When The Water Is Turned Into Wine

John 2:11 – This beginning of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him.

Hello everyone, back with a new blog today, from John 2, and as the title suggests, dealing with when the Lord Jesus Christ turned the water into the wine. The Bible says that this was his first miracle. It was a very special and significant miracle. Jesus shows us great spiritual truths today through the miracles that he did that are recorded in his word. The miracles are not only recorded for historic fact, but they approve Jesus as who he said who he was, they teach us spiritual truths that we would do well to learn from and strengthen our faith with. The miracles pointed to Jesus and proved he was the promised Messiah, prophet, King, Lord, Son of God. He was who John the Baptist said he was. And the fact is, the water was and is still  turned into wine in the hearts and minds of all who believe today. Water is a strong theme particularly in the books written by John in the Bible. Jesus told the woman at the well that it was he who had the water of life. Jesus has the water of life, and he gives it freely, it flows in us and through us, it is a fountain springing up inside us, and the living water in us touches and transforms our hearts and the hearts of those around us who see the life, the light that is shining in us. The Bible also refers to the word of God as water. As we read the word of God today we are washed by the water of the word. The water of the word is life giving, soul restoring, it washes us, cleanses us, believing the word, receiving what the Lord Jesus says to us gives us eternal and abundant life, the word guides our paths through the darkness of this world. Believe what Jesus is saying, he gives forgiveness and eternal life freely to all who believe on him. That’s all we have to do, believe on him as the Christ, the Son of God, our sin bearer, our Saviour.

This miracle was significant because it approves who the Lord Jesus Christ was and is. He is God, he is the Son of God. In John 1 we read that the Word (Jesus) was made flesh and dwelt among us. Because Jesus was the embodiment of everything promised by God. His existence, what he did on the cross for us, is what enables us to have forgiveness and life. In Jesus, the water is turned to wine, but without Jesus, the water is turned to blood as our sins cannot be dealt with, and we remain dead in our sins, if we reject Jesus. Jesus was the promised seed. Jesus was the fulfillment of it all. That’s what the water turning to wine is teaching us. Wine represents happiness, fullness, joy, life and when Jesus came those who believed on him were so happy to see him, who were filled with joy that God had delivered on his promises, that God had given us a way of being forgiven and given eternal life through his Son.

This miracle is significant because it is a miracle that Jesus does every day. He is alive, he is not dead, he is in heaven, he still does miracles. This thing is real. It’s not an intellectual exercise, it’s not dead religion, it’s not to be cast aside when life gets real. As we read the word of God today, abide in it, meditate upon it, think about it, let it flow in our lives and hearts, Jesus takes that water and turns it into wine. The word is not a dead word, it is a living word. We serve a living God. He is THE God. God’s word is more than ink on paper, it is alive. In Hebrews the Bible says that the Word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, that the Word pierces and divides asunder between soul and spirit. Jesus is the Living Word of God. In the beginning was the Word. That Word has lighted every man that has come into the world. When we are in Christ, through believing on him, and as he indwells us, he ministers life, happiness, joy, comfort in our hearts, the Word brings us truth, comfort, joy that cannot be rationalized or intellectually attained. In 1 John, John wrote that the young men were strong, because the Word of God abided in them. The Word of God abides IN us. It is the plumbline of our soul, the rock of our existence. And the Word is wine in the heart of the believer, but blood to the mind of the unbeliever. When Moses poured the water out in Egypt, it turned to blood, and that is a picture of the law condemning us, it is a picture of the water which is rejected, and becomes blood, not wine, for unbelievers.

This miracle was another demonstration of the power of the Son of God. Noone has ever done the miracles he did. At his word, creation obeys him. Because he is the Creator. The miracle was impossible, noone can do the miracle that Jesus did. Water became wine. It was not a magic trick, an illusion, deception. Jesus is God, he is all powerful, all knowing, only he can do it. That miraculous power all believers experience, although they may not see it or realize it yet. We were dead in our sins, but now we have life, that is a miracle! The miracle of a changed life, of salvation, of forgiveness, of the joy that Peter wrote of that he said was unspeakable and full of glory.

Some experience water into wine in their lives, but most do not. As believers, those who are saved, we have the water of life that Jesus has given us freely, fully and forever. We have the water to bear to others, just as the servants did in this story. But it is Jesus alone that turns that water to wine. It is not our job. If we give the water, Jesus will turn it into wine. Don’t try to do God’s work for him. Let our lives be a demonstration of the power and working of God, not of self effort, not of us assisting the ark like Uzzah fatefully tried to do. As Jesus’ mother said to the servants… Whatsoever he saith, do it. And they did it. They obeyed Jesus. Just obey what he says. He said for us to believe him. He has done all the work. All we need to do is look and live, that’s why Jesus when talking to Nicodemus mentioned the account of Moses lifting up the brazen serpent in the wilderness as they were all dying from snake bites. We have all been bitten by sin, we are all incurable but for the miraculous power of God which alone can save us. What do we have to do? Look and live. The solution is outside us. Jesus alone did the work, Jesus alone lived a sinless life, Jesus alone died for us, Jesus alone rose for us, Jesus alone lives for us. It’s all about Jesus, not about us. The excellency of the power is his, not ours. We need his water, we need the water that Jesus gives, not water from broken cisterns which we have hewed out ourselves, which can hold no water. We need to fill our hearts and minds with the water from Jesus. We read that the servants filled the waterpots to the brim. They filled up their waterpots. Fill your waterpot to the brim. Read the word, meditate on it, let him abide in you. Jesus is the source, the fountain of living water.

At risk of repeating, this story really shows that we need to realize that we believe and serve the living God, Jesus, who is alive right now. He lives right now. This is not dead religion. This is not a process, a formula, a ritual, it is life.Jesus is sufficient for us every day. Read Colossians and you start to see just how big a God Jesus is. By him all things consist. By the word of God the heavens were of old, Peter wrote. The heavens and the earth are kept in store by his word. They will be destroyed at his word. There will be a new heaven  and a new earth at his word. He is the firstborn of every creature. He created everything. It is all about him. The sooner we see how small we are and how big he is, the sooner we see our utter dependence and reliance on him, every second, every minute, every hour, every day. We are filled with love for a tender, merciful God who is long suffering with our sinfulness, our bitterness, our wrath, our lust, our spite, our filthiness. Who turns the water into wine? Jesus. Only he can. Only he can do it for you. Noone can turn the water into wine for you other than Jesus. You must personally appropriate what he has done for you. You can read your Bible all day like a zombie but it just remains ink on paper. John wrote 1 John that our joy may be full. How does what John wrote make our joy full? If the reality is there, you know what John was saying, and have experienced the fullness of joy, the water being turned into wine.

Jesus turning water to wine is so significant, I have barely touched the surface of the account in this blog. The miracle approved him as  the Son of God. He is the One. He is the Word that was made flesh and dwelt among us. He turned the water to wine, he turns the water into wine today, the water is turned to wine because of him, by him. He alone has the miraculous power. He is life. In him is life. We see in the verse quoted from the story that his disciples believed on him. Then they didn’t. Then they did. Then they didn’t. Then they did. We are so hard hearted. All of us. We all drift so quickly to unbelief, we all lack faith. But thank God it is his faithfulness that counts. He is faithful to us. He gives us faith. There is nothing we have that we did not receive. It is no wonder Paul wrote of the the righteousness of God in Romans which is revealed FROM faith TO faith. Jesus is the righteousness of God. He has the water. And he alone turns the water to wine. He is who they said he was, he is who he said he was, he is the Son of God, he is God, he alone gives forgiveness of sin, he alone gives eternal life. Your future will hinge on what you do with him. As John said, he that has the Son has life, and he that has not the Son of God has not life. It’s that simple. See the glory of God and believe.


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