constantly. You can’t win at that game can you. You’re not going to win in this world. Devote your life to this world, it’ll be an utter waste. You can see why Jacob’s had enough right?

And here’s the cherry on top. Laban catches up to Jacob after Jacob’s gone. He’s looking for his images. And that’s the part quoted at the start. He searches through all his stuff. Jacob said he didn’t have it, but Laban wants proof. He’s treating Jacob like a crook. Wonder why Jacob is angry? Because everything Jacob’s got he’s worked darn hard for. And now he’s getting accused of stealing something, when he’s been swindled by this guy for twenty years. Why do you think he’s wroth? When are you going to get angry at your life being wasted by lies? And then at the end of it, Laban will turn it all on you. Now Jacob’s the bad guy. Funny how believers end up being the bad guy.

Isn’t it better with God than with Laban? Isn’t God’s deal a better deal? You’ve got God saying, just believe me Jacob. Just have faith. My word is true, I’ll do this for you Jacob. And then you’ve got Laban proving Laban can’t be believed or trusted. Laban demands work, God gave his Son for you and I. The only criteria is we believe on his Son. See it all comes down to the believability, credibility and integrity of God’s word. Which holds up under eternal test. But Laban’s changes with the wind.

I had one final thought before concluding. From what Jacob said to Laban, it’s easy for us to say seven years here and there. All those years consisted of a day at a time. Jacob was out there looking after the flocks in the wind, the rain, the hail, the drought, the frost. Losing sleeping, he’s out in the elements. He’s trying to find lost sheep, he’s shivering in the cold. He’s had a lot of time to think in life, day after day after day after day about how Laban’s treating him and about God’s word. He’s weighing things up. He’s thinking about Laban’s lies and broken promises… and then he thinks of God’s grace and goodness. You don’t need to spend twenty years coming to the conclusion that God and his word is better to serve.

Jacob made it hard for himself to a large degree, his own decisions had got him to where he was. But God is teaching Jacob to trust God. Sometimes that requires hard times and long detours to realize some things. It may take the wet, the cold. It may take realizing that Laban’s not out here with me… but God is. It may take realizing Laban doesn’t really care for me, Laban’s using me, Laban’s not helping me find the sheep. Laban’s not fair, Laban’s not truthful… Laban’s not worth it. It may take hard times. God may allow you to serve a Laban in life for a long time until you’re ready to trust and follow him in life. You will see God is far, far better. Jacob got used to trying to negotiate, deal and work for what he got. But why do that… when God just gave him salvation? Jacob was being lead to faith, the faith that his fathers had. God will lead you to faith. Jacob was realizing God is better, and his word is better. Over all those long cold nights, those long vigils, those long days, those long seasons, he’s realizing finally, I don’t have to serve this guy anymore, I’d rather have Jesus.

Are you done with Laban and his changing word? Are you sick of that master? Are you ready to follow God’s unchanging word? It’s a pity Rachel couldn’t let go her father’s images. She took them with her on the way out. Best to make a clean break don’t you think? They were just their dad’s bargaining chip. She still saw that he had something of value despite his track record though. Laban’s images had resulted in a man that lied without remorse.  He had a changing word… because he had changing gods. But the Lord is unchanging. His word doesn’t change, and you can count on him. Jacob was about to hit Esau head on, and he anchored himself to the God he met at Bethel and whom he then reacquainted with at Peniel. He knew he needed divine help, he needed someone who he could count on. He had finally learnt he couldn’t count on Laban. He couldn’t trust Laban. But could count on God. The Lord was that God that made promises he kept, that delivered on his covenant, that kept his word, who was worth his trust, belief, reverence and honor. Twenty years serving Laban, God can turn that for good, if nothing else, just to finally place a value on the one who truly cares for you, the one who is true, the Lord God and his unchanging, unbroken, unaltered, incorruptible, perfect, pure, preserved word.


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