My Righteousness I Hold Fast

Job 27:6 – My righteousness I hold fast, and will not let it go: my heart shall not reproach me so long as I live.

Hello readers, back to Job today. Job is such an incredible book. I cannot do it justice in my blogs. But through the book of Job there is a theme of Job protesting his innocence. He is holding fast his righteousness. He’s refusing to cede something that his friends are so fundamentally attacking – his righteousness. After all his righteousness (in their minds) is dictating why things are happening like they are in his life. It always comes back to righteousness. God has put that awareness and desire to be righteous in us. No other creature worries about their worth as a being. People intuitively think that how God deals with us and what God does with us depends on how “good” we are. Righteousness is very important. To be righteous is to have moral integrity, to be a good and worthy and justified person. Righteousness proves and validates your worth as a human being. Righteousness is very important to God, considering righteousness is the difference between acceptance and banishment, heaven and hell. We are moral creatures after all, God put it in us. So here is a man called Job, and Job’s going about his life but then his life is so completely and spectacularly ruined his friends are sure that this is a result of Job being unrighteous. Job’s friends are… if you were righteous God wouldn’t be doing this to you. But Job holds to his righteousness, he is ADAMANT, he is holding to it while the whole ship goes down. Hmm, surely let it go Job… or should he?

Job doesn’t agree with his freinds. Hence the whole argument. Job doesn’t understand why this is happening, but he’s adamant it’s not because he isn’t righteous. Job’s refusal to budge on his righteousness stops their dialogue. Job 32:1 – So these three men ceased to answer Job, because he was righteous in his own eyes. They couldn’t convince Job he wasn’t righteous. At first, you may think, oh Job you’re kidding yourself. Job sticking so dogmatically to his righteousness… Job c’mon man. On the surface to you and I, we may indeed think that as we read. It may seem that Job was deluded, deceived about himself and self righteous… yet Job was not self righteous. But how can this be? How could Job be so insistent upon his righteousness… and be legitimate… and be right? He really held to it. It really dawned on me actually that this is one of the things that makes Job such a great man.

You see, Job had faith. This is a huge factor. Not just faith as an abstract belief, but he had faith in God and his word. We see that from the man we meet at the start of the book. What starts with and is founded in faith is evidenced by works, just read James for all about that. The Bible in Genesis that Abraham believed God, and it was counted to him for righteousness. Abraham was made righteous by believing what God had told him. We often think that we are righteous by what we “do”… our works. But the Bible makes it clear that is impossible. There is nothing we can do to make ourselves righteous. Abraham was made righteous by believing God’s word, God’s promise to him. What he actually did with his life was a result of that fact. We are all made righteous by faith in Jesus Christ. Righteousness is not something that can be “done”, something we “do”… because we are sinners, we are unrighteous… the only acceptable to God righteousness we can achieve is found in a person who was actually righteous. Righteousness for us all only comes by believing in the Lord Jesus Christ. Faith pleases God, the Bible says the “just” shall live by “faith”. You’re justified by God’s Son when you believe in his Son. So while you can do things that are righteous, they are actually done because you already are righteous… not to BE righteous, or make yourself righteous… well you can try, but God says nuh uh, not accepted.

What we do know from the book of Job is that Job’s life pleased God, so we know Job had faith. I mean, read what Job was saying, he always had faith in God. Just because you struggle with the toughness of life doesn’t mean you don’t believe God’s word. Job’s faith in God is what made him righteous! Those sacrifices he did didn’t tip the scales in his favour. Those good deeds he did wasn’t what was making him righteous… no. When we meet Job at the start of the book, it wasn’t those actions he was making, it wasn’t the “good” he was doing that made him righteous… he did them because he WAS righteous. Job had faith in God, that’s what made him righteous. So when Job was holding to his righteousness, he was holding to his righteousness that he had by faith. It wasn’t a bad thing Job was doing. We ought to be able to pin our souls on the righteousness of Christ. Surely? What Job was doing was showing us the faith we should have… not in ourselves… but in our Saviour. Every aspect of Jesus is incorruptible… though Satan try… so pinning your existence on Jesus Christ… that can hold up even when your life is a trainwreck.

But Job’s friends got it all so wrong.  Job’s friends condemned him, they accused him… they said Job, you’re in trouble with God, God has done all this to you because you are not righteous. They said… Job this is all proof your righteousness is dirt. This is what your righteousness is worth! Righteousness by faith is dirt Job! Why do you think God was angry with them? You know what, Satan can attack the righteousness we have. He will pick your own righteousness to pieces. So if you’re trusting your own, cya later. But if your righteousness, your worth, your validation, your identity, your goodness… if it’s founded upon Jesus Christ… no fault can be found in it. Hey, it’s worth hanging on to like Job did. Hey the rest can be junk in my life, but Jesus Christ ain’t! If you truly have the righteousness of the man who was born in a manger, who did no sin, whom Satan could not get to sin, whom Satan could not corrupt… there is no spot or blemish to found in it. By the way, righteousness by faith isn’t a blank cheque to sin, if you have it, it should produce someone like Job… what’d Job do? Find out what kind of a life he lived before this happened. He wasn’t a joke. A real faith should produce some real fruit.

We know in all this, Satan attacking Job’s faith in God, the source of his righteousness. He wanted Job to curse God. When you’ve cursed God to his face, you’ve probably stopped having faith in God. You’ve probably stopped believing him. You know, after you get saved, Satan will remind you of how UNrighteous you are… all those sins. And you know what, agree with your adversary, sure Satan, I’m a sinner, but I believe and trust in Jesus who did no sin, he’s my Saviour. See, life’s going to sort out what really is at the foundation… if you indeed have a foundation for all that hot air and wind. Did Job’s friends have a real foundation? Not so much. They trusted in their own works, their goodness, their performance. And it may have seemed like they were right, considering their lives weren’t caved in like Job’s was. So they tell Job he’s in trouble… but what does Job come back with? No actually, you’re the ones in trouble. And they were. God was very angry with Job’s friends, but not at Job. So even though we can read the book of Job and start siding with his friends as Job maintains his innocence… they were actually in the wrong. They didn’t know of the righteousness by faith. They didn’t have it. They were relying on works, hence their counsel to Job. They in fact didn’t even understand Job’s righteousness. Do you have real righteousness, do you have real salvation?

Job’s friends were actually so far off the mark it makes your head spin. They were telling him to do right and so on, but Job’s righteousness was never gauged by his performance! Just because he did this, this and that… that wasn’t that made him righteous. That was just a product of a greater reality, a righteousness based on believing in the God who would justify him. Why did he speak about his redeemer… why would he need a redeemer if he thought he was righteous? Job 19:25 – For I know that my redeemer liveth, and that he shall stand at the latter day upon the earth. We have a world that is so hung up on the concept of righteousness. Look at what’s going on in the world today. It’s all about righteousness. People feel righteous by what they do. They feel they’re worthy by doing this and by doing that. They want to feel better about themselves. But what you do isn’t really making you any better, it doesn’t really validate you in the sight of God. People don’t realize their righteousness is all worthless, and they sure don’t want to hear otherwise! There is only one person who’s righteousness matters. That’s Jesus Christ. So you can try as hard and as honestly and as sincerely as you want to… it’s dirt, sorry! Isaiah 64:6 – But we are all as an unclean thing, and all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our iniquities, like the wind, have taken us away.

While many people want to feel righteous, they want to feel like they’re worth something, they want to feel like they’re a good person… they however do not want God’s righteousness. People do this and do that to feel like they’re good people. But that’s not how we are made righteousness in God’s sight! Furthermore, they then look at circumstances as vindicating it. That’s what Job’s friends did. They gauged his righteousness by his prosperity and health. They condemned Job’s righteousness by circumstances of his life. What an error! What a huge error. So because Job’s got boils, he isn’t righteous? Job’s righteousness was based on his faith in God, which is what Satan was attacking. There is a guy in the Bible we cannot believe the Bible says he is righteous. 2 Peter 2:7,8 – And delivered just Lot, vexed with the filthy conversation of the wicked: (For that righteous man dwelling among them, in seeing and hearing, vexed his righteous soul from day to day with their unlawful deeds;). If you know any of Lot’s story you’d be amazed by the Bible calling him righteous. But the Bible does. You see, your righteousness is dirt, but Christ’s righteousness is everything. That’s what Lot had, by faith. He believed God.

My salvation is real because I believe God’s word, which is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. He died for me, he rose from the dead… my salvation is based on the forgiveness that the risen Son of God extends based on his sacrifice of himself. That’s what makes me righteous. Not anything I can do. Furthermore my salvation isn’t vindicated by whether I have health or not, money or not. I am righteous because I believe in the God who makes me righteous. That’s what Job is saying. It’s worth hanging on to, because it’s true. God ca be trusted. So this is why Job’s friends are so useless really. They’re so far behind where Job really is at, Job’s asking different questions. Job was trying to work out questions like how can you make me righteous yet do this to me! What’s the point? Funny how it all turned into a battle over Job’s very salvation. Satan through Job’s friends is trying to find dirt in Job’s righteousness, to rip apart his salvation. But there is no dirt to be found. Because he’s justified by the person he believes in. The one who wouldn’t be born into a manger for many hundreds of years later. No dirt can be found on someone who has trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ as God. Even when the world ends around you, it can be clung on to… because Jesus Christ’s righteousness is that good. Your worth, your salt as a human being is going to come down to what you do with the man called Jesus Christ. You can try validating yourself as much as you want, you can do as many good works as you want… your worth, your goodness, your moral integrity… but it all actually depends on whether or not you have placed your faith in Jesus Christ as your Saviour.

So what were Job’s friends saying? Make it right with God Job! Do this and do that. But how stupid! He believed God. What could be better that? Job knew no matter what he did and didn’t do according to his friends, that still wouldn’t make him just. Job told his friends they were actually the ones who had it all wrong, who were in trouble because they were relying on their performance for their righteousness. They were validating their righteousness based on their “success” and “prosperity” and “experience” and “feelings”. Shaky ground aye. They were making the mistake so many make. Righteousness comes from believing God, trusting Jesus Christ… not works we do. Works are are result of a righteousness that has already been established through faith. No matter what you do in the way of reformation and works and doing good… whatever it is, you cannot be justified in the sight of God by all that. All Cain’s vegetables were rejected by God, it was only upon a basis of the shed blood of a lamb that he would be accepted. Only when you place your faith in Jesus Christ can you be made right and just in God’s sight. That has to be the foundation, the cornerstone of your life. You’re in big trouble when you’re trusting your performance.

All this shows that how you perceive and understand things is determined by what’s at the foundation (or not) of your life. Because these guys weren’t rooted in the truth of God’s word, all their advice and expertise… it wasn’t worth a dime. It was all error. Because they believed this and that about God, which was wrong, therefore they saw Job’s situation as this and that. Build your life on God’s word. That’s what will establish your thinking. So in this simple blog today, righteousness… it’s by faith in God’s word, it’s believing the gospel. Galatians 3:6,7 – Even as Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness. Know ye therefore that they which are of faith, the same are the children of Abraham. The Bible says the gospel was preached unto Abraham… because in that promise was the gospel. In thy seed shall all the nations be blessed…. Jesus was that seed. Job believed this same God that Abraham did. Job had the same promises, the promises belong to the children of faith. Job was never righteous because of what he did. Sure, his righteousness was validated by his behavior in his life yes, but they weren’t the substance of it. Your works follow saving faith. Salvation is believing in the Lord Jesus Christ, it’s taking personal ownership of who he is and what he has done for yourself. He is the only one who is righteous. Job’s righteousness was Jesus Christ’s and it was his righteousness, because he received it by faith through believing the Lord God. Build a life based on the gospel of Jesus Christ, it’s something you should never surrender… it’s the real righteousness, it’s the real merit, it’s the real worth. It can be hung on to… through all the fog, through the cloud, through the storm… hold fast your righteousness in Christ- if you’ve got it… but you certainly can have it if you don’t.


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