When Things Heat Up

Job 6:15 – My brethren have dealt deceitfully as a brook, and as the stream of brooks they pass away;

Job 6:16 – Which are blackish by reason of the ice, and wherein the snow is hid:

Job 6:17 – What time they wax warm, they vanish: when it is hot, they are consumed out of their place.

Job 6:18 – The paths of their way are turned aside; they go to nothing, and perish.

Job 6:19 – The troops of Tema looked, the companies of Sheba waited for them.

Job 6:20 – They were confounded because they had hoped; they came thither, and were ashamed.

Hello readers, continuing in Job’s life today. When things heat up! Job said his brethren had dealt deceitfully (with him) as a brook. Job of course was responding to Eliphaz, who had pretty much blamed in for the state he was in. Eliphaz accused and rebuked Job because Job had cursed being alive. Apparently Job was meant to be taking it a bit better. Eliphaz delivered a lot of blows to Job during his speech… but his speech really amounted to nothing. His speech and friendship was like a brook. Good in the fair weather, but vanishes when things heat up! They didn’t really behave like friends to Job did they… yet before this incident they were friends, or at least they functioned as “friends”. You see a lot of people have a lot of friends, but you’d be fortunate to have one real friend to be honest. Job found out more about his friends in his distress than he did during all the good times. And that’s what Job means when he talks about how they dealt deceitfully with him as a brook. When the weather heats up, those brooks that started because of melting snow turn into nothing. The cool refreshing stream vanishes. Pretty disappointing if you’re going for a drink or a cool dip huh.

You may have heard the saying “fair weather friend”. That’s what Job’s friends were. Most friendships are really people just using each other. You can “use” someone for a friend. Samson did. A true friend is Jesus Christ, a true friend is someone who cares about you without selfish motive or intent, someone who cares about your standing before God. Jesus showed what true frienship is, he laid down his life for us… and that’s what we ought to do for one another. But instead we throw each other under the bus don’t we? That’s what Job’s friends did. In their wisdom, they didn’t realize that Satan was just using them to further drive Job into despair with the goal of proving to God that he could corrupt him and his faith and life was really worth nothing when the heat was turned up.

Of course Eliphaz’s speech was very flowery… but it was quite empty. Empty words and an empty friendship. A lot of people have a lot to say, particularly these days, but it’s all hot air. It was devoid of wisdom…. wisdom Job’s friends thought they had, but despite their age and life experience… it is wisdom they lacked. How many people think they’re wise when they’re not. They dealt with Job deceitfully just like a brook can be deceitful. What is a brook anyway? Well a brook is a small natural stream of water, or a current flowing from a spring or fountain. But brooks a temporary. Brooks come and go, they can be seasonal. They don’t run in all seasons. This is Job’s friends in a nutshell. They came and saw him, they saw him cast down, so they distanced themselves from him. Thank God we have a Saviour who didn’t distance himself from us, he came to where we were… just like that good Samaritan came where the wounded left for dead man was.

What are you like when things heat up? It’s a good question… for all of us. What is our life really about. What are we really worth. What is really there deep down? When life got real, Job’s friends turned on him. Fair weather friends. It’s easy to have friends when all is going well… remember the prodigal son, heaps of friends with him partying and spending money… but no friends when he is working in a hog pen. Job’s friends were running water when things were going well, but when life got real, they were nowhere to be found. Where were they anyway for so long? Why did they only finally come and see him after the boils? The Bible says that they had made an appointment to see him. Probably couldn’t fit him into their schedule before that. What a joke. “Appointment” Christianity is not real Christianity. What kind of friends make an “appointment” to see someone going through a tough time. Maybe their time really was too precious for their great friend.

Their friendship vanished on Job the instant things got tough in Job’s life. It’s amazing how easily Job’s friends type friendships will vanish on you. You’ll be surprised what vanishes on you when the heat comes on. What will vanish on you when the heat of the judgement of God comes on your life? When you’re standing before him? You might have a lot of friendships with sin… but will that serve you well when you are judged by the King of kings and Lord of lords? Judas Iscariot had a lot of buddy buddies coaxing him to betray Christ, but after he did, they didn’t care an ounce for him. You can dedicate your life to all sorts of things, and they will vanish on you. A life of lust will vanish on you. A life of pride will vanish on you. Your very sin will betray you. It may look so good but it won’t be with you when you’re paying the price.

It’s hard to do the book of Job justice really, because there is so much to learn from this book. We can so easily miss the scene of what happened, Job was in a really tough spot in life. We know the ending, but Job didn’t know the ending while he was going through it. But we can read the book and know that the ending of someone that trusts God is good. God may let us go through hard times, but it will only be to purify us and help us to grow spiritually and make us stronger in faith. Through it all, God will be glorified. Life is tough, being sick, or in pain, or losing family and possessions is horrible. Job needed friends but they vanished… but the one friend he always had through it all was God. God’s grace held him up, even when he thought God was against him.

Imagine putting your hope in a brook, and when you need water, it’s not there. That’s Jobs friends. They were fair weather friends. They turned on him, accused him, blamed him, and used God as a battering ram to try and bury him. They elevated themselves at Job’s expense. You see, bad things weren’t happening to them, so they felt pretty justified and superior. Man’s pride and self righteousness can be pretty twisted huh. We love to fell better than someone else. After all isn’t that how this world gauges morality? By how well they do compared to someone else? By how they excel someone in their moral metric system? A brook is so incredible when it’s running, but the heat gets turned up a bit and it goes to nothing. The heat went up in Job’s life, and he was in grief, he was struggling, but it was his friends that were full of hot air, it was his friends who proved to be anything but real. It’s amazing what truths emerge when conditions become a bit more trying.

Job didn’t put his faith in his friends though, his faith was in God. That’s the person to trust in. It’s not wrong to struggle or be in grief, Job did struggle, Job was battling… but he still believed in and trusted God. What a testament to the grace of God to hold us up even in our darkest hour. Don’t put your faith in things that will turn to nothing. Build your life on God’s word, on truth… on something that won’t just vanish on you in a different season. Brooks might be ok for a while, they might refresh you temporarily… but don’t you want something permanent, something eternal? Jesus has the water of life, that never runs dry, that never runs out, that never vanishes on you. A lot of things will fall away at the end of your life, Job said naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return… you won’t take your money, your achievements, your glory, your anything to eternity. Job said “they go to nothing”. Is that the summary of your life, going to nothing ultimately? Is that what your friendships or activities will amount to? What will truly matter is what you did with Christ. He isn’t a brook, he is a river… and a river will never run out, that will never go to nothing, that will never vanish away… especially when the heat is turned on.


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