And Going After Strange Flesh

Jude 1:7 – Even as Sodom and Gomorrha, and the cities about them in like manner, giving themselves over to fornication, and going after strange flesh, are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.

Genesis 19:5 – And they called unto Lot, and said unto him, Where are the men which came in to thee this night? bring them out unto us, that we may know them.

Hello readers, new blog time today. Going after strange flesh. Today we want to see a crucial truth. At the outset, I want to say I don’t hate homosexuals, but we must speak the truth in love. It’s a wicked sin, and the Bible calls it sodomy. Sodomy gets its name from a city called Sodom in the Bible. It’s a wicked sin, it’s an abomination to God, and it’ll lead you to even further sexual deviance. You won’t be satisfied, and you’ll be like these men of Sodom, consumed by sexual desires and fantasies. Do you really want your entire life just to be based on your sexual desires. Is that the peak of your human existence?

Recently I was talking with several people who were aghast at the link being made between homosexuality and pedophilia. Which is strong by the way. The concept of going after strange flesh proves that sodomites will stop at nothing. When the angels of God walked into the town, they wanted to have sex with them too. See, you get into this sodomy stuff and you’ll view everything and everyone in terms of sexual value to you. And you’ll be a depraved pervert like these men were. A lot of homosexuals in fact become homosexuals because someone molested or abused them. Homosexuality recruits through forcing itself onto others. It was the young and the old both in Sodom that pressed on Lot’s door. The fact is, homosexuality is often birthed in pedophilia. And yes, this blog is pretty tough, not the funnest one to write, but it’s the truth, even if the truth is not always fun. The truth is what we need. Maybe just read and ask yourself, could this be true? Which it is. Homosexuality and pedophilia are much more linked than anyone would like to admit. They think think that because one is “consensual” and one is not, that makes it so very different.

But perversion is perversion. God designed sex to be in marriage between one man and one woman. That’s God’s order, God’s design, God’s command, God’s way. Any sexual activity outside of that is perverse. When something is perverse, it means it’s different to the right way. There is a right way, which is God’s way, and everything we can come up with that’s deviant from that is perversion.

When people pervert the word of God as Paul said many do, it means they change it. Adding and taking away from God’s word is called Bible perversion. Rewriting the Bible, revising the Bible, updating the Bible… it produces a perversion of scripture. New Bibles are per-versions of the truth. They will pervert your faith, truth, understanding and thinking. That’s why you see what you see today in Christianity, a perverse version of Christianity coming from perverted Bibles and perverted faith. In Acts 13, Paul said to Elymas the sorcerer “wilt thou not cease to pervert the right ways of the Lord?” Satan will not cease to try to pervert your faith and your life. He wants you to be perverted from what’s true and right in every area of life, from your thinking to your speaking to your doing. He won’t give up until he’s thrown in the pit.

Before the flood, we know that the Bible says that “every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually”. They were utterly perverted in all their ways, right down to their thinking. They were so perverted by sin they could only think and do evil. The fact is, as soon as we leave the right way, we are on a perverse way in life, and today the Bible is holding up a big stop sign, standing in your way just like the angel of the Lord with the drawn sword that stood in Balaam’s way. Can you see God’s drawn sword? Or are you going to laugh, scoff and scorn it all the way to eternal fire?

Maybe you think your moral code will save you. Even homosexuals have their own moral code. Homosexuality is so different from pedophilia or any other sexually deviant practice they say, and so do others say who defend them to the death. But once you get into sexual sin, into perversion, you’re going to start viewing everything through sexually perverted eyes. Going after strange flesh shows the truth, which is that your perversion will never be satisfied. It’ll take more and more ground, it’ll want new ground, just like they wanted to explore new ground with the angels.

Homosexuality is an identity built around sex. It’s all about the sex. They’re all about sex. That’s where it all started after all. This society has become so sexualized this was always going to be the outcome what we see today. A society that is all about sex, that thinks sex, that does sex, that explores sex. Man was born to a much higher purpose than just living to gratify base desires. Base desires that know no limits, despite whatever moral code you think you may have. The Bible says in Jude that the men of Sodom went after strange flesh. They went after the angels who came to Sodom to get Lot out of their before God would destroy it with fire. You see, they wanted something new. All their buddies who they’d been having sex with weren’t getting it done for them anymore. When you get involved in sexual sin, there will be no limit to the depravity you seek.

I’ve played a lot of sport in my time, and many of my teammates, all they talked about sex. They talked about girls they have been with, and want to be with. They talked about sexual exploits, sexual activity and sexual desires. They’re not satisfied with just sleeping around, they’re like those people in Proverbs 4:16 whom the Bible says “For they sleep not, except they have done mischief; and their sleep is taken away, unless they cause some to fall.” They go further and further into sin, and the sexual sin that’s commonplace today is nothing like even just five years ago. It’s kept on progressing. The new norm keeps changing doesn’t it. That strange flesh you’re going to keep going after.

Once you have sex once, you’re very likely to have it again. Once you commit adultery, you’re likely to do it again. Once you get a taste for it, you’ll want more. You’ll seek more and more excitement. When you’re a homosexual, you’re already far along. You’re doing something that is very unnatural, against God, against love, against truth and against humanity. That’s the truth. Burn all the Bibles you want, bring up lawsuits against anyone who doesn’t pander to you, call everyone hateful and bigoted and intolerant. If you love diversity so much, if you’re so accepting, why can’t you accept God’s opinion on the whole deal?

If you’re a man, and you’ve gone after men, it won’t be long and you’ll be seeking something new. They weren’t satisfied just with having each other, some new guys walk into town, and there’s a pack of them at the door that same night. There is no wonder Jude talks about brute beasts. Jude is a little book, but it packs a king sized punch. It talks about sin, destruction, judgment, wrath, ungodliness and also salvation. We are being warned by God when we read that book. Don’t follow their example, God destroyed Sodom, and God will destroy you too. You may get by with it for now, Sodom did as well. They had a thriving city, in a thriving geographical location, with thriving businesses and a thriving social life… but God’s wrath was getting ready to be poured out.

The lesson from going after strange flesh is that you get involved in sexual perversion, and you have no idea where that will take you. You get involved in homosexuality, and next minute you’ll be looking at children and animals … everything and everyone with perverted, lustful eyes. Do you really want to be that person? Once you’re perverted, you’re perverted. What’s the difference between one perversion and another perversion?

The Bible talks about “having eyes full of adultery, and that cannot cease from sin”. How does it get that way? You get into homosexuality and you’ll view everything in terms of sexual value to you. The rise of pornography and sexualizing everything is designed to seed your lust. Once you get hooked, it’s hard to get out. It turns the way you see and think into sex. Everything you view is in terms of sex. And you’re already there, that’s why you identify as a homosexual. That’s your key defining characteristic and identity. You were made to such a higher purpose.

We are all capable of the worst sin. Look at David. The sweet psalmist of Israel, a man after God’s own heart. What he saw one day lead to adultery and murder of the worst kind. That woman wasn’t for him, she was married to another man. And it ruined his life. Yes he repented, yes God forgave him… but that sin wreaked a trail of destruction in his family from that point on. God said to him, if all that he’d given him wasn’t enough, he would’ve even given him more… but he had to go and take what God would not permit him too.

Sin is a runaway train. Like that ship in Acts 27, when the wind was blowing a gale, they were trying to fight it, but it was running them in a certain direction, and they couldn’t do a thing about it. Just let her run. We don’t get to choose the consequences of our sin. People want to have their sin, and control the outcomes. But you’ll soon realize you can’t. When you sin, you don’t just sin and are untouched by it. It touches you. It changes you. It has an effect on you. Sin had the power to bring death to mankind back in the garden of Eden, and when we sin, there is death. Your spiritual life will die, your innocence, your purity, your holiness, your purpose, your light… it’ll all go when you decide to give yourself over to sin.

Did the Sodomites start out as bad as they ended up? Thing are pretty bad when you form a mob at night and you’re demanding to rape some people. Think about how lust controlled these people were. You dabble in lust, and you’ll realize lust will be your master. Your sinful sexual desires will master you. You won’t be able to control them. You can make your boundaries, but that perverted little nature you’ve cultivated will cause you to go straight through the roadblocks you’ve tried putting up for yourself. It’s hard to fight your own nature in your own strength.

You realize many people who get into adultery wouldn’t if they could. But they have no power not to do it. Why do people get involved in drugs and all sorts of things which are going to absolutely ruin their lives. They can know it’s wrong, see it’s wrong, have so many examples of how bad it turned out… yet go straight into it. Look at the sodomites today. They see the example of what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah… and yeah they do know about it… and yet that won’t affect them a bit.

There is a strong link between sodomy and pedophilia and bestiality. You know why that is? They’re all perversion. They’re all the products of depraved minds. What started with fornication and adultery ends up in the worst kinds of sexual sin imaginable. Oh I was born that way! No you weren’t. And if you were, well we were all born with the capacity to lie, cheat, steal… doesn’t mean it’s right. What started as a curiosity, a new experience, an interest, an exploration… it ends up like this. You can manage your sin, you can have your own restraints, you may have a moral code, but those lust filled eyes, that wandering sexual desire, and that DEMAND sin is making on you will take you far deeper than you ever planned on going. As Jesus said “Whosoever committeth sin is the servant of sin.”. Sin will enslave you.

“Consent” has become one of the codes by which society determines whether something is right or wrong. But just because you consent doesn’t make it right. The ability to give consent or not forms the difference between right and wrong in many people’s minds. As long as homosexuality is between two consenting males or females, it’s ok. Is it? Just because you both have the capacity to agree to do something wrong doesn’t make it not wrong. You can have thieves consenting in agreement. You can have adulterers and adulteresses consenting with each other.  What about other human measurements of morality? What about as long as it isn’t “harming” anyone. What about “it’s none of your business”. What about “don’t judge”.

They’re all flawed arguments. I could take time to address them and show how wrong they are, but that would detract from the whole premise of the blog. But the Bible talks about the contradiction of sinners against Christ. You may think you’re right, you may think you have a moral code, you may think you’re pretty good according to your own rules… but you are in contradiction. And your contradiction is against Christ, your problem is with God. Ultimately homosexuality is all about being anti God, anti Bible, anti truth, anti light.

By the way, homosexuality is very harmful. It’s harmful to those who do it physically and psychologically and definitely spiritually. It’s harmful to society. It’s harmful to others. Sexual sin makes a society unsafe. Nowdays children are not safe. Whereas children used to be able to play in the streets and the parents had no fear for them, nowdays children out in the streets are in severe danger of being preyed upon. Look how safe Sodom was. It wasn’t very safe was it. Because there were a bunch of sexual monsters roaming loose at night in that city. Think about it. The angels said we’ll stay in the street… and Lot was URGING them to stay inside. Why was that? It’s not safe out.

In a godly society, you don’t need to lock your doors shut and bolt your windows. You know how dangerous cities are now. They’re sexual cesspools. They’re full of rape and sexual abuse. Oh it just started with oh we want to express ourselves sexually, it just started with some innocent sex before marriage stuff, and now we are in the deep end.

If you are a Christian, here is what you should not consent to. Proverbs 1:10 – “My son, if sinners entice thee, consent thou not.” Don’t consent with this crowd that is making demands like they made of Lot. Problem is, Lot had already consented to them in life, because he’d been enticed by the well watered plains of Sodom. He liked city life. He liked their money in his pocket.

The men of Sodom said to Lot, if you don’t go along with us, if you don’t do what we want you to do… we’ll make life hell for you. They said to Lot, we’ll deal worse with you than with these men. You’re not going to make friends kowtowing to the sodomite movement. Don’t consent to it. Christians have consented to the sodomite movement. Because they love money and acceptance and getting along more than truth. Christians defend homosexuality. Professing Christians oppose the truth just as bad as the sodomites do. The movement is against God, against truth, against light, against love in every way. It’s against those doing it. You know that? The Bible says “abusers of themselves with mankind”. You’re abusing yourself.

What is abuse? It’s ab-use. There’s a right use for a man and a woman, and abuse is wrong use. You’re abusing your own body. Your body wasn’t made for that. There is no love, purity, holiness, goodness, truth in what you’re doing. It’s lust. Very different to love. That lust is your master, it’s demanding to be gratified, and soon you’ll be after strange flesh. That’s the natural progression. These men they were wanting were angels. If you can go after angels, you can go after children. Why do you think the Bible says the cry of Sodom was great. It’s like today. Our world is so full of sex trafficking, child trafficking, sexual abuse, rape, and every kind of sexual deviance. Once we got perverted from the right ways of marriage and family, we became perverse. We became a dark and dangerous society.

Homosexuality is against marriage and family, which are the two of the most basic building blocks of any society. Want to know why Rome fell? Greece? All these big civilizations were doing just what we are discovering in 2021. Homosexuality destroyed those mighty empires. Yes other things also contributed, but the most fundamental moral truths were undermined and the cities and nations were unliveable and untenable by the end of it. Sodom had fallen the same way thousands of years before these. It was a thriving city, they were well off, they had life good, but sin crept in, just like those creeps creep in Jude.

Is it my business? Yes it is. It’s being pushed on me, so it’s become my business. It sure was Lot’s business. They were banging on his door making it Lot’s business. And truth and righteousness is our business. If you see evil being done, it is your business to do something about it. What about if you see someone about to jump off a bridge? What about if you see someone being raped? Would you not be criminally liable if you just walked past?

Don’t think you can’t go after strange flesh. Homosexuality leads to going after strange flesh. If you can do a little bit of perversion, you can do more. Once you’re off the right way, all you’ve got is the wrong way and you’re going to trust your good graces to go so far and no further? You’re going to control what your sin does to you? Most monsters didn’t plan on becoming monsters. They got fascinated, or toyed around, or experiment… or it was forced on them… and look what became of them. Homosexuality will turn your entire world into sex. Sex will be in everything you see, think and do. Immorality will be the prism through which you view and interact with the world around you. It’s true, you know it is.

Before you get mad at me, get mad at God as I’m sure you are. If you are a Christian like Lot, you’ll be upset, because you love it in Sodom. You’re not like Abraham, you’re like Lot. You’ve consented with them haven’t you. They’re your brethren. Oh, you love them more than God. How many did Lot save? Zero. He only got out with a fragment of his family. It was all loss, not gain. That person that tells you the truth, what the Bible says, that is the person that loves you. Not the one that panders to you while your time runs out. Once you go into homosexuality, you’ll be looking for new flesh, for strange flesh in no time. You’ll get up to all sorts of wickedness, there will be no limits, no boundaries, just where your wicked imagination takes you. You think you’ll control and manage it, but it’ll get you. Sin will get all of us.

The sodomite movement started with recognition, understanding, acceptance. Words like that. Hey, nothing is going to change, we just want to be recognized and understood. Just change some laws. Just do that and we’ll be satisfied. What a lie. But Satan is a liar, and if you’re a child of the devil, you’ll be a liar too. You can’t cut a deal that will be honored with a liar. You know where we are at now? You say the wrong thing, you step out of line, you don’t comply with their forceful demands… just like with them banging on Lot’s door… if you don’t comply, you’re gonna cop it. People know that. That’s why they’ve shut up. That’s why they’re going along with it. We’re living in a society that is compelling us to comply… or else. That little movement is now a fully fledged steam train and it’s got the power to take your job, your privacy, your livelihood, your name, your freedom.

They control the country now. Where were the police in Sodom? Wasn’t what they were doing illegal? But they owned the police. They made the laws. They made the rules. Nobody could challenge them, they were above the law. And that’s what’s happening now. Their parades are full of nakedness and filth. Their speech and their deeds are unlawful, just as the Bible says. But nobody dares to stand in their way. And they expect you to get out their way, just like they did with Lot. Stand aside and give us the men Lot. Get out our way Lot.

What kind of a society are we now in? A society where you can’t be out on the streets at night for fear of your life. Can you realistically go for a walk by yourself at night where you live? You can’t can you. There are many parts of the city in my state where if you’re out at night, you basically are guaranteed of being raped or assaulted. Why is that?  Is it because there are a bunch of sadistic, sexual monsters out there? Nightcrawlers? These guys waited for darkness, and then they were in the streets marching to Lot’s house. They’d spotted some new flesh, some strange flesh. Boy, we’re going to get a thrill that we haven’t got before.

What on earth was Lot doing there. Why’s he there calling them brethren. Why’s he offering his daughters to them? Because he’d consented with them. He’d been enticed by the lure of money, he’d been bought out. Did Lot even really love them? Last I checked no sodomites left Sodom with Lot. All these supposed Christians who are reaching out to homosexuals, what good are you really doing? Someone that loves them would tell them the truth. Not their truth, God’s truth, according to his word. Repent. John the Baptist preached repentance, Jesus preached repentance… if they did, shouldn’t we? Do you reckon you love people more than Jesus?

So today, it’s not about hate speech, it’s about truth. But truth has become “hate speech”. Truth has become “you’re judging me”. God’s word is eternal. Things haven’t changed from Genesis 19 to 2021. It’s so staggering how up to date the Bible is. If you think that there is no link between sodomy and pedophilia and all other manner of sexual deviance, you’re kidding yourself. These guys wanted strange flesh, and in perversion, there’s no depth your depravity will take you. Most people don’t plan on becoming monsters, they don’t see what sin is doing to them, just one day that’s what you are. All those men of Sodom were children once, innocent, pure… and a life of sin turned them into beasts. They couldn’t be reasoned with. They were ruled by their base desires, lust was their master.

Today, have a look at what Satan has done to you. Have a look where your journey of sin has gotten you. Can you honestly have a look at your own thoughts and actions? As soon as you depart from God’s way, you’re in a perverse way. And that way leads to more and more perversion. When the angels came to get Lot, they saw something new. Some new men, some new bodies, some new experiences. Strange flesh, that’s something new. The sin of homosexuality is producing sex crazed monsters. Revelation speaks of the “depths of Satan”. Following Satan will plunge you into deep, dark waters just like those pigs with the devils in them.

Maybe you’ve toyed around in the world of sex and now everything you think about, everything you see, it’s all through the lens of your sexual deviance. You’ve been perverted. The purity, innocence, cleanness, holiness, goodness… it’s been replaced with the blackness of darkness Jude spoke of. Imagine that… the blackness of darkness. It’s time to wake out of that black darkness.. God made you for so much more. We are so much more than brute beasts. Jesus said the truth would set you free. It can set you free today.

Call on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, who died for the sins of the world. He can set you free, he can birth purity, holiness, goodness, light, truth, peace, joy, cleanness in a life where there was none. What God did to Sodom was an example for our society today. Eternal fire awaits. To say it doesn’t is not love. Just because you don’t want to believe it doesn’t make it true. You can turn it around through the faith of Christ. He paid our unpayable sin debt. Believe on him and be saved, deliver your soul from hell today, that’s why you’ve been told the truth, so you can do something with it. Don’t end up a pervert, don’t end up a sex crazed monster, do something about it while it is today, by God’s grace through Jesus Christ.


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  1. This blog was so insightful and the message you shared was powerful and truly anointed. This was a blessing to me and I believe to the love ones I share it with in Jesus’s name. Thank you!

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