The Man Who Was Not Lost In Translation!

2 Samuel 3:10 – To translate the kingdom from the house of Saul, and to set up the throne of David over Israel and over Judah, from Dan even to Beersheba.

Colossians 1:13 – Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son:

Hebrews 11:5 – By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.

Hello readers, some quick thoughts on the translation issue. The issue of translation has been where Christians have lost the battle with the enemy. Satan has stolen God’s word from them. They don’t trust God’s word. They don’t believe it. By their own admission, they say they do not have God’s word. A lot of people claiming to be Christians believe God’s word is lost in translation. But today we will see through the Bible and the example of Enoch that God is not lost in translation, his word is not lost in translation, and his true saints who walk by faith and will never see death are not lost in translation. If God can’t translate his own word, how on earth could he have translated Enoch and translate us?

I say claiming to be Christians, because it’s hard to think that you can claim to be born again yet doubt God’s word which is what is very the basis of our salvation. The word of God seeds our salvation, Jesus Christ spoke about the sower and the seed that he sowed was the word of God. God’s word is incorruptible seed, yet many Christians think that seed has been corrupted by time and translation.

You better believe that God can preserve his word. Your salvation relies upon it. Abraham’s child relied on God preserving his promise. That promise that God made to him was not lost in translation. God didn’t really mean something else when he promised Abraham a son. And that promise did not decay over time or lose it’s meaning or become any less true. All Abraham had was God’s promise, and that’s all we have today as well.

God is a man of his word. This year I saw quite a profound truth that I blogged about previously about Laban not keeping his promises to Jacob. Jacob got sick of that guy. Maybe you’re under Laban, not under Jesus Christ. It’s tiring serving a guy who’s changing the deal. Imagine if God changed the deal, we’d all be done. Imagine if he said, hang on, I’ve changed salvation. It’s not longer by grace through faith, you gotta do this as well. That’d be horrific. All we have is his promise and the integrity of his word, but that all is everything. God never changed his word to Abraham, to such detail that Ishmael was rejected and cast out. We need to cast out that Ishmael of false Bibles.

Many people are Christians, they’re religious, but they’re not born again. Their faith was never seeded by the gospel. If you don’t believe that you have the word of God, that the word of God is in fact The Word of God… you cannot please God. That’s what faith is, and without faith, it is impossible to please God. I was thinking about the word “translate”, and it’s mentioned in the Bible several times and quoted above. Everything the Bible has to say about “translate” tells us everything we need to know about the translation issue. Enoch is a man who is in Genesis, he only gets a small role in the Bible, but what a role it is. He is a testament to the translation power of God. Enoch lived in a wicked and ungodly world. But he stood for the truth of God’s word, and then something happened to him, the Bible says God translated him! God translated a human being! We don’t believe God can translate his word, yet he translated this saint of God.

Did you know your salvation is a translation? So when you say God’s word is lost in translation, when you believe that lie, did you realize that if God’s word can be lost in translation, your salvation can be lost in translation also. Enoch was not lost in translation. He wasn’t found by this world, but he was taken by God. God knew where he went, because God took him. When you doubt God’s ability to give you his word in your language and retain his meaning, well God retained Enoch’s meaning and person and soul.

They tried finding Enoch. And maybe they thought, oh God lost him in translation. You think Enoch was lost? No. God’s not going to lose you, just like he’s not going to lose his word in translation. And before Enoch’s translation, he had this testimony that he pleased God. Only through faith can we please God. What kind of faith do you have when you can’t even trust that God can translate his word to you? How’s he going to translate your salvation if he can’t translate the promise of that salvation?

The Bible is clear. When we are saved, we are translated from the kingdom of Satan into the kingdom of Jesus Christ. Your salvation is God translating you. God translates people from all over the world, who speak all the different languages, who have all the different backgrounds and life experiences… and he saves them all. He translates them all.

If you say God’s word is lost in translation, you don’t know God. Not just your salvation, but when you die, you won’t see death. Jesus promised that. We are translated from death to life, both practically, spiritually and in the future. Don’t you think that it’s harder for God to translate you into his kingdom then to translate his word into your language? It’s a bit like Jesus saying what’s harder… forgiving this man his sins or saying rise take up thy bed and walk? They’re both impossible to us! But with God, all things are possible.

All I hear from so many professing Christians is that they’ve already believed the devil’s lies. See, God and truth are self evidencing. We could argue forever, but the proof is evident, the fruit is evident. With all these new Bibles has come doubt, disputation, denial and disobedience. You barely can find Christians anymore who believe that God can preserve his word. Yet children of Abraham believe God does preserve his word, because father Abraham believed in God preserving his word. Abraham’s life was based on the preservation of God’s promise to him. Ishmael was not that promise, and so many people have an Ishmael, not an Isaac. They’re not children of promise.

If God could translate Enoch from death and from this world, surely he can translate his word? The thing is, the people that will experience that translation are the people that have the testimony of faith. How can you experience that translation of salvation that Enoch had if you can’t first believe in the translation of God’s word to you to believe?

As stated, salvation is a translation. That’s not what I’m saying, that’s what the Bible says. Read the quotes above. The very time translate is mentioned is in 2 Samuel, and it’s talking about God translating the kingdom from Saul to David. David’s rule and reign was not lost in translation. God’s promises to David weren’t lost in translation. God’s word wasn’t lost in translation. God successfully translated the kingdom from Saul to David, no tribes were lost in the process, no meaning was lost.

When will we just believe God’s word and stop calling him a liar. Satan convinced Eve that God’s word had been lost in translation. Because he started saying, here’s what God really means and thinks and says. Here’s a better translation Eve. If God’s word is lost in translation, so is your salvation. Enoch was translated by God from this world and from death because he believed God’s word. And God translated him.

It is a most unusual story in the Bible, but right in Genesis we see that God knows how to translate not just his word, but his people. He can translate our body, our soul and our spirit. He is the God who translates. Your god may be lost in translation, but the most High is not. The very fact you believe his word is lost in translation is verification you do not have the word of God. The very fact you do not believe you have the inerrant, preserved word of God is verification you do not have the word of God.

Get back to the King James Bible. That was the Bible that started the fire. The Bible that was given to us by the sacrifice of the saints of God. That was the Bible who’s legacy is faith, that was the Bible which changed lives and built nations. That was the Bible we had when we believed God could translate his word and retain his meaning. Enoch was not lost in translation, and God’s word isn’t either. We forgot, God has power, God is able, we surrendered the power and authority of God’s word when we traded in our Bibles for a devil’s lie, for an Egyptian magician counterfeit rod. You can still grab the serpent by the tail, and you’ll grab him by the tail when you get back to God’s word, back to truth, and back to faith.

They went out trying to find Enoch, and couldn’t find him. He was lost to this evil world, but he was found of God. That Bible correcting, Bible doubting, Bible denying crew is out to find you and bring you back to their fold. When you trust in God, you’ll be lost to this world. But God didn’t lose Enoch in translation, imagine if Enoch had been lost in translation, nobody would ever find him again. But the reason why we will see him and all the other saints of God, including our own dear loved ones, is only because we have a God who has the power and ability to translate his word and his saints.

We will know Enoch as Enoch in heaven, because God didn’t lose part of him in translation. He lived before the flood, but we will meet him translated and preserved, untouched by time and mistranslations. Imagine if God botched his translation of Enoch, what a disaster that would be. Why is our estimation of the God we are dealing with so low and degraded by our sinful and unbelieving minds? Enoch was a man of faith in God’s word, and he was not lost in translation, and you don’t have to be lost in translation anymore. It is no coincidence that Enoch’s translation is in Hebrews 11, the famous hall of faith chapter. Translation is a faith issue. Just think about it with an honest heart. Our very salvation and hope is pinned on God’s ability to translate, just believe in the God of perfect, pure and preserved translation today.


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