Like Precious Faith

2 Peter 1:1 “Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus Christ, to them that have obtained like precious faith with us through the righteousness of God and our Saviour Jesus Christ:”

Hello readers, noticed something in my Bible reading recently, the phrase “like precious faith” from 2 Peter 1:1. The very first verse of the chapter! In this verse we read who Peter is addressing the book to… “to them that have obtained like precious faith with us…”

Is this you? Have you obtained like precious faith with them and with us who have believed in the Lord Jesus Christ to save us from our sins?

In noting this phrase “like precious faith”, I thought about how much of modern Christianity is instead “nothing like” what Peter and the rest of the apostles had and spoke about. We are nothing like what that early church in Acts was. Our Christianity is often nothing like Biblical Christianity.

And that’s pretty serious, because false Christianity today is misleading and misrepresenting Jesus Christ to this world, exactly as Peter talks about in the second chapter. And they’re going to cop it all these people dragging Christ’s name through the mud with their “faith” which is nothing like the “like precious faith”.

And the modern Christians version of “faith” is so far removed from what the Bible teaches it’s pretty much unrecognizable, and a sad imitation at best, only serving to remind us of what it’s not. And Peter knew this would happen, because 2 Peter hits hard on false teachers… people who would lead Christians down the garden path… and there are loads of those!

Have you obtained “like precious faith”? Have you got what they had? Have you got what they spoke about? Have you got what they sacrificed their whole life to tell you?

Just how “like” their faith is your faith? Because the sad reality is, for many of us, what we have faithwise is nothing like Biblical faith, and the faith which the saints of old had, hence when Paul wrote “I thank God, whom I serve from my forefathers with pure conscience” Paul had obtained like precious faith!

You can take the like precious faith test. How does your faith stack up to the Bible? How do you stack up to people like Peter and Paul and John who wrote much of the New Testament? Are you in the faith they had? Remember, Jesus gave these guys authority, so if you’re off base with them, it’s you off base, not them.

And if we are honest, it’s scary how nothing like Biblical Christianity that our Christianity can be. We can and have drifted so far!

We think nothing like they thought. We speak nothing like they spoke. We live nothing like they lived. We believed nothing like what they believe. And all because we haven’t obtained like precious faith. We haven’t got it because we didn’t get it. What we got was not “like precious faith with us”.

Have you got nothing like what the Bible says? That’s the case of most professing Christians.

And there truly is nothing like the precious faith. Biblical faith in Jesus Christ is precious. Because he is precious. If you don’t have him, you’ve got nothing precious. That’s why Biblical faith has value, incomparable value, eternal value.

What this phrase “like precious faith” tells us as well is that there is just one faith… “the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.”

And that’s important, because nowdays there are a myriad of faith journeys going on, none of which are alike each other, and which have very different hallmarks and signposts along the way… in other words… there are a lot of different faiths which are “nothing like” the like precious faith.

And if you don’t have the “like” faith, you don’t have “precious” faith either. Most people have got nothing precious, because they didn’t obtain the one faith, the true faith. They got a cheap ripoff which is worthless. You know how when people makes fakes of something valuable… well the fakes, though they look the same, are worthless. Any collector or pawn shop owner knows this, and they know how to spot a fake, even very convincing fakes, because their wallet depends on it.

It’s not that most people don’t have “a” faith, just they do not have “like precious faith with us”… and notice “with us?” I’ve never seen more Christians hostile to the Bible, anti the word of their own Saviour and his apostles. If Simon Peter said “you with me?” to you at the end of this book, could you say “I’m with ya!”

All because they have it. Because they didn’t get it. Because notice that word “obtain”… when you  “obtain” something, it means you gain possession of something, you get it… but most people don’t get it in more ways than one.

And Christians don’t get it because they don’t got it. They are not “with us” because they are against us, against Christ. Maybe not in word, but in deed. And we know there are a lot of fakes around, Peter knew that, and he’s about to go in detail about Christians that are barren, unfruitful, fake, entangled, deceived, duped, conned, the error they are in and how they got there.

Most people are not “with us”. They’re not with Jesus. They’re not with Paul. They’re not with Peter. They’re not with John. If you are against the Bible, you’re against them. Here Peter is writing his last words before his death, so if you ever read this book, make sure you really tune in, because this is a serious book with home truths that we all need to know and must know, sobered up by the prospect of eternity, hence “make your calling and election sure”.

So that’s it for today, but that phrase “like precious faith” is a biggy. Hopefully you have like precious faith, I hope you’ve got it, and if you don’t, you can get it, read the Bible, believe in Jesus Christ to save you from your sins… and get the “like precious faith”.

And remember, if your faith is not like what the Bible says, you do not have the “like precious faith”. One God, one Jesus Christ, one salvation, one faith… you better make sure you have the real thing.


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